My Disney Jewellery

Hello there! I get a lot of comments on my Disney Jewellery so I thought ‘hey, why not do a post on your jewellery? duh!’

I will start with my Pandora bracelet – I have the original bracelet that they brought out and I keep all of my normal charms on there and then I have this bangle which I have kept for all of my Disney charms!
Basically, Disney now do Pandora Charms some that you can purchase in all stores or exclusively at the Disney Parks! Each time I go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland California, I like to pick myself up one and usually they will have a meaning behind them for me. Here is a link to the charms and bracelets they do!



For example, the black charm (third in from the left) is my latest one that I bought at Christmas. This is the ‘Wishes’ charm which was created for the ‘Wishes’ Fireworks Spectacular that they have in Walt Disney World every night, where the castle lights up, fireworks are set off and they sing the most incredible song ‘Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight’.
I have previously posted about Wishes in my January Favourites (as the song is originally from Pinocchio – in the Disney sense).
This fireworks show has been played at Walt Disney World since 2003 and it is my absolute favourite. Every single time I see this show, I have a tear in my eye and sing every single word. Sadly, they just announced that they are going to be replacing the show which I’m extremely sad about! So I thought that at Christmas time, I wanted to pick up the charm just incase they stopped the show and cancelled the charm (there was a rumour going around that Wishes might get replaced in the park last year).

My other charms include some like the Mickey’s Fun Wheel from Disneyland California – this is one of the iconic rides from Disneyland California. I visited this park for the very first time in October 2015 and I bought this charm as a reminder of my trip!
I also have a Sorcerer’s Hat dangly charm which is the hat from Hollywood Studios (that stood in the middle of the park) and now they have sadly removed this from the park too – so now I see this charm as I little RIP to the Sorcerer’s Hat. *frown*


Others I have are my Fantastic 75th Anniversary charm which I absolutely love! I am a huge Disney fan and have a passion for animation (I am a Computer Animation student, if you do not know already!) and I see Fantasia as such a huge milestone for The Walt Disney Animation Studios as they broke through so many boundaries within animation and really experimented with different techniques and approaches to animation!

I also have a Sleeping Beauty charm which features each of the fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather which run around the outside of the charm. Sleeping Beauty is one of my ultimate favourite Disney movies and when I saw that they released this charm, I knew that I had to pick it up on my next holiday to Walt Disney World!

My other charms feature Mickey and Minnie silhouettes which you can purchase at Pandora Stores in general. The glass beads are not from the Disney Collection although you can purchase certain glass beads that are based on each Disney Princess! (You can purchase these from all stores, I believe!)


Apologies for such a long explanation of my Pandora charms, I do feel like you can really create bracelets that hold certain memories for you personally and it can be nice sometimes to explain these to others who are interested!


Anyway, swiftly moving onto my next item. My Jiminy Cricket necklace was my most worn necklace of all time and is from the amazing Disney Couture who have so many different necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, rings.. If only there was an unlimited amount of money that I owned!
Disney Couture‘s jewellery is really affordable and they have such a huge range of characters from different films. I will leave some links to their Social Media pages and website for you all to have a cheeky look!
Instagram // Website // Twitter
(They have the most incredible Beauty and The Beast range out now for the new film too – check it out!)
My next purchase from them is definitely going to be this Snow White and the Seven Dwarves necklace shown below: (I take it back, I don’t think they still do that necklace as I cannot find it on the website! HEARTBROKEN!!)


Moving onto my final piece, I received this for Christmas off my parents whilst we were on holiday at Walt Disney World. We decided not to buy anybody anything for Christmas and to use that money to go away to Disney for the holidays which was really different for us!


I haven’t been able to find this necklace anywhere on the internet yet, but it is definitely from in the Disney parks. It is real gold and features a Mickey Mouse silhouette and it is the most perfect necklace – nothing too out there and really nice and simple!

The only slightly similar necklace I can find online is this one here.


And now we have come to the end of my Disney Jewellery ‘collection’ although there is not much to it! I am thoroughly enjoying writing these Disney posts and look out for more to come, including some about the Parks, what I like to wear to Walt Disney World, my Disney dress collection and more!
If there’s any posts that you would like to see, then let me know and I’ll have a look into it for you all!

Have a magical day,

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Black Milk Sample Sale?!

As some of you may know, I LOVE Black Milk Clothing.
Somehow, I only found out about this sample sale yesterday and it’s about 5 minutes away from where I am for now – so I definitely had to go!

Sadly, I didn’t take any photos when I was in there though because my phone had died as I was speaking to my parents whilst I was in the queue.
It was such a fun event, whilst standing in the queue they continue to entertain you by taking some GoPro videos doing the mexican wave, hand out sweets, lots of bubbles..
As you go in, you tend to have a limited amount of time like 15 minutes, to rummage through a pile of your size. These piles are huge and people full on get in there, right in the middle, digging deep! (like me. ha.)
There’s music playing in the background and so many people have a great time that it gives off such a good atmosphere! I would definitely recommend trying to go to one of these sample sales one day!
(Hopefully they’ll do one in Melbourne when I get there..)

There were quite a few items that I wanted, but I can’t be spending loads whilst travelling as it’s a struggle as it is haha! But, I finally narrowed them down..


I got the Cherry Blossom crop which was $10, then I bought this incredible Purple Galaxy Swimsuit for $35 which I will wear with high waisted shorts, some boots and a denim jacket (sometimes!). I absolutely adore their galaxy prints and was going to get the Green Galaxy Leggings too, but I couldn’t afford to buy them all so I sacrificed them as I already have a pair of leggings!

Also, I am in love with the Red Tartan leggings and dresses that they sell – but I didn’t manage to see any of these at all. But when I went on Instagram just now, someone was able to get some this morning!!!!! (I’m assuming they were in the very first group to go in). So jealous! I would’ve definitely have bought the red tartan if I had seen them and sacrificed everything else! But hey, at least they still make the tartan ones online for now! 😀

You can still get the Purple Galaxy Leggings HERE but I’m not too sure they are hanging around for long, as the green ones have been stopped! (which makes me wish I picked them up too now..)

Have you got any Black Milk Clothing? Or been to a sample sale?
Let me know! 😀 I want to know what you all have!

Mens Watches with Womens Outfits?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.30.15Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.24.42   Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.34.42 Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.36.57Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.37.03

“The question is, mens watches with womens outfits? Of course! I heard from a company called Invaluable, who asked me the exact question. They are a world premiere, online marketplace for jewellery, watches, antiques, collectibles and even entire estate sales!” I think that men’s watches could definitely be a fashion statement and make the whole thing pop and stand out! I decided to choose this Omega Constellation watch, which you can find HERE. I think that this could stand out, but also comes across as a subtle men’s watch. I would team this with a really cute tea dress, like this one from ASOS – it is by Emily and Fin. I would then accessorise this look with some adorable Jayne T Bar Leather Shoes and a tan bag like this Jack Wills Leather Backpack! I would say that this look is very me, and I would wear this so much! Some might say that it is a bit too much tan/brown, but I LOVE it! Everyone to their own! i highly recommend that you check out Invaluable, as they have some beautiful items that you wouldn’t expect to find just anywhere! Also, keep the mens style/womens style game strong! It’s definitely something that I’m considering to do from now on! What do you guys think about a trend like this? Is it a yes, a no? Let me know! xx

Dailylook LBD (Little Black Dress)

Need that one Little Black Dress that goes with every occasion, day to night? Well, here’s my pick!

I decided to go for this gorgeous leather maxi dress as you can wear it for an occasion and dress it up, or you can tone it down, put a pair of converse on and make it casual chic!

I decided to go for more of a monochrome feel, instead of the studded look for once. I’m in love with the clear box clutch, it’s such a statement piece! I also thought that the cuff would be simple but bold at the same time!

You can find this LBD and more on at:

ASOS Molly T-Bar Flat Shoes Review

DSC00183 DSC00184

Recently, I went on a rampage trying to find some brown sandals/flats that I adored – sadly, I couldn’t find any that I loved, but I came across these Molly T-Bar Flat Shoes from ASOS. They come in a few different colours, but I went for white as they’ll go with everything! You can check these out: HEREDSC00185 DSC00187 DSC00189 DSC00190

These shoes have some really cute cut out detailing on them, and remind me of the type of shoes I would wear to shoes when I was a little girl! They have a gold buckle on the side which is a nice, subtle touch.

I find these shoes really comfy, although I’m usually a Size 5 – I had to get a size bigger as they were just too small at the front!
These are such a versatile shoe as you can wear them with anything, whilst having a cute side to them aswell! I like to wear these with a button down tea dress, with a small brown bag (big enough for my purse and phone). If it’s cold, maybe even a denim jacket on top!

I would definitely recommend these shoes, especially with the small slip-on, toe socks so you can’t see them, but still be really comfortable all day.

What is your favourite type of shoe for the summer? What is your favourite place to get shoes from?

Updated Bikini Post! – Topshop


Here is my new addition to my bikinis! I was actually pretty lucky to find this one, as I went on the Topshop website the night before but thought I’d try get it in-store instead  – none left in my Topshop, but luckily there were loads of them in Debenhams Topshop! Chuffed! Although, when I went home it wasn’t on the website anymore, so unfortunately I cannot link this – but they still have some amazing bikinis on their website right now! (Must resist. Have no money left.)
They have a slightly different version of this, but in pink in the sale HERE – but only Size 6’s left, unfortunately!

This bikini is so gorgeous, I am in love with it – I didn’t think that it would look nice on me (as I have some ‘petite boobies’, to put it that way..) but I actually really liked it! It has tie straps on the back, instead of a plastic clip – but this is extra cute as it has this really adorable ‘double strap’ detail/feature, going onnn!
It also has halter neck straps that you tie together, but you can also remove these if you wish.
The cups are moulded to give a more round look, with the slightest bit of padding on the inside aswell.
The bottoms are high waisted and are so flattering to my shape as I have a small top and a much larger bottom! (*enter minions*)
I just found these really comfy, they make me feel a lot more comfortable with my body as it can hide away a bit of stomach and conceal some butt at the same time! At least it sort of balances out my shape!DSC00177

It is also a really nice, quilted, stretchy material. I just adore the pattern on this bikini, it will suit almost every skin tone possible! If you also have blue eyes, then they’re going to be crazy blue with this amazing set on!

To browse more incredible Topshop bikinis, then go HERE!

What style of bikini do you all like wearing? Bandeau? Longline Bralette? Triangle? High waisted?
Feel free to suggest some places that I could get amazing bikinis from, too! I’m still on the hunt for more for Australia in August!

The Bikini Post! (Debenhams & Primark)


It is getting closer and closer to my Australia trip, so I thought that I would do a quick, cheeky little post on the bikinis that I have so far!
I thought I had more than this, but don’t you worry, I have had my eyes caught on another few which are in the post, at the moment!

Ok, so firstly I thought that I would tell you a little about my body shape (cringe). I am 5 foot 3, have quite a petite build, small top half and a larger bottom half. That’s that, briefly put! (BRIEFLY put.. funny me).


Moving on – the first bikini that I decided to get was this gorgeous navy floral padded bikini top from Debenhams. This was £26 and can be found HERE. This bikini top has a serious amount of padding going on, which yes I would like a little bit of assistance in that area, but boy it’s a LOT of padding! But still, I really liked the pattern and I feel pretty snug and secure in this one!
It has two options of wear, you can wear the top as a halterneck or strapless – as the straps fold down and back, into a thicker back piece which covers over the original back strap. I think this is great, as I tend to lose straps if I take them off and this one actually stays up without the straps on! This is definitely my favourite bikini so far!


Next bikini I found in Primark, it is this amazing yellow, orange and pink daisy print. This bikini also has a bit of padding (as I don’t want to look like an infant child) but not as much. I think this bikini top was around £8, which was an amazing price! This top also has the option of having a halter neck or a strapless design – exactly the same as the previous Debenhams bikini! I could only get the bikini bottoms in Size 8 and unfortunately they had to squeeze my bum in – so I returned them and hoped they had a larger size, but I’m still trying to hunt them down!

DSC00081 DSC00082

The last bikini that I have for you is also from Primark – this is one of the floaty, swing material tops. I’m not really sure what else I could call this, at this moment in time but I thought this was really cute when I tried it on! It has a layer underneath the front part, to make you feel more comfortable and has a thin layer of padding. You can also untie the straps on both top and bottom, which I had to do to make the bottoms fit more comfortably! I feel that this bikini balances out my proportions a bit, without obviously ‘boosting’ anything – it just creates a bit more depth, I guess, which is great! I have a feeling that this bikini was around £6 for the top and bottoms together, which was amazing!

I have ordered another bikini to try out from ASOS, and I am also thinking of trying one from Topshop and Next – so prepare yourselves for another bikini post! I will also be writing a big post on what I am taking to Australia with me, and I might do a condensed ‘clothing’ post too!