Month: November 2016

Christmas At The Grape Event

I was very fortunate to be invited to the #ChristmasAtTheGrape Blogger Event at Grape & Olive Swansea to taste their brand new Christmas Menu!

We had such an amazing night here and got to taste so much incredible food!

It’s safe to say that this event has definitely kicked in the christmas vibes and now the christmas countdown can start from here for me!


You can choose from a 2 Course or 3 Course Menu and whether it’s going to be the Christmas Festive, Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day which all have a variety of meals which are outstanding! Not forgetting that you’ll be getting a spectacular view of Swansea, including Mumbles from the 28th floor of the Grape And Olive.

Here is what the tables would be set out like, if booking a Christmas meal at the Grape And Olive Swansea:

We got to sample some of the amazing courses from the menu and here’s a few images of examples. When it comes to the mains, I thoroughly enjoyed the Roast Fillet of Hake – such a creamy texture to the mash potato also! It was so good! (Writing this is making me hungry again..)

I personally feel that the Chocolate and Orange Fondant was definitely the highlight of the night for me – it was just incredible especially for a chocoholic like myself, but so full of flavour and the orange really stood out! Hands down my favourite!

I had such a great time at the Grape And Olive and I got to meet some lovely bloggers some that I have met before, and some new faces to me! I can’t wait to see what Grape And Olive are going to do next! I’m definitely returning, especially for more of the Chocolate and Orange Fondant!

Thank you so much to Ffion and Gavin for this event, and a huge thanks for my first christmas card of the year!

A Quiet Kind Of Thunder by Sara Barnard Book Review


Title: A Quiet Kind Of Thunder

Author: Sara Barnard

Purchase: Released 12th Jan 2017 in the U.K. and in the U.S.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Great For: Fans of Young Adult novels

Themes:  YA, romance


Sara Barnard is well known for her previous book ‘Beautiful Broken Things’ and there has been so much hype towards her new book. ‘A Quiet Kind Of Thunder’ is about overcoming the hard things in life and finding your comfort zones and strengths.

Steffi is in high school and is selectively mute, she finds high school very hard as she can’t come out with the words, and would love to be able to live a normal life. She wishes that people wouldn’t stare at her, make fun, gawp or giggle when she does actually come out with something. Luckily, there’s a student that’s introduced to Steffi called Rhys who is deaf and communicates via BSL (British Sign Language).

Steffi faces a lot of troubles when it comes to applying for university next year, whether she will be able to go, how she will handle an emergency situation and cope with her every day life. These are some of the struggles that she has to go through within this book, and it really takes you on her and others’ journeys. Can overcome these things and maybe even find love?

I highly recommend this book to people that love young adult fiction and romance. It’s a very uplifting book that opens your eyes to the world of mute and BSL communities. I feel that it’s a very inspirational book and has made me want to take up my goal of learning British Sign Language.

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Lightseekers by PlayFusion Kickstarter!

Hey guys!
I thought that I would share this post with you as this is such an amazing opportunity from the company PlayFusion who have got credits for over 150 video games and toys!

They have been developing a brand new game called ‘Lightseekers’ (this link will give you more information) which is ‘a groundbreaking action adventure role playing video game that seamlessly connects smart action figures, physical trading cards, comics and more..’

What is it?
This is a great new way to interact with gameplay by using these methods, by taking the physical form and really bringing elements to life within the game!

This game is going to be free to download, with no in-app purchases at all – which is a relief for some!

Why a Kickstarter?
They have started a Kickstart page although the game fully works, they would love the support from others and any other fundings that they receive will go towards developing new playable characters, more connected content, more figures and definitely lots of more gameplay!

What’s in it for you?
If you do decide to back this amazing new concept, then you will receive a package of your choice where you will receive exclusive material that the general public won’t get – the more people that back this, the more exclusive stuff you can get! (In-game pets, exclusive concept art, weapons, soundtracks..)

So go have a browse on the link HERE for a LOT more information and see what you think!

Doctor Who Experience

A super short post here!
I went to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff with my university for a day out and it was such a blast, even if you don’t know a massive amount about Doctor Who (like myself) – I still had such an amazing time and saw so many of their iconic pieces here!

The experience itself was brilliant too – you are sent on a journey to help the Doctor save the planet, this is all interactive and you even have to walk through some Weeping Angels in order to complete this!

Here are a huge jumble of the images I took, feel free to send me a comment if you have any questions about this!
Here I’ll leave the link to the Doctor Who Experience website too! 🙂