Month: January 2014

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn Review

I didn’t really know what to expect from this book, but I was really pleasantly surprised! I read the back of the book when I was in Waterstones and I had an idea of what it was going to be about – but I didn’t expect it on that scale!
This book is real brain teaser! You think that one thing is going to happen, but the complete opposite does. I was completely intrigued when I was reading this, I didn’t want to put it down.
It’s quite hard to write about this, without spoiling it because if you say one thing, then most of the story is spoilt! So I will try to keep it to the minimum!

It is basically about a man that comes home from work, to see that his front door is left wide open, the furniture inside has been thrown around, the iron is left on and his wife is missing. He goes to the police and starts a search to find his wife but it gets made out that he has killed her. That’s where the main story starts and there’s so many twists to it, that you really won’t expect them!

It is a really good book to read, and I’d definitely recommend it! Much better than I thought it would be!
I have also heard that there’s a possibility that it’s going to be turned into a film too.
4 out of 5.

My Top 5 Essie Polishes | nuggetstumpblog

I thought that it was about time that I posted a nail varnish blog post! I decided to do a ‘My Top 5 Essie Polishes’ post, as I love the formulas and the pigmentation of this brand!
So let’s get started! Firstly I’m just going to list them from left to right:

  • Neo-whimsical
  • In Stitches
  • Bahama Mama
  • Mint Candy Apple*
  • Go Overboard

Although Essie nail polishes are a little steep at £7.99 each, I definitely feel that they are well worth the money – especially when they are 3 for 2 at Boots (the only time that I get them!). They definitely give you quality, lasting power and reliable colours! They have so many shades, completely different to one another and even the in-betweens, so there’s always a shade for somebody.

I decided to swatch them onto some nail wheels and used my Aputure Ring Light to produce natural lighting – I wanted to achieve their natural colours for you!
So, onto the shades!
Neo-Whimsical is a really gorgeous and feminine light pink, it’s almost a strawberry milkshake pink even! I definitely love this when I’m not quite feeling like I’m ready for vibrant nails. I actually picked this one up from Fragrance Direct for £1.99! So I’d definitely say to go and check out their website, as they’re always changing the colours available on there.
In Stitches is a warm dusty rose colour, with some orange in it. In some lights, it even looks light an dusty rose/brown colour. I love this one, but I definitely have to been in the mood for it as it’s not too ‘stand out’ or neutral!
Bahama Mama was a surprise. I have heard so many bloggers and YouTubers rave about this shade, so I thought that I would give it a go! I didn’t expect it to come out as dark as it did, as it is a very deep raspberry shade. It comes out lighter and more of a vibrant shade with one coat, but I find that I have to apply another coat to make it even, without streaks! I still really love this colour though, it’s gorgeous!
Mint Candy Apple* is another raved about shade. I won a Twitter competition from Essie and they very kindly sent me 5 polishes from their summer collection 2013. This was in it and when I first tried it, I thought it was slightly too sickly mint for me – but I have recently been wearing this non stop! It’s just the most beautiful mint colour, especially great for spring/summer!
Go Overboard is another off one. It’s a very ‘you’ve got to be in the mood for it’ type of nail polish – does anyone else get that, or just me? Anyway, when I am in the mood for it, I think that it is a beautiful dark teal colour. Yet again, it wasn’t what I expected to come out of the bottle, as it does go a lot darker with two coats but I still love this one!

Do you have any favourite Essie shades? Do you think they’re worth the price? xx
You can get some shades from Fragrance Direct: HERE
Or Boots sell all of the shades and sets: HERE

Yankee Candle: Sparkling Lemon Review


Here is my new little bargain! If you’re like me and love Yankee Candles, you know that they’re super expensive and I burn through them pretty quickly! Luckily, I went into House Of Fraser after christmas and thought that they’d be selling off their Christmas candles – sadly not. But, the only candle that was reduced was this one! Sparkling Lemon. It smells so fresh and light, but not too overpowering. I would like it to give off a little bit more scent – but I still had a bargain as I picked this baby up for a cheeky £4!
So, if you’re near a House Of Fraser, then they might still have some random candles reduced! So it’s definitely worth a check!
What are your favourite scents at the moment? (Don’t make me too jealous though). x

My London Birthday Trip + Mini Haul!

I completely forgot to post this, when I had uploaded my vlog! But here it is – if you haven’t seen my blog post from my birthday, then I went to London with Glen to do a little bit of shopping and have a really good day out!
It was so much fun, as London always is and we both had a really good time.
There is a blog post of this London Haul, which includes the links to all of the items that I purchased!

So, don’t forget to check out my other vlogs if you haven’t already, and watch out as I am going to be posting some beauty related videos in the near future too!

Did you get anything good in the christmas sales at all? x

Lady Million by Paco Robanne Fragrance Review


Yet again, this is another mature, evening scent! As you can tell, that’s what I like! It’s not too mature, but it’s almost a musky, floral scent? I am awful at describing scents, but so many people received this for christmas as Boots had an amazing offer on it – and almost everyone I’ve seen has loved it!


But don’t feel left out that you missed the offer! BEHOLD, Fragrance Direct as always, they have a ridiculously good offer on Lady Million at the moment! They are selling this fragrance, 30ml for £28.99! Here is the link: VOILAAA!

Are you going to get your hands on this?  Or maybe you’ve already got it? x

Superdrug & Poundland finds/mini-haul!


So, me and my flatmates are constantly eating at Pizza Hut for Happy Hour and it is right next to Poundland and Superdrug. My flatmates needed stuff, although I didn’t, but we had a browse. This happened.Image

Firstly, we went to Superdrug. I have been thinking of repurchasing a face mask recently, as I have run out of my older ones. So I had a browse at what Superdrug offered, but as there were plenty of offers on – I decided to get some sachets as they were 4 for 3. These were around 80-90p each, and I thought that they would be a lot easier to store too, than having several bottles.
They have so many different ones, so I didn’t have to struggle to select four! I picked up:
– Chocolate Orange Self-Heating Mask
– Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask
– Skin Brightening Clay Mask
– Fruit Sorbet Antioxidant Peel-Off Mask

I haven’t tried any of the Superdrug ones before, so I thought that I might aswell give them a go!

We then ventured to Poundland, where we usually find some essentials for super cheap! For the first time, I actually look in the beauty and body section properly as I’ve heard that they do some good products that you wouldn’t expect. I saw these moisturising gloves and couldn’t put them back down as I’ve heard a lot about them – so I’ll give these a whirl and write back about them!

Here is my disappointing purchase. I have very small wrists that like to lodge themselves in the incorrect positions and pop out sometimes, so I really needed a new splint as I left mine at home – I went into Boots, purchased one for a nasty £15.99, then I saw this one the next day. I was gutted at first, but when I brought this home and tried it, it was awful! It’s just a flimsy piece of material which you have to wrap around the wrist to support it. For me, this doesn’t support my wrist properly at all! Although, they do other supports which will probably work a lot better, such as knees, ankles..


I always buy exfoliating gloves for in the shower, but I always laugh when I go into Boots and see them for around £7-8 each. I know that I can definitely get them cheaper elsewhere! (Superdrug, poundland..) They are really good quality, come in a range of colours and do the job!

The last product that I saw was this BB Cream by Osiris? or Osiris Avive? – I’m not too sure what the brand is, but my flatmate said that they use to sell this in Lidl but stopped, and that people rave about it a lot. She uses it all of the time, so I thought that I’d trust her and give one a go! You can’t say no for £1, if it’s going to be really good! I’ll definitely write back about this one for you all!

Have you found any Poundland bargains? Everyone always finds Rimmel and other cosmetics, but I never do! x

Victoria’s Secret Body Mists: Coconut Passion and Mango Temptation


I have seen these body mists EVERYWHERE on YouTube and blogs! These are from Victoria’s Secret and smell amazing – they have so many different scents, so there’s definitely a scent for everyone’s taste!
I went to Florida last summer and as usual, I always go into the Victoria’s Secret Outlet (they sell all of the normal priced fragrances too). They have ridiculous prices on bras at the outlet, and underwear can be around 5 for $10!
Getting back to the point, I wanted these for a while and saw that they were 5 for $30, which at first I thought was a little  pricey but these have lasted me SO LONG! Well, basically, these are only half full now and I’ve had them since the summer and I literally use them every single day.


I did purchase 6 items from the offer, but I gave one to my brother’s girlfriend and my mother pinched the second bottle of Coconut Passion! I also had the body lotion of Mango Temptation too, which smells amazing!

I cannot rave about how much I love these! I can’t wait to get my hands on more, and luckily you can buy them in the UK Victoria’s Secret stores – although they’re 5 for £30 which is super steep! But I’m still feeling like I would from the lasting time of them! Also – you’ll constantly be bombarded with ‘Oh, you smell nice!’ ALL. OF. THE. TIME!

US can get them here: HERE
UK can find them at Amazon: HERE

Have any of you tried these? If so, what is your favourite fragrance out of all of them? Do you think they’re worth the money? x