Beauty Sleep Style Challenge – Festival Of Sleep!

Hey guys! JJanuary 3rd was the Festival Of Sleep, so Casper, a new company working within the sleep industry by creating memory foam mattresses (invested by Ashton Kutcher and Steven Allen) have inspired me to show you guys what sort of ‘style’ I wear to bed!  I guess it differs for me now, but I will post the two different styles here anyway! Since I have been living in Australia, obviously it is a lot hotter than the UK – so I have now opted for a cami top and shorts to keep me cool! I have this set from H&M which is $29.95, which might still be available from their Australian stores.
2528edcbe8cfb620386665f9e6f205cf hm-white-pyjamas-product-1-6703947-117250907

These are so comfy to wear in the night, but they’re also super cute! Moving onto the UK set of sleepwear! As it’s a lot colder and some nights can be chilly – I tend to go for full bottoms, especially the fluffy fleece ones as they’re so nice to lounge around in and make you feel cosy! I have several pairs of the fleece ones from Primark, but as I haven’t been there for 4 months I haven’t been able to purchase any new ones to show you! So I have found an image of a similar pair!
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.38.56 Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.39.25
These ones are from the H&M website again, but they are the same thing as the Primark ones! They are just so comfy and are incredible for cold, movie nights at home! Throw in some candles and chocolate, and BOOM! SORTED! Anyway, what do you guys wear to bed? Wherever you are in the world! Let me know! xx

Also be sure to check out the Casper Mattress Twitter page!

The Bikini Post! (Debenhams & Primark)


It is getting closer and closer to my Australia trip, so I thought that I would do a quick, cheeky little post on the bikinis that I have so far!
I thought I had more than this, but don’t you worry, I have had my eyes caught on another few which are in the post, at the moment!

Ok, so firstly I thought that I would tell you a little about my body shape (cringe). I am 5 foot 3, have quite a petite build, small top half and a larger bottom half. That’s that, briefly put! (BRIEFLY put.. funny me).


Moving on – the first bikini that I decided to get was this gorgeous navy floral padded bikini top from Debenhams. This was £26 and can be found HERE. This bikini top has a serious amount of padding going on, which yes I would like a little bit of assistance in that area, but boy it’s a LOT of padding! But still, I really liked the pattern and I feel pretty snug and secure in this one!
It has two options of wear, you can wear the top as a halterneck or strapless – as the straps fold down and back, into a thicker back piece which covers over the original back strap. I think this is great, as I tend to lose straps if I take them off and this one actually stays up without the straps on! This is definitely my favourite bikini so far!


Next bikini I found in Primark, it is this amazing yellow, orange and pink daisy print. This bikini also has a bit of padding (as I don’t want to look like an infant child) but not as much. I think this bikini top was around £8, which was an amazing price! This top also has the option of having a halter neck or a strapless design – exactly the same as the previous Debenhams bikini! I could only get the bikini bottoms in Size 8 and unfortunately they had to squeeze my bum in – so I returned them and hoped they had a larger size, but I’m still trying to hunt them down!

DSC00081 DSC00082

The last bikini that I have for you is also from Primark – this is one of the floaty, swing material tops. I’m not really sure what else I could call this, at this moment in time but I thought this was really cute when I tried it on! It has a layer underneath the front part, to make you feel more comfortable and has a thin layer of padding. You can also untie the straps on both top and bottom, which I had to do to make the bottoms fit more comfortably! I feel that this bikini balances out my proportions a bit, without obviously ‘boosting’ anything – it just creates a bit more depth, I guess, which is great! I have a feeling that this bikini was around £6 for the top and bottoms together, which was amazing!

I have ordered another bikini to try out from ASOS, and I am also thinking of trying one from Topshop and Next – so prepare yourselves for another bikini post! I will also be writing a big post on what I am taking to Australia with me, and I might do a condensed ‘clothing’ post too!

Our Christmas London Trip!


So, me and my friend Glen (Blog & YouTube) decided to go to London before the mad Christmas rush, for a day out! We thought we’d do a little bit of shopping and sightseeing, combined with filming my first vlog on my new camera! (Samsung MV900F).


We got up ridiculously early to get a 5.30am train from Central, so we have a proper full day there. We also booked a 10.00pm train home, in the evening which ended up being perfect timing!


The first thing we did when we got to London, was visit Tottenham Court Road’s Primark. We thought we’d go here first because it’s filled with hundreds of people and is a complete mess! We were nicely surprised that this Primark looks amazing on the inside, it’s done up really well and looked more like a New Look or Topshop!


After Primark, we decided to visit Camden Market as it’s one of my favourite places in London! I love how you can buy anything quirky and different that you wouldn’t find in many more places for the same price. I also love the atmosphere there too, you cannot miss a cheeky trip to Cyber Dog either!


Whilst we were at Camden, it started to pour down with rain (surprise, surprise) and we were starving so we decided on stuffing our faces at Pizza Hut until the rain stopped! After that, we went for a quick (not so quick) browse up Oxford Street, Carnaby Street & Regent Street – visited Liberty, Johnny Cupcakes, Nike, Apple..


We got to Covent Garden in the afternoon, after a Starbucks and then my camera ran out of battery although I had plenty of room left to film! So I decided to invest in a Recharge Charger to carry around in my bag – luckily this was pre-charged and I could charge my camera up straight away and carry on filming!


I love Covent Garden, it always has a really nice variety of shops – mainstream and unique. Although, I’m verysad that the Moomin Shop isn’t there anymore! But we had a browse in Lush and purchased some goodies like the Limited Edition Santa’s Lip Scrub that tastes like Cherry Cola and has little hearts in it! (I’ve wrote about this product on my last blog post, which I will attach at the bottom).



We then started to make our way back towards the centre and visited Leicester Square to visit the M&M shop!


The last stop was Harrods to look at the ridiculously expensive, but really cute pets! They had puppies, kittens and hamsters there this time! We also went into the Christmas Section upstairs (got lost, a lot of times, although I’ve been to Harrods quite a few times) and then went for a quick browse at Big Ben to fill out sightseeing needs!


Overall, we had such a fun day, although our feet hurt so much (especially as I had to run to the train station in boots, in the morning). But yes, hopefully we’ll be going back to London for my birthday – possibly visit Ripley’s Museum and a few other museums like the Tate Modern and London Film Museum to see all of the Star Wars goodies!

You can watch my YouTube Vlog of London HERE, that I recently uploaded. I will also be posting a week’s worth of Vlogmas, in one video too! So look out for that one!

Cheeky Primark visit!

I made a cheeky, long awaited visit to Primark today – I only got a few little things that I like to call “Essentials”. I was starting to lose my patience in there after a while though, as there were so many people pushing and shoving – so I gave up! I think that I made a fair effort though!

I initially went in there to get a burgundy beanie, but I came out with a few more items..


Firstly, I scoured the women’s department looking for their £5 jersey skater dresses – they didn’t have many there, especially in my size, so I didn’t purchase any sadly. But I did purchase two patterned tops, which have a longer back – I will be posting these tomorrow though when the light is better, and I will be able to take photographs of them whilst on!


So, enough of the rambling – I found these adorable Miffy Slipper Socks, they were too adorable to pass! They are the softest object that I have ever placed my hands on! They were only £4 and have the rubber bobbles on the bottom aswell, so you won’t slip on any tiled/wooden flooring. Then, I ventured into the beauty department and saw that they had 160 Small Round Cotton Pads for £1, which was a bargain – although I like to use the larger ones for my face, I tend to use these for nails or just removing mascara. Whilst in that department, I saw that they still sell Lipcote for £2.70, which was a really good price! Lipcote is definitely a lifesaver when it comes to wearing lipstick – you apply your lipstick, blot the excess off and then apply this. It keeps your lipstick staying on for a lot longer, even whilst eating/drinking.



I also picked up some ‘Face Cloths’ (£1.50 for a pack of 3), and I found the Midi Rings that I wanted for ages! They were only £1.50 for 8 rings – I didn’t look at the sizing on these though, so I have Medium instead of Small, but they’ll still be half-midi I guess!

Miffy Slipper Socks – £4

160 Cotton Pads – £1

8 Assorted Midi Rings – £1.50

3 Face Cloths – £1.50

Lipcote – £2.70


I finally found all of the hats/scarves/gloves – and I definitely had to buy A LOT of plain gloves! I am one of those people that forget to empty the contents of one bag, into another. So I end up leaving my gloves in another bag or coat, I now have no excuse for cold hands! I also needed a new beanie that doesn’t swamp my head – I was going to purchase one from Topshop for a hefty £14, but when I saw these I thought that these would do, and I could get more than one!



2 Pack of Gloves – £1

Burgundy beanie with pompom – £2

Fisherman Knit beanie – £2

That’s practically it for my mini Primark haul, apart from the two tops that I will be posting about tomorrow for you! I will also be filming a haul video containing these purchases, and I shall make a London Vlog and Haul video at the start of next week! I will be posting the links on my blog and twitter accounts anyway, so keep your eyes out for these!


Hello there, new camera! + Upcoming week plans!

So, I have decided to treat myself to a new compact camera, which has 1080p HD Video. I have wanted to start making YouTube videos for a while, as I feel that I can show my personality a lot more compared to blogging! (I am also rather awful at writing..)


Here is my new camera, the Samsung MV900F – I thought that I could use this for YouTube, but I could also use it for my upcoming trips such as London shopping and Tokyo in February.


I decided to go for this camera, mainly for it’s handy flip screen and hd video. I was going to purchase a Canon, but when I went to order one, it said that I had to collect it from the other side of the UK.. So I thought, yeaaah, maybe not.


I have seen a lot of reviews of this camera and it has looked really impressive! So far I am impressed with it, although I haven’t tried it outdoors yet! It’s really thin and light, so it’s great for travelling and inside small bags! It also comes with a handy wrist strap.

I will eventually post some videos to YouTube when the weather is better (and when I actually go outside and do something interesting!)

I was going to film today, as I went to the Halloween Tattoo Convention, but it was a really small and narrow venue – so it wasn’t really practical, gutted!

I will be filming with this on the weekend as I will be in London for the day, with Glen. We’re going to London to do some shopping, mainly to possibly spoil ourselves but also a little bit of christmas shopping too! And, after our last university deadline – we need this!

I will also be heading into town (possibly tomorrow), for a browse in Primark and to search for a burgundy beanie hat! So if I have purchased quite a few things, then I will do a short haul post or video. Obviously, I will be doing London Vlogs and a haul video for you all!

Needing to catch up on blogging! – Ciao! x