Month: November 2014

Out and about recently!

Yet again, it’s been a while since I blogged properly due to work and trying to squeeze in a social life!
I uploaded a quick video not long ago, which will have a post of its own here soon! Also, I will be editing another one very shortly which is an update from quite a few weeks but it’s more of a vlog finally!

So, I went through a rough little patch within the last month but had so many good moments too.
I felt a bit down as I was working so much, although I need the money, was constantly at the doctors because of my chest and wrist popping out, so I had so many tests done on me.
On the brighter side, my chest is a lot better now and I’m getting back to normal! Wahoo!

A few things I’ve done?
I went on a boat party with my hostel as they were apart of an event, which was really fun! I’ve been to the cinema quite a lot recently and even had my first bowling experience in Australia, which was funny as I was so, so bad!
I also went to Featherdale Wildlife Park which was in my last post, too!

I have started to slowly get a routine back again and I’m hoping to try keep it up! I need to blog more especially towards Christmas, take more photos and make the most of my days off, read more (I just started reading the new Zoella book!) and start to have less take out food as my body is bleurgh and I need to save money to travel!

Update me on what you’ve all been doing recently!
I’m so jealous of all the Christmas/autumn winter related posts everywhere, as I’m a complete winter girl! Expect a Christmassy thoughts blog post coming up soon!
Let me know what posts you also want to see, too!

If I’m not updating enough on here, then there’s also my Instagram (@nuggetstumpblog) and twitter @_nuggetstumpblog and @nuggetstumptrvl which I hope to update more frequently for you!





Dailylook LBD (Little Black Dress)

Need that one Little Black Dress that goes with every occasion, day to night? Well, here’s my pick!

I decided to go for this gorgeous leather maxi dress as you can wear it for an occasion and dress it up, or you can tone it down, put a pair of converse on and make it casual chic!

I decided to go for more of a monochrome feel, instead of the studded look for once. I’m in love with the clear box clutch, it’s such a statement piece! I also thought that the cuff would be simple but bold at the same time!

You can find this LBD and more on at:

Featherdale Wildlife Park!

So on Friday, I went to Featherdale Wildlife Park which was such a great experience!
It’s about an hour out of Sydney, but it’s really nice to visit as it’s less touristy and the prices are lower! Not forgetting that you can touch the koala bears and kangaroos!

It’s smaller than I thought, but it’s still so enjoyable. They have a wide range of different animals here and even the food and gift shop are reasonably priced!

Here are a few photos from when I went:

Have you visited Featherdale or somewhere similar? Let me know!






Hello again!

So, I’m currently on my way back from Featherdale Wildlife Park and thought is write a post to let you all know that I’ll be posting more stuff soon! And hopefully getting around to uploading my YouTube videos!

I will be catching up this evening and upload my Featherdale Wildlife Park photos from today!