Month: November 2013

Kick Ass 2


I finally got around to watching Kick Ass 2 last night! I am a big fan of the graphic novels and wanted to see this film on the day it came out, unfortunately most of my friends aren’t into the same genre of films as me, so it didn’t happen until now!

It’s hard to create a successful and exciting sequel, that lives up to the first film. I think that Kick Ass 2 was a good second film to the series, especially the introduction of new characters – portrayed just as I imagined them.

The one big flop about Kick Ass 2, was that weird Union J moment – what was going on with that? Sponsored, yes? I just got forced to watch their music video. Traumatised.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this film – although I much preferred the first movie, mainly down to the plot and origins. 

Does anyone else feel strange about seeing Chloe Moretz growing up?

My thoughts on ‘Gravity’ – stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney


So, you don’t get too much from the trailer that I saw, but I was so intrigued by it that I immediately had to see this film! It might be because I’m slightly obsessed with anything space related, but still I went!

I wasn’t really sure what was going to be featured in this film, if it was a disaster movie, a film like Alien or whatever. No aliens, but I absolutely loved this film! Although the only scenes you saw were mainly in space (and I’m not going to ruin the end of the film), but it was so engulfing.


The only thing that irritated me slightly in this film was that anything Sandra Bullock had to do, she would do it wrong and cause a mini disaster. It’s like ‘C’mon woman, just grab something! Don’t click that button! Don’t jump out of the spacecraft!’.

I would definitely see this film again, and I cannot wait for it to come out on dvd!

Did any of you enjoy this film? Any ups or downs? Did Sandra irritate you slightly?

The dog part was a little random though, right?

TOO GOOD – 5/5!

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2


The much awaited sequel – Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2! I was so excited when I heard that they were making a sequel – although sequel’s aren’t always the best, I was so impressed with this! I personally think that it is much better than the first film!


I don’t want to give much away about the film, so I’ll just write my opinions here.

My main reason: the adorable characters that are in this film! I was amazed by the world that they created, it’s something that I would’ve loved to work on and design. They combined animals with food, to create different creatures for this new world such as Hipotatomus and Mosquitoast. It was insanely adorable, brightly coloured and full of humour. If I may say, the cuteness pushed the monkey out of the scene a little bit (especially the strawberry).


If you haven’t seen this, but loved the first one then GO AND SEE IT ASAP! You will be pleasantly surprised!

This film is definitely suitable for all ages, especially children, but also for the big children at heart. I would also recommend this to the animation lovers.

Definite 4/5!

The Body Shop VIP Event & Boots Haul!


My friend Glen notified me that there was a VIP Event happening in our Body Shop, which gives us 20% off and a goodie bag worth £37, if you spend over £30. We thought that we’d have a browse and stock up on christmas presents (with the excuse to buy ourselves something too!)..


I bought some of the gingerbread range last christmas and fell in love with it, so I decided to stock up on some more. In the end, I purchased the Gingerbread Body Butter, Body Polish and Shower Gel for myself. I decided to get the same for my mother, as she tends to pinch anything that I have that is gingerbread scented (and there was an incentive offer too). The

Gingerbread Body Butter and Body Polish – 2 for £16, or £14 each. (I used 20% off for my whole transaction) – BARGAIN!

Gingerbread Shower Gel – £4 each


I made it over the £30 mark by 50p after discount, so I received a goodie bag. This contained a Gingerbread Man Body Sponge, White Musk Libertine Body Wash, Cranberry Hand Cream, Moringa Body Butter and an eyeshadow in a gorgeous silver shade. I don’t know how much these were, but I think the body butter is £14. Luckily I can either keep some of these for myself, or also use them as christmas presents for people.


After visiting The Body Shop, we headed to Boots as I went on their website the day before and saw that they had an AMAZING deal on a Origins Gift Set. Baring in mind, I treated myself to the Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask two weeks ago for a nasty £22, then I saw that a smaller version was in this gift set – which was £29!!!

It was a no brainer, I had to stock up on it!

This gift set is suppose to be £58, but it is worth over £70.


This gift set includes:

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask 50ml (Smallest size is worth £18)

Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment 50ml (Worth £19)

Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvinating Treatment Lotion 50ml (Worth £20)

Make A Difference Plus+ Skin Rejuvenating Moisturiser 50ml (Worth £34)

This gift set is only available in Boots until today, so if you’re lucky enough to find this blog post today and really want it, then I’d suggest that you’d better start running 😉 (or they’re online, but they were sold out a few days ago).

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


WOW. This book blew me away! I have never read a book like this – as I am a rather nerdy girl, I was in my element; especially the references!

This book is basically about one of the world’s biggest game developer that has created a virtual world that people tend to live in, instead of their everyday lives (as their world is corrupting and becoming miserable). The game developer dies, once this has happens, there is a video posted on his website from the creator himself saying that he has built a game within the virtual world. The objective of the game is to proceed through several levels (if you can find the starting point), they will need to solve riddles and puzzles. The winner will win the creator’s entire will, which is valued of billions of dollars!

So this book is mainly about the journey of this one guy, trying to solve the riddles and levels within the game. I won’t tell you anymore about the book, as it’ll spoil it!

I couldn’t get over how much I enjoyed this book – I didn’t want to put it down, I was that engulfed in it. This is definitely one of my favourite books now, AND it has been revealed that it is being turned into a film adaptation!

Go and read this book!

The Hunger Games #1 by Suzanne Collins


Firstly, I thought that The Hunger Games was going to be one overrated phase.

I had a astonishing surprise – I loved this book! Although I must admit, I did see the film first.
I had no idea what the film was going to be like, so I went on a whim – turns out that I was mesmerised by it and HAD to read the books!
In my opinion, the book was a lot better than the film!
It had so much more detail and set the atmosphere perfectly, I became addicted to reading this book and couldn’t put it down for the whole day.
I definitely felt like I got to know the characters a lot better, compared to the film too.
Overall, I would give this book a massive:
4.5 out of 5.
Now to move onto the other two books in the series!

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger


Where do I start with this book?! I loved every second of reading this!

I woke up to find on that this sequel to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was being released on that exact morning, so I immediately downloaded this to my Kindle App!
I adored the first book and the film, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!

I found that the book carried on really well, from the previous story. The fact that Miranda Priestly returns within this book had me attached to the book from start to finish!

There’s a lot of major events which happen within the book (which I’m not going to give away) – you won’t want to put this book down, if you enjoyed reading The Devil Wears Prada!

4.5 out of 5