Cash back on your Christmas Present Shopping? QUIDCO!

So, as everyone seems to be starting off the Christmas feels, I thought that I would send a referral link to all of my followers about something that I absolutely adore doing at this time of the year!

If you don’t know, Quidco is a website that will give you cash back on your online (& now instore) purchases for free. They have some great deals sometimes where you can bump up your cash back and give great discounts, there is a super handy tool bar that will pop up to remind you to use Quidco when you’re shopping online and there is also an app – so you can still spend away on Christmas Presents and get cash back!

I find this website so handy and now they even have surveys, to bump up your amount even quicker too! I am a complete addict to surveys and all sorts of related stuff and my friends always ask me where I have gotten so many shopping vouchers from! These websites!

I will post my link HERE for you, as when you have collected £5 in cash back, you will receive an additional £1 on top! Kerching!
Why not get a bit of free money back, as you would’ve bought stuff online anyway?!

You can use this on thousands of websites such as Amazon, ASOS, Boots, New Look..
So get shopping! £££!

Mens Watches with Womens Outfits?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.30.15Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.24.42   Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.34.42 Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.36.57Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.37.03

“The question is, mens watches with womens outfits? Of course! I heard from a company called Invaluable, who asked me the exact question. They are a world premiere, online marketplace for jewellery, watches, antiques, collectibles and even entire estate sales!” I think that men’s watches could definitely be a fashion statement and make the whole thing pop and stand out! I decided to choose this Omega Constellation watch, which you can find HERE. I think that this could stand out, but also comes across as a subtle men’s watch. I would team this with a really cute tea dress, like this one from ASOS – it is by Emily and Fin. I would then accessorise this look with some adorable Jayne T Bar Leather Shoes and a tan bag like this Jack Wills Leather Backpack! I would say that this look is very me, and I would wear this so much! Some might say that it is a bit too much tan/brown, but I LOVE it! Everyone to their own! i highly recommend that you check out Invaluable, as they have some beautiful items that you wouldn’t expect to find just anywhere! Also, keep the mens style/womens style game strong! It’s definitely something that I’m considering to do from now on! What do you guys think about a trend like this? Is it a yes, a no? Let me know! xx

Dailylook LBD (Little Black Dress)

Need that one Little Black Dress that goes with every occasion, day to night? Well, here’s my pick!

I decided to go for this gorgeous leather maxi dress as you can wear it for an occasion and dress it up, or you can tone it down, put a pair of converse on and make it casual chic!

I decided to go for more of a monochrome feel, instead of the studded look for once. I’m in love with the clear box clutch, it’s such a statement piece! I also thought that the cuff would be simple but bold at the same time!

You can find this LBD and more on at:

Updated Bikini Post! – Topshop


Here is my new addition to my bikinis! I was actually pretty lucky to find this one, as I went on the Topshop website the night before but thought I’d try get it in-store instead  – none left in my Topshop, but luckily there were loads of them in Debenhams Topshop! Chuffed! Although, when I went home it wasn’t on the website anymore, so unfortunately I cannot link this – but they still have some amazing bikinis on their website right now! (Must resist. Have no money left.)
They have a slightly different version of this, but in pink in the sale HERE – but only Size 6’s left, unfortunately!

This bikini is so gorgeous, I am in love with it – I didn’t think that it would look nice on me (as I have some ‘petite boobies’, to put it that way..) but I actually really liked it! It has tie straps on the back, instead of a plastic clip – but this is extra cute as it has this really adorable ‘double strap’ detail/feature, going onnn!
It also has halter neck straps that you tie together, but you can also remove these if you wish.
The cups are moulded to give a more round look, with the slightest bit of padding on the inside aswell.
The bottoms are high waisted and are so flattering to my shape as I have a small top and a much larger bottom! (*enter minions*)
I just found these really comfy, they make me feel a lot more comfortable with my body as it can hide away a bit of stomach and conceal some butt at the same time! At least it sort of balances out my shape!DSC00177

It is also a really nice, quilted, stretchy material. I just adore the pattern on this bikini, it will suit almost every skin tone possible! If you also have blue eyes, then they’re going to be crazy blue with this amazing set on!

To browse more incredible Topshop bikinis, then go HERE!

What style of bikini do you all like wearing? Bandeau? Longline Bralette? Triangle? High waisted?
Feel free to suggest some places that I could get amazing bikinis from, too! I’m still on the hunt for more for Australia in August!

Liebster Award!

So, some lovely bblogger had nominated me for the Liebster Award on here! The only problem was that I was so busy at the time, that I am only now getting around to it and have completely forgot who nominated me – so I’d like to say: I’m sorry, but thank you for asking me to do this!
Here we go then..
What beauty product could you not live without?
I could not live without eyeliner, mainly for appearance-wise. I feel that eyeliner frames me face completely and can transform my ‘morning’ face and make me look slightly decent! My eyeliner of the moment is the KissMe Heroine Make Smooth eyeliner from Japan – it is literally like a sharpie to the eyes! I struggle to get it off with a miscellar water!

What beauty product could you live without?
I could definitely live without stuff like foundation, this is mainly because I only recently started to wear it – yes, it gives me coverage, but I don’t really mind if I don’t wear any! Although, my favourite one so far is definitely Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation!

What is your favourite inspirational quote?
I’m not really a person for quotes, but an inspiration of mine is Anne Frank and I always love her quote:
“Think of all the happiness still around you, and be happy”.

What is your dream job?
My dream job would be in a design studio, either working on pattern design, illustration or web design. I would also love it to be somewhere else other than the UK, I love to travel too much.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
I really want to travel around America and Canada – I would also like to live out there swell. I would then like to explore the more ‘hidden’ places of the world!
Although from August onwards, I am going to be living in Australia for 12 months, then visiting NZ, Fiji and America!
If you could meet anyone one person who would it be?
This was a really hard question. I would probably say that I’d love to meet Vivienne Westwood one day – she is such an inspiration and a strong woman. I love her style and how she presents herself!

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging as I wanted to become more organised and schedule things out. I thought that blogging would really help with this. Also, I tend to talk and talk about things that my flatmates are really interested in, so I thought that I should show my opinions and thoughts with likeminded people, that have the same interests!

Where do you get most your inspiration for blog posts?
I mainly like to blog about whatever comes from my head. My blog started out as mainly a beauty blog at first, but I have ventured into writing book reviews, film reviews, travel posts, technology.. My blog has basically turned into an ‘all of Zoe’s interests’ kind of theme!

Do you have any other hobbies other than blogging?
I really enjoy reading, illustration and running. Other than them, I really like to travel, see new things and meet new people!

How would you describe your style in 3 words?
I would say that my style isn’t really a particular style – I tend to change a lot and mainly wear certain things for comfort and my body type. I never use to wear dresses or be adventurous with clothing, but now I am completely a dress, tights and boots girl!
I do enjoy wearing a pair of thick leggings with a long tshirt though – comfortable, but not too lazy looking!

What’s? your favourite clothing store?
I don’t think I really have a favourite clothing store, I don’t tend to buy that many clothes now because I have to sort my old clothes out first and being low on money, with no job in my third year! Although, I am starting to grow a rather big love for ASOS, it’s just so easy to return items and they present the clothes really well on the website. I would say that I do like to shop in places like New Look, Urban Outfitters, Topshop (rarely, due to the price, but they do have some nice things every now and then – although quality is sometimes pretty bad in their tshirts). and H&M for the rare basics that I need!

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger


Where do I start with this book?! I loved every second of reading this!

I woke up to find on that this sequel to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ was being released on that exact morning, so I immediately downloaded this to my Kindle App!
I adored the first book and the film, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!

I found that the book carried on really well, from the previous story. The fact that Miranda Priestly returns within this book had me attached to the book from start to finish!

There’s a lot of major events which happen within the book (which I’m not going to give away) – you won’t want to put this book down, if you enjoyed reading The Devil Wears Prada!

4.5 out of 5

Cheeky Primark visit!

I made a cheeky, long awaited visit to Primark today – I only got a few little things that I like to call “Essentials”. I was starting to lose my patience in there after a while though, as there were so many people pushing and shoving – so I gave up! I think that I made a fair effort though!

I initially went in there to get a burgundy beanie, but I came out with a few more items..


Firstly, I scoured the women’s department looking for their £5 jersey skater dresses – they didn’t have many there, especially in my size, so I didn’t purchase any sadly. But I did purchase two patterned tops, which have a longer back – I will be posting these tomorrow though when the light is better, and I will be able to take photographs of them whilst on!


So, enough of the rambling – I found these adorable Miffy Slipper Socks, they were too adorable to pass! They are the softest object that I have ever placed my hands on! They were only £4 and have the rubber bobbles on the bottom aswell, so you won’t slip on any tiled/wooden flooring. Then, I ventured into the beauty department and saw that they had 160 Small Round Cotton Pads for £1, which was a bargain – although I like to use the larger ones for my face, I tend to use these for nails or just removing mascara. Whilst in that department, I saw that they still sell Lipcote for £2.70, which was a really good price! Lipcote is definitely a lifesaver when it comes to wearing lipstick – you apply your lipstick, blot the excess off and then apply this. It keeps your lipstick staying on for a lot longer, even whilst eating/drinking.



I also picked up some ‘Face Cloths’ (£1.50 for a pack of 3), and I found the Midi Rings that I wanted for ages! They were only £1.50 for 8 rings – I didn’t look at the sizing on these though, so I have Medium instead of Small, but they’ll still be half-midi I guess!

Miffy Slipper Socks – £4

160 Cotton Pads – £1

8 Assorted Midi Rings – £1.50

3 Face Cloths – £1.50

Lipcote – £2.70


I finally found all of the hats/scarves/gloves – and I definitely had to buy A LOT of plain gloves! I am one of those people that forget to empty the contents of one bag, into another. So I end up leaving my gloves in another bag or coat, I now have no excuse for cold hands! I also needed a new beanie that doesn’t swamp my head – I was going to purchase one from Topshop for a hefty £14, but when I saw these I thought that these would do, and I could get more than one!



2 Pack of Gloves – £1

Burgundy beanie with pompom – £2

Fisherman Knit beanie – £2

That’s practically it for my mini Primark haul, apart from the two tops that I will be posting about tomorrow for you! I will also be filming a haul video containing these purchases, and I shall make a London Vlog and Haul video at the start of next week! I will be posting the links on my blog and twitter accounts anyway, so keep your eyes out for these!