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My Disney Jewellery

Hello there! I get a lot of comments on my Disney Jewellery so I thought ‘hey, why not do a post on your jewellery? duh!’

I will start with my Pandora bracelet – I have the original bracelet that they brought out and I keep all of my normal charms on there and then I have this bangle which I have kept for all of my Disney charms!
Basically, Disney now do Pandora Charms some that you can purchase in all stores or exclusively at the Disney Parks! Each time I go to Walt Disney World or Disneyland California, I like to pick myself up one and usually they will have a meaning behind them for me. Here is a link to the charms and bracelets they do!



For example, the black charm (third in from the left) is my latest one that I bought at Christmas. This is the ‘Wishes’ charm which was created for the ‘Wishes’ Fireworks Spectacular that they have in Walt Disney World every night, where the castle lights up, fireworks are set off and they sing the most incredible song ‘Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight’.
I have previously posted about Wishes in my January Favourites (as the song is originally from Pinocchio – in the Disney sense).
This fireworks show has been played at Walt Disney World since 2003 and it is my absolute favourite. Every single time I see this show, I have a tear in my eye and sing every single word. Sadly, they just announced that they are going to be replacing the show which I’m extremely sad about! So I thought that at Christmas time, I wanted to pick up the charm just incase they stopped the show and cancelled the charm (there was a rumour going around that Wishes might get replaced in the park last year).

My other charms include some like the Mickey’s Fun Wheel from Disneyland California – this is one of the iconic rides from Disneyland California. I visited this park for the very first time in October 2015 and I bought this charm as a reminder of my trip!
I also have a Sorcerer’s Hat dangly charm which is the hat from Hollywood Studios (that stood in the middle of the park) and now they have sadly removed this from the park too – so now I see this charm as I little RIP to the Sorcerer’s Hat. *frown*


Others I have are my Fantastic 75th Anniversary charm which I absolutely love! I am a huge Disney fan and have a passion for animation (I am a Computer Animation student, if you do not know already!) and I see Fantasia as such a huge milestone for The Walt Disney Animation Studios as they broke through so many boundaries within animation and really experimented with different techniques and approaches to animation!

I also have a Sleeping Beauty charm which features each of the fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather which run around the outside of the charm. Sleeping Beauty is one of my ultimate favourite Disney movies and when I saw that they released this charm, I knew that I had to pick it up on my next holiday to Walt Disney World!

My other charms feature Mickey and Minnie silhouettes which you can purchase at Pandora Stores in general. The glass beads are not from the Disney Collection although you can purchase certain glass beads that are based on each Disney Princess! (You can purchase these from all stores, I believe!)


Apologies for such a long explanation of my Pandora charms, I do feel like you can really create bracelets that hold certain memories for you personally and it can be nice sometimes to explain these to others who are interested!


Anyway, swiftly moving onto my next item. My Jiminy Cricket necklace was my most worn necklace of all time and is from the amazing Disney Couture who have so many different necklaces, bracelets, ear rings, rings.. If only there was an unlimited amount of money that I owned!
Disney Couture‘s jewellery is really affordable and they have such a huge range of characters from different films. I will leave some links to their Social Media pages and website for you all to have a cheeky look!
Instagram // Website // Twitter
(They have the most incredible Beauty and The Beast range out now for the new film too – check it out!)
My next purchase from them is definitely going to be this Snow White and the Seven Dwarves necklace shown below: (I take it back, I don’t think they still do that necklace as I cannot find it on the website! HEARTBROKEN!!)


Moving onto my final piece, I received this for Christmas off my parents whilst we were on holiday at Walt Disney World. We decided not to buy anybody anything for Christmas and to use that money to go away to Disney for the holidays which was really different for us!


I haven’t been able to find this necklace anywhere on the internet yet, but it is definitely from in the Disney parks. It is real gold and features a Mickey Mouse silhouette and it is the most perfect necklace – nothing too out there and really nice and simple!

The only slightly similar necklace I can find online is this one here.


And now we have come to the end of my Disney Jewellery ‘collection’ although there is not much to it! I am thoroughly enjoying writing these Disney posts and look out for more to come, including some about the Parks, what I like to wear to Walt Disney World, my Disney dress collection and more!
If there’s any posts that you would like to see, then let me know and I’ll have a look into it for you all!

Have a magical day,

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My Goals for 2017

What do I want to come out of 2017? What are my personal goals? Where do I want to be?

– By the end of 2017, I would love to feel a lot more confident with my Computer Animation skills, ready for the second year of my university course.

– Definitely up my photography game on my blog, I use to just snap a photograph quite quickly although still taking some consideration but I just never dived into really having a think about my composition and the use of props. So I am definitely looking into that!

– I want to improve myself. I have learnt that I need to take some time off from overloading myself with multiple tasks and just relax sometimes. If not, I know that my anxiety will be at it’s highest, I will have migraines galore and just run myself down!

– I want to read as much as I want, take some time out to do so.
If I want to sit back and play The Sims or watch a film, I will make time for that.

– I have given myself a target to become more active on Social Media, as I will get into a habit but a month later, I will disappear from the world of Twitter.

– Another goal for me, is to try and schedule a post for every Monday and Friday. So far I am slowly getting some scheduled ahead incase I become super busy with my university work but I can do this!

– I want to try to cook more, although whilst living in student accommodation it makes me not want to attempt it as there’s always a mess or people are not looking after our equipment.

– To move out of student accommodation and into an apartment with my boyfriend. I need that sense of independence again, especially as when I first went to university I was living in accommodation and then went on to travel for 16 months. I came back home, living with my parents and decided to go back to university again – so I feel like I have gone backwards slightly!

– I want to use my Wacom tablet more often and start to practice Digital drawing a lot more.

– I want to continue to draw in my sketchbooks on a daily basis as I got into a good habit of it, just before submission! Dang!

– I want to get out of my overdraft, as I seem to get paid a small amount and it just keeps going up and down, up and down.. a vicious circle!!

– Last goal from me for now, I would like to get out more and explore new places around me. I live in Cardiff and there is so much that I haven’t even seen of the city and I have lived here for 4 years! I need to get out of my routine of going from university to my room, from my room to town, back to my room.. *repeat*

So, just a brief post on what I would like to achieve in 2017! I know that they seem so simple and possibly silly to other people but I really need to just nail my balance of work and play! I would love to know what everybody else’s goals are and see if I can take any inspiration from these too! So let me know down below.


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The Trap by Alan Gibbons Book Review

I received a free copy of The Movie Version in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own.

Title: The Trap

Author: Alan Gibbons

Purchase: Available in the UK and preorder for the US.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Great For: People who want to broaden their reading topics

Themes: “Terrorism, heroism and everything in between”

Review: ‘The Trap’ by Alan Gibbons is about a young guy that has been influenced by the wrong crowd. In his defence, he wants to do some good for the world.
Majid wants to travel to Syria to defend his people, where they are getting tortured and massacred on a daily basis. Sadly, he has been brainwashed by another group and this influences him. He moves from London to become a medic out in Syria to help the community, but he starts to really see what has happened to the country and the state they are in..

His family miss him terribly and believe that he became an extremist and died during battle out in Syria. For what they do not know is that he is alive and back in the country. He is now working with MI5 to catch other extremists that are planning a terrorist attack.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would happily read it again, which is not usually like me! It is a really fast-paced book which has really short chapters which I loved. The chapters do flick back and forth in time, but do not come across as confusing at all – they are very relevant to the opposing time they are talking about.

I would highly recommend giving this a read, especially if you want a complete change of book. This book really makes you think about the modern day and how our country controls situations that others would not have heard about.
I picked this book up to read on Tuesday night and I was finished by Wednesday afternoon as I could not put it down!

A really refreshing read and very intriguing so I will give it a 5 out of 5.
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January Wrap-up

Well, hello again!
I know that it is mid February at the moment but I thought that I would really like to reflect back on each month throughout the year and why not start with January? Duh.

Lets get started.
January was kick started off with celebrating New Years Eve in Epcot, Walt Disney World which was a completely new experience for me – especially the way that the Americans celebrate it!
I started off January with my birthday at the very beginning of the month! It turns out that we flew back from our Orlando Christmas holiday on my birthday and were then stuck in traffic until 5pm. Although when I arrived home, I was so excited to see my dog Coco and boyfriend as I hadn’t seen them over the Christmas period! So, off to a good start..
My family got me a birthday cake which was the most incredible thing ever which was a cake from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty as it is one of my favourite Disney movies (there’s a scene where Flora, Fauna and Merryweather are making a cake and a dress for Aurora and do not know how to do so without magic!)

I had a blast with my family and boyfriend celebrating, but then we had a really sad announcement that my budgie Dexter had passed away. Some of you might have seen him previously on my snapchat, instagram and blog and he was amazing! He was a blue male budgie that was talk how to say certain phrases from Star Wars and all sorts!
Here is an instagram video of him:

So, Dexter can now say ‘May The Force Be With You’ and ‘Zoe’s Boy’ 👍

A video posted by nuggetstumpblog (@nuggetstumpblog) on Oct 21, 2013 at 1:11am PDT


Moving on through the month, I went back to university for the next term where I was crammed with deadlines right at the beginning so I did have a super stressful week or two but it was such a relief afterwards when everything was handed in!
University has been going really well so far with my animation classes, I am learning so much and progressing slowly but surely! There have been a few steep hills when it comes to my anxiety, too many hours at my current job, essay writing and the possibility that I could be dyslexic (thank you auto correct on my computer!).

Other than that there hasn’t been as much going on yet – me and my boyfriend have been trying to reduce the amount of times that we go out to eat and have started cooking again (mainly him, as I really hate it with a passion). I have also been really good when it comes to spending, although I am still skint but there must be an onwards and upwards from here!

My flat has also been refurbished recently, so I am all moved back in, everything in fresh and everything looks amazing! The only shame is that I am in shared accommodation and the thought that it isn’t going to be kept in this condition is a little sad but we are hoping to move into our own flat in the summer so that will be really exciting!

From there, I think that that is it for my January Wrap-up!
Basically, I really enjoy doing these sorts of posts as I really target and focus on the problems that I have been going through and it forces me to think how I can do something differently or go about another way of doing so.
For example, I am now going through the process of getting some advice and assistance with my anxiety and possible dyslexia, so hopefully this is going to make some things a lot easier and manageable for me from now on!

So, I will leave the post there and would love to hear about your January(s) and how you think you can improve yourselves whether it is your lifestyle, diets, financial matters, even just little things like having a good clear out of a wardrobe or even redecorating..
Let me know, I would love to read these and get some inspiration on ways that I can improve things!

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My January Favourites

That’s right, it’s a new year and January has flown by so fast already!
January has been a really strange month full of ups and downs, as it usually brings for most people but here’s a few new things that I have been loving throughout the month of January:

My first favourite is Glamour magazine – I feel like I have not read an actual physical magazine, let alone a fashion magazine in a very long time. So I had a huge urge to pick one up when I visited Tesco along with a few others!
I really love getting inspiration from magazines and in all honesty, I tend to prefer a magazine such as Glamour because if I start swooning at the items, 75% of the time they are actually a reasonable price! There’s nothing worse than falling in love with something and then seeing that it costs £675!!!

Recently, I feel like I really need to just step back and take some time out for myself as if I’m not working, doing my university work or blogging, then I’m reading and trying to beat my goals, setting myself to-do lists even if it’s the most simplest of chores around the flat and I am starting to learn to just sit back and have some time to relax and do whatever I want (even if that’s playing The Sims 4)..


Talking about The Sims 4.. My boyfriend is a very kind man to me and secretly purchased The Sims 4 for me when I was having a stressful time with university work and overloading myself. I have previously had the original Sims and The Sims 3 – I considered purchasing the fourth game for quite a while but I heard negative things about it such as you cannot build pools any more, so I put that idea off for a while.
It turns out that The Sims 4 has had so many updates to the game that it’s really, really great – a few updates and differences are that you can go on dates with other Sims outside of your home, you can now build pools, upper floors, basements and even have toddlers within the game (so they grow from baby, toddler to teenager, instead of just a baby and a toddler).
I will probably write a proper review for The Sims 4 as I feel like I have a lot to say about it and I might even start a mini series on my progress within the game!


Another favourite for January is Walt Disney’s Pinocchio – this absolute classic is one of my favourite Disney animated films and what makes it even better is that I got to write my latest essay on a scene from Pinocchio. What can be better than researching one of your favourite films on repeat?
There is just so much that I absolutely adore from this film, from the pure genius of the animation, how far they progressed in the animation industry and what hurdles they climbed, the moral of the story, the music, the intricacy of detail in Gipetto’s workshop and of course, my favourite scene:

‘Star light, Star bright, 
First star I see tonight. 
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish, I wish tonight.’

As you might be able to tell already, I am an animation student but I won’t go into any more of that 🙂


You’ve finally made it to my final favourite of January – Paco Robanne’s Lady Million.
As some people say ‘Every woman has this perfume now, as it’s always on offer in Boots for christmas each year’ but that doesn’t bother me at all – this smells absolutely gorgeous and is actually my second bottle and hey it’s usually on offer which means cheaper for me! Who would ever complain about discount?!

I find this perfume very feminine, not too sweet as I feel that it has some darker, spicier undertones whilst still keeping that versatile scent which is perfect for every occasion. Unfortunately, I am terrible at describing scents especially over the internet so forgive me on that one! I would highly recommend giving the testers a whirl in-store to see if it is your sort of scent to go for!
The packaging is really appealing, a lovely diamond shape which still stands up very sturdily too.dsc05937

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Last Minute Valentines Gift For Him?

Hello again, that’s right Valentines Day has come back around again and it is time to find a present for those picky ‘I don’t need anything’ boyfriends/partners/husbands/lovers! So here is my attempt at possibly helping some of you!
I am the sort of person to always buy a gift that’s practical and what I would like to think they would use.
So here are a few of my Valentines Gift Ideas for you:

In need of a smart or casual holdall for weekends away or general durability? Take a look at the Herschel Supply Co 42.5L Novel Holdall which is a great, high quality holdall which is going to handle a good amount of weight and hold the perfect amount for weekends and even a week away! I found this on ASOS for £80, which I believe is close to the top of their price range where you can purchase similar holdalls from £55-£60.

Have a guy that likes to indulge every now and then, to prep themselves? Maybe a Shaving Set would be an idea, by itself or combined as an add-on with another gift! I personally feel like some guys are very into looking after themselves, when others would make out that they do not need it, but I think they would actually quite enjoy testing these out for themselves – and come on, these Taylor Of Old Bond Street sets sound like they smell so incredible, why would anyone turn these down?!

Have a guy that loves gadgets and music? Then I would highly recommend this Sony SRS-XB2BL Portable Wireless Speaker – I actually have one of these speakers and I think it is the best one I have ever owned. The sound quality is amazing, the charge lasts for hours and it goes REALLY loud if needed! It also comes in red, purple and green.
I picked mine up from Currys for £64.99 (I believe I had it on offer for £50 at the time) but I think it is worth every penny I spent as it’s just such a great quality speaker!


If your partner enjoys cooking (which I most certainly do not), then maybe consider a new addition for the kitchen such as utensils, pans or even gadgets? You might or might not be into the whole cooking thing, but maybe this will make them cook you even more food without you having to hint! Win win!
I found this Eaziglide Neverstick2 Square Grill Pan from the John Lewis website which is £50 as an example! As you probably know, I am not exactly great in the kitchen area so I will not go into any sort of depth to this topic!


So I will be leaving this post here, I really do hope that I helped towards any ideas that you had or inspired you (probably not in my case, but hey I tried!)
Feel free to post any ideas for others if you have any, sharing is caring!

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January Boots Haul

So here we go again..
I needed to pick up some essentials in Boots and try not to end up purchasing things that I do not need (I’m aiming to reduce my spending!), so apologies for the basic items but I thought I’d still share them with you!

Firstly, I need some new conditioner as I run out. Usually I would try something completely different each time, so I can find the perfect one but I wasn’t feeling any of the offers in place. So I saw that Pantene was on offer and grabbed that – I have always been brought up using Pantene and have never had any problems, just left with silky soft hair! I opted to try the Breakage Defence one as I have never used this one – so I’ll let you guess know what I think later on!


Second product that I picked up was the Schwarzkopf Got2Be Guardian Angel Heat Defence Spray. I have used this in the past and it is one of my favourites! It smells incredible, leaves my hair silky soft and does the job of protecting my hair too. There’s nothing more that I can say about this really!


Just realising that all of these products are haircare.. but hey, the next product I needed to purchase was a good hair oil as my super thick hair tends to dry out a lot (although it never looks like it does). Believe me, it does..
I was browsing around for my usual Pantene one, but couldn’t see it anywhere (maybe they don’t do it any more, or it was in different packaging?) but after having a browse, I saw that Tresemme have a great new range of products called ‘Specialist’ which were all half price, so I jumped at the opportunity to try this one out!

This one is called the Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir which you can use on dry hair to help style, or on wet hair which I will be doing before I shampoo my hair. I feel like these are so much better to nourish my hair with and I know that some people are really scared of the idea of putting oil into your hair as they believe it can make it greasier. Even if you have oily hair, the oil you put in will basically balance it out and hopefully make a difference!
But for nourishment, this works an absolute treat for me!


Onto the last product, an all time essential that almost every single woman probably owns – good ole Batiste in Tropical! I did see the new 2-in-1 range they brought out, but as this one was on offer and I adore the scent so much – I thought that I would just pick this one up!
I haven’t used a dry shampoo in probably over a year, but since my holiday to Walt Disney World for Christmas (which I still need to write up a blog post on!) I have been wanting to use it again as I’m getting busier and busier recently!
It always works a treat with my hair, smells incredible, the boyfriend likes the scent and it doesn’t leave me hair white (probably because I’m a strawberry blonde already).


What have you guys been purchasing this month? Or do any of you have any spending bans going on recently or targets for the year? Let me know, I would absolutely love to hear them from you!