Month: December 2014

My Australian Christmas Vlog!

I hope you’re all having an amazing christmas and will have a happy new year! I wish you all the best and hope you have a lovely day with all of your friends and family.
Although I am not with my family this year, I am enjoying my experience with new friends that are in the same position as me, ‘the christmas orphans’.

Today, we decided to have our Secret Santa in the morning which was so lovely – really brightened my day up! We then went to Bronte Beach for a few hours, sunbathed (in my case, just plopped myself in the sun and went a little pink) and attempted a BBQ which didn’t happen in the end! Haha! But it was all fun anyway, as you’ll see from my video!

Anyway, I will be posting photos from our Australian Christmas tomorrow hopefully! So keep your eyes out for that!
Do you guys have any traditions? Or have you travelled alone and been a christmas orphan? Tell me your experiences! 😀

Merry Christmas!

Welcome back to the world, Zoe!

Does it sound sad, that I have now got a computer again and I feel like I am finally back in the real world?
Obviously, I don’t mean the REAL world, but I feel like I have finally re-entered the world that I was/am so involved within.

I didn’t take my MacBook travelling with me as it was so heavy and I was scared incase I lost it or damaged it – but as soon as I apart from it, I felt like half of me had disappeared! Sad it sounds, I know.. but I am a Graphic Designer, blogger and vlogger, so I am use to being on my MacBook 24/7!

I had come to realise that it is pretty tricky without having your own personal computer, as it made a lot of things not particularly difficult, but more time consuming. These things are like video editing as this limits the amount of things you can do and takes a lot longer on an iPad, for example! But the main one for me would be the whole applying for jobs situation, as you can’t send a CV off, unless it’s in an email – also, I am loving the freedom of being able to save my videos and photos properly again! Reassurance for where they are going to be saved, too!

Do any of you feel this way, or is it just me being a typical new generation person that pretty much runs her life around technology? Don’t get me wrong, I could go without technology if need be, but the ache to be connected and more organised is there! 😀

Anyone gone travelling without devices? Gave up on technology? Had to give it up?
Tell me your thoughts, I’d love to hear if anyone sounds as “insane” as me!

Hostel life.

So, people always say to me, ‘oh my god, you’re still living in a hostel? Poor you’.
I can see how people think that, but it’s not all bad at all. Some hostels could be, yes, but the one I’ve been staying at is so nice and cosy. I’d even go far enough to call it my home from home, as we’re one big family there.

Although, you do see several sights whilst living in one. Such as, people getting naked in the bathrooms and washing their bits in the sink, different characters, affections and lots of drama!

But it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you’re comfortable and happy, you could be living anywhere in the world.
I am looking forward to spending my Christmas with everyone here and making a new experience.

What do you all think about hostels? Had some good experiences? Maybe even bad? Let me know! x