Month: February 2015

The 90s Tag!

I have decided to do the 90s tag, as part of my ‘getting to know me more’ mission! The 90s was full of cringeworthy stuff, sayings and clothes – Oh dear. But there was also really good memories that came from this period too! So I will get stuck in!

1. Favourite original Disney movie.
It says ‘movie’, but I’m totally doing my top 3, as I feel like I’m cheating on each film otherwise! (No particular order)
Pocahontas, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid.
2. Favourite music artist.
I was a massive fan of the Spice Girls and Steps when I was younger (I would even say I am still now, if they were technically around!). I thought I’d add my awful guilty pleasures from when I was younger too – Aqua, Hanson, Cartoons, Hear’Say, Daphne & Celeste, Gina G.. I really do not want to go on haha!

3. Favourite nickelodeon jr. show
I didn’t have ‘cable’ or sky when I was younger, due to where we lived. I only had the 5 channels on my tv (4 didn’t really count, as it was S4C – the welsh channel). But, I use to watch programmes like The Crystal Maze, Supermarket Sweep, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Power Rangers (I was pretty much into most of my brothers favourites).

4. Favourite candy.
Mine probably had to be Kinder Eggs! They were amazing, I still purchase one very rarely, when I’m in Sainsburys and they’re on offer!

5. Favourite game (board game, school  game)
I use to skip a lot with my friends, we’d have hundreds of different songs to skip to. We also use to make those paper fortune teller things in school, which were pretty fun – although I was rubbish at making them haha!
A game that I didn’t like, was a Star Wars board game that we had which came with a VHS. It would show you Darth Vadar on the screen and he would point at whoever would go in turn, next. SCARY STUFF FOR THAT AGE HAHA!

6. Favourite McDonald’s toy.
I can’t really remember the McDonald’s toys that well, apart from the fact that I use to collect them whilst still in their packaging! I was a bit of a collector when I was little – vintage cars, McDonalds toys, Star Wars, Pokemon cards, Ty beanies..

7. Favourite book.
I absolutely adored Jacqueline Wilson! She was such an amazing author and I actually went to meet her at a book signing twice – such a lovely lady! She wrote amazing books like Double Act, Lola Rose and The Cat Mummy.

8. Favourite clothing store.
I didn’t really shop for myself when I was younger, it was practically down to my mother. But I definitely had some SNAZZY Kappa Poppers and a Smurfs t-shirt! Although, TAMMY GIRL!

9. What would you watch when you got home from school?
I would watch Recess, Jungle Run, Sabrina The Teenage Witch (unless that was Saturday..), Arthur, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Goosebumps..

10. Favorite tv show.
If it was non-cartoon related, then it would probably be something like The Crystal Maze or Supermarket Sweep! Although, I did love a bit of Blind Date every now and then!

11. Favourite toys.
Mainly my brothers Star Wars figures, that I ended up collecting myself! But I did have a few favourites like cuddly toys, Flopsy (a rabbit on a stick, that hops when you push it) and my Figaro (from Pinocchio) cuddly toy!

12. Favourite commercials.
Probably the Fruit Shoot advert, that went ‘THAT WAS SOOO OUT!’ ‘No, it was sooo in!’.
Or possibly the Yop or ‘Hey Mr Kelloggs Man, give me yo banana!’ advert.

13. ‘Nsync or Backstreet Boys.
I wasn’t too fussed on any of these, but definitely Backstreet Boys! I really loved one of their songs, mainly because of the music video. I think it is called ‘Everybody’ – the video was amazing, a haunted house and all of the creatures/monsters would come alive and start dancing!

14. Weirdest fashion trend.
Platform trainers. Inflatable backpacks (not forgetting, the chairs, sofas..), Kappa poppers (wearing them all open, because you were cool) and leopard print matching tshirt and jogging bottom combinations.

15. Favourite collectible
Star Wars. Everything Star Wars. I’m probably still the same. But we use to collect the figures, with their weapons, Pogs, Tazos (that came in crisp packets).. anything!

16. Favourite beanie baby.
Probably Garcia bear, as he was super colourful! Although I did like Birthday Bear, and Wales bear – for obvious reasons. Buckingham bear was the rare one though 😉

17. How many Tamagotchis did you go through?
I only had the one, it was a duck and was adorable! Although I lost it somewhere in the house and I always thought of where it could be, but never found it. I still think to this day, where it could’ve been! Must’ve had lots of poop and thousands of babies by now!

18. Favourite game system and game.
Definitely the Sega Megadrive and Nintendo 64! Me and my brother were pretty massive on games and we use to sit there for hours playing Streets Of Rage, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong Racing, Aladdin, Cool Spot, Castle Of Illusion, Quack Shot..!
*these aren’t my images*

I tag these amazing bloggers, go and relive your inner 90s child!:

My cousin has released her new book!

As the title reads, my cousin has released her new book! She has wrote several different vampire-esqe books which take a more old school approach on vampires (instead of the cliche of today!).
I haven’t been able to read this one yet, but I know that it is going to be very good as her other books keep you wanting to read more!

“For fans of Mortal Instruments, this story of witches, magic, and spooky going-ons is a perfect addition for any horror fan. 

Sometimes Halloween is all trick, and no treat. 

Danny Hallows is no ordinary fifteen year old. After his parents’ divorce, he relocates to a small Welsh town called Willow Creek where he accidentally sets off the beginnings of a 600 year old prophecy. Discovering his family are related to the last witch of the 1656 witch trials in Wales, he is faced with protecting his family’s legacy and saving Halloween from the dark sorceress Morwenna, who is hell bent on revenge for what Danny’s great-grandmother did to her all those years ago. 

Can Danny stop the prophecy before it’s too late?”

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.56.43

Her book is currently £2.33 on Amazon which is ridiculously cheap, and you can also find her other books which are such a good read! Search for K. A. Hambly and they’ll all appear 😀

If you want to check out my review of her past book ‘Rise Of The New Bloods: From Dark Beginnings’, then CLICK HERE!
Hope you all have fun reading! Let me know what you think!

NEW VIDEO: Last Days in Sydney?!

Finally, the internet uploaded my newest video to YouTube!
We got to go to Manly for the Australian Open Of Surfing, where Vance Joy, San Cisco and Winterbourne were playing for free – which was incredible, as I love all three of those bands anyway!
We had such an amazing day, which made me so sad to leave Sydney but it’s finally time to get a move on, go farming and explore a little more!
(This was filmed with my Sony ActionCam).

I hope you enjoy this! There will be quite a few more videos this week, if the internet is good enough! So prepare yourselves!

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello there again! I have so kindly been nominated by BeckInABlog for the Versatile Blogger Award, which is so lovely of her! Thank you for this and your appreciation lovely 🙂

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs.
5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Seven facts:
1 – Since I have started travelling, I have become a much stronger and independent person.
2 – I have an obsession with trifle. Lots of trifle!
3 – I love to design websites and illustrate. Oh, and lots of reading! Any genre, really!
4 – I fall for people, too quickly and easily.
5 – (Influenced by BeckInABlog) I have an addiction for learning new things, from plain old common sense, languages, watching documentaries on the most random of things and knowing all sorts of facts!
6 – I am having the time of my life out in Australia, but I miss my family and friends a lot. It makes you appreciate everything so much more, even the small things. (I got excited over Sellotape the other day..)
7 – I had an operation on my left eye when I was 7, as I had a squint. Ever since, I’ve had double vision but I’m use to it now 🙂

and my nominations… 1- Rachwat 2- Beth Eve 3- TeaPartyBeauty 4- LifeOfGlen 5- Gwenllian Branwen 6- Rachwat 7- AnyGivenRunway 8- Cardiff Beauty Blog 9- Thrifting & Bitching 10- Lush 4 Blush 11- Styled by Ryn 12- Styled by Lauren 13- Simply Bethany 14- Lily and Jane 15- Sophie Rose Blogs

Thanks again for the nominations girls – I love all your blogs so it makes me so happy to know you appreciate mine as well! ❤ To those I have nominated, even if you don’t take part and do the post yourself, just know I love your blog!

Big Hero 6 Review

BIG HERO 6?! – Oh my, this film blew me away!
I have a huge passion for animation and this film was incredible!
Hiro-and-Baymax-Big-Hero-6_article_story_large fred-big-hero-6-1

I have heard that it’s a good film, but usually I don’t believe the hype on some things. Yes, I was sceptical about this film at first, but as soon as it started I was in love!
I love the environment design, character design, the humour.. everything!
This film definitely appeals to children and also the older audience – I think that a lot of ‘nerdier’ people would love this too, and I even spotted a Stan Lee-esqe character who is Fred’s Dad in the film and is actually voiced by Stan Lee!

I don’t want to write a lot incase I spoil the film, so I will leave it here with my overall, general opinion. Go and watch this film! *These aren’t my images*
If any of you have seen this film, then please let me know what you thought about it, I would love to know!

Black Milk Sample Sale?!

As some of you may know, I LOVE Black Milk Clothing.
Somehow, I only found out about this sample sale yesterday and it’s about 5 minutes away from where I am for now – so I definitely had to go!

Sadly, I didn’t take any photos when I was in there though because my phone had died as I was speaking to my parents whilst I was in the queue.
It was such a fun event, whilst standing in the queue they continue to entertain you by taking some GoPro videos doing the mexican wave, hand out sweets, lots of bubbles..
As you go in, you tend to have a limited amount of time like 15 minutes, to rummage through a pile of your size. These piles are huge and people full on get in there, right in the middle, digging deep! (like me. ha.)
There’s music playing in the background and so many people have a great time that it gives off such a good atmosphere! I would definitely recommend trying to go to one of these sample sales one day!
(Hopefully they’ll do one in Melbourne when I get there..)

There were quite a few items that I wanted, but I can’t be spending loads whilst travelling as it’s a struggle as it is haha! But, I finally narrowed them down..


I got the Cherry Blossom crop which was $10, then I bought this incredible Purple Galaxy Swimsuit for $35 which I will wear with high waisted shorts, some boots and a denim jacket (sometimes!). I absolutely adore their galaxy prints and was going to get the Green Galaxy Leggings too, but I couldn’t afford to buy them all so I sacrificed them as I already have a pair of leggings!

Also, I am in love with the Red Tartan leggings and dresses that they sell – but I didn’t manage to see any of these at all. But when I went on Instagram just now, someone was able to get some this morning!!!!! (I’m assuming they were in the very first group to go in). So jealous! I would’ve definitely have bought the red tartan if I had seen them and sacrificed everything else! But hey, at least they still make the tartan ones online for now! 😀

You can still get the Purple Galaxy Leggings HERE but I’m not too sure they are hanging around for long, as the green ones have been stopped! (which makes me wish I picked them up too now..)

Have you got any Black Milk Clothing? Or been to a sample sale?
Let me know! 😀 I want to know what you all have!

Off to the Gold Coast!

I was waiting around in Sydney, trying not to spend money when I could’ve paid for a cheaper hostel elsewhere and seen a few more things. So, I decided to hop my butt to the Gold Coast before I head off to Melbourne to work temporarily!
I have had a few good first days here so far, although the weather is now starting to brew pretty nastily here!
IMG_9077 IMG_9081

I went to Movieworld and Wet N Wild yesterday, which was a lot of fun! They had some really cool rides, especially the Superman one – I would highly, highly recommend going on this ride! Sadly, I didn’t get to ride Arkham Asylum though as it was down for maintenance, but I still had an amazing time!

IMG_9088 IMG_9090 IMG_9097 IMG_9099

It was pouring down with rain when I got to Wet n Wild, but we thought ‘Hey, whatever. It’s a water park, we’re going to get soaking anyway’. Although it was freezing cold in the wind sometimes, we had a lot of fun and got on so many of the water slides, as most of the people had gone home because of the storm!
I haven’t been to a proper water park since I was about 7, and have never been obsessed with them. This time though, I did enjoy! Although I’m a little weary about swimming without goggles (goggles and bikini, isn’t a very sexy look..) these days, and my swimming skills (which were one incredible) have gone pretty down hill! Haha!
I still had a lot of fun on the slides though, especially one called Blackhole – you have a two person rubber dingy and you go through a pitch black tunnel which throws you around the bends! A lot of fun!

So, today I went to Seaworld and yet again, we had really bad weather as there’s a cyclone suppose to be coming. But it was still a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of shows – we just didn’t get to go on any of the rides due to the weather!
I’m not too saddened by this though, as I have a Holiday pass so I can return to the parks as many times as I like, for the next 21 days – so if I visit them again, I can get some more photos for my blog!

I am not too sure what is going to go on for the next few days because of the weather, but I will most probably try to catch up on blogging, youtube videos and just general relaxing with some tv series and books!

I will speak to you all soon, and you will see a lot more blog posts this week hopefully!
Take care and I hope you have a great weekend!

My Top Tips for visiting Disneyworld & Universal Theme Parks! (Part One?)

So, me and my dad have been to Orlando for quite a few years in a row now.
Just the two of us go as my mother doesn’t really enjoy thrill rides and she’s always working at that time of year. But, since we have been going for the past few years, we have discovered a few tips – not insane, mind-blowing ones, but ones that will definitely help you save money and time in the parks!

– At Epcot, visit ‘Club Cool’. It is a small building that has Coca Cola drinks machines, that you can pour your own beverages from, unlimited amount of times! Although, these flavours are completely different to what you’ve seen before, as they are different drinks from around the world!

– If you visit Universal Studios or Islands Of Adventure, definitely consider purchasing the $8.99 refillable cup which you can purchase at every refreshment stand, most shops and even some food places. This cup lets you get 99 Cent refills all day long, you can even bring this cup back into the parks with you time after time, as they technically don’t have a date on them! We have used ours for at least 3/4 years! You can also purchase the same from Seaworld and use it in their sister park, Busch Gardens. Saves a lot of money on the refreshments!

– If you don’t mind going on the rides on your own, then definitely jump in the ‘Single Rider’ queues! They are the best thing that I found when I visited the parks, they save you so much time! The idea is that people who don’t mind going on their own, get to jump the queue when there’s an empty seat on the ride (for example, when there’s a family of 3, there’ll be a spare seat..). It’s such a good idea as there’s nothing worse than waiting for hours for your favourite ride, when you could’ve already ridden it 4 times over! Also, half of the time, you’ll pretty much be a row behind your friend/family member or sometimes when the staff are lazy or the queue has gone too slow for them, they’ll put you on together! It’s definitely worth a try, as within an hour, we can ride about 3 rides! (The Harry Potter ‘Forbidden Journey’ Ride also has a single rider queue, but it’s hard to see as it’s so dark in there – so definitely ask a staff member!).

– Save on the steep car parking prices! For the majority of people, they will either have an annual pass (which contains free parking all year round) or they will end up paying at least $10 a day for parking in one park alone. A good idea, if you have the patience, is to drive to Downtown Disney and park your car there. You will be able to get a free Disney public transport bus to any of the Disney hotels, then catch the free bus or monorail again to any of the parks! People even sell their parking passes on ebay for certain seasons as they aren’t using them – so definitely check that out.

– One major thing we like to do, have a massive breakfast before going into the parks! We always opt for something big and filling, so it’s either Ponderosa (plenty of them around, do a cheap and cheerful buffet breakfast for under $10 including a drink!) or iHop, if you aren’t going to stuff yourself silly with cookies, ice cream and bacon for breakfast! The prices at the parks can be steep, even for snacks. The food is good in the restaurants though, but personally we get fed up of the fast food they mainly provide!

– On the opposite, definitely try the snacks in the parks like the churros – and taste the Chilli Cheese Fries in Universal Studios in the diner! Incredible and cheap!

– There’s two different versions of Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Personally, I would say to opt for the frozen versions it’s incredible and a lot sweeter than the liquid version you can get! Although, since last year I think there’s another variety again now – along with Butterbeer Ice Cream.

– Definitely try to seek out the hidden mickeys that are planted around Disneyworld – these are little hidden icons of the outline of Mickey Mouse’s head, there are hundreds of them around the park! You can purchase books which have clues to where they are on rides, at shows, on the walkways, buildings.. or you can simply google them and then attempt to find them yourselves! My favourite is on Pirates Of The Caribbean, as there’s a cat standing but whilst you pass it, it’s shadow creates a Mickey’s head shape.

– Look up some facts on the parks and impress people with your knowledge! There’s lots of secrets behind certain things on rides, such as human skulls being used within Pirates Of The Caribbean and the meanings behind the Bride’s jewellery in The Haunted Mansion. Even little quirky things, like on Splash Mountain there’s a character that pops out and shouts something along the lines of ‘GO NSU’ as one of the technicians

So, that’s all I have got for my Part One so far, if you enjoyed this then let me know and I’ll think of some other tips that we like to do whilst in Orlando! Let me know!
I know that this seems a little off topic, but I hope that this helped some of you!


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Tips on visiting the Disney and Universal parks!

Melbourne Trip!

A little unexpected trip to Melbourne – which was so much fun!
I had a job interview with one days notice, so I booked a flight straight away and luckily it was on my two days off of work! So, I headed straight for Melbourne!

On my first day, I decided to walk all the way up to Queen Victoria Markets and get some food there as I was starving since the plane! I then strolled around the streets of Melbourne looking for some cool coffee shops and stores – I even came across H&M at GPO!
I did so much stuff in one day, I ended up going to ACMI (Australia Centre of Moving Image) which was free and a lot of fun to see! It is about technology, how film, games and television became! They had a lot of interactive stuff too, for people that are more hands on too!

After ACMI, I visited Sealife Melbourne as I have a Merlin Unlimited Pass in Sydney which lets me visit any of them in Australia. So I went here for a browse as it was chilly outside! It was a lot of fun and I had a lovely surprise when I saw that they had some adorable penguins!

The next day, I went to my job interview (got the job!) and came back for a stroll around the city again. Turns out, one of my friends from the hostel was in Melbourne for a few weeks – so she decided to show me around and to take me to some cool places like Manchester Press which is a really cool, out of sight cafe/restaurant (amazing bagels!).

After Issy showing me all of the cool graffiti and coffee shops, I sadly had to go to the airport to fly back to Sydney – although I loved Melbourne, I still miss my little Sydney hostel family! But all in all, productive last minute trip, got a job and a great experience there!

Have you been here before? Recommend me some cool places to go, when I go back! 🙂
I will be posting a video of Melbourne up here soon!
1507568_10152720989902362_1088308951147102941_n 10157201_10152717347092362_8910722086975979992_n 10389556_10152717345897362_3706765338578990987_n 10391399_10152717346697362_54183785459718797_n 10404458_10152720989622362_6946906672524255914_n 10408704_10152717350037362_7392509479788854281_n 10413401_10152717346417362_8999029684083938191_n 10418521_10152717346852362_7694715521301694294_n 10425133_10152717401027362_3839772584274137817_n 10426205_10152717398672362_2105642282219997251_n 10846131_10152717348192362_3329186903276975563_n 10929981_10152720989792362_800614161581287919_n 10931420_10152720991527362_4824392187958482710_n 10940422_10152717346577362_8284949321405858917_n 10955218_10152720989442362_5875677769480234949_n 10959474_10152717398942362_8272241699144083392_n 10959492_10152720991377362_5737342945855508981_n 10959546_10152720991222362_3220455699910975403_n 10968333_10152720989437362_7148227128295500565_n 10968505_10152720991002362_6721016575763890026_n 10968510_10152720989377362_2956705172781402590_n 10968573_10152720991787362_7335227556529587216_n

So, let’s catch up on my life!

What have I been doing recently? I’ve disappeared for a while on the blogging front as I got so busy!
I have now finished work for good, got a new job which I’ll reveal after I’ve done it as it’s only for three weeks and now I’m just enjoying Sydney whilst I’m still here!

9805_10153081669979617_91634220456050543_n 1782068_10152676551467362_1665418810606694118_n 10352840_833987643306923_792663276066209046_n 10369894_10206011111220609_5940264947088037694_n 10386855_10152715282967362_2873608749932628109_n 10423671_10152715282497362_1434230713294698775_n 10888483_10152686220437362_412752935797372114_n 10955218_10152720989442362_5875677769480234949_n 10956050_10152723854202362_1901601975951815846_n 10968505_10152720991002362_6721016575763890026_n

We have had birthday parties in the park with speakers, food and lots of glitter.
Even more birthday parties, with lots of cake.
Group gatherings at work, which makes me miss the people that I worked with – going to miss them lots!
Found some really cool places with amazing food!
I went to Melbourne for two days for a job interview, got the job and had a browse around there too! (Blog post and video to come!)
And then this morning, me and Ceri went to watch the Six Nations at 7am – sadly Wales lost, but it was still a good shout and a lot of fun!

Have any of you been doing anything fun recently? Let me know!
Show me some photos, especially of your seasons as everyone seems to be having different weather everywhere recently!