Month: July 2014

SEVENTEEN Eyeliner Rave & Rant!

Do I start with the good or the bad? I think I’ll end with the good!SAM_0002Basically, I went into Boots the other day to find a new eyeliner as I had run out, so I thought I would possibly stock up before I move to Australia. So, I wandered around for ages with all of the choices, but I noticed that Seventeen had an offer on ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’. I decided to try out two of their eyeliners – first one is ‘Make Your Mark’.SAM_0006So, this eyeliner is in a ‘felt tip pen’ form! I thought that this was going to be pretty good, as when I applied it, it went on really well. It was quite easy to get the right shapes! Sadly, I left it to dry/settle so it wouldn’t smudge, but even after about 15 minutes it had smudged all over my eyelids and continued to all day, after I had attempted to sort it out and de-blacken my eyelids and brow bone!
I was so disappointed with this, I even gave it another few chances incase it was the heat affecting it but it still did the same, sadly!SAM_0004Could I go that far to call this one of the best eyeliners that I have ever used? Probably, it’s pretty high up there! My only downfall about this eyeliner is that it has one of those annoying floppy brushes that move around the place – I prefer to use the plastic nib brushes!SAM_0008But hey, this is incredible! I know that it states that it’s ‘semi-permanent’ but half of the time when a brand put something like ‘waterproof’ on their packaging, it doesn’t live up to what it says!
Usually my past eyeliners have come off with effort with a make up wipe, whilst with the L’Oreal & Garnier Miscellar Waters they come off straight away with one swipe – this eyeliner didn’t! This eyeliner didn’t budge all day and it is even really warm outside too!

People say that the Benefit Push Up Liner is really hard to get off, I haven’t tried it but I definitely think that this can give it a run for it’s money! I’d highly recommend this eyeliner – certainly worth a try and it’s pretty cheap too!

You can get this eyeliner from Boots: HERE

What is your favourite eyeliner at the moment? Have you tried this? 😀


My Star Wars Tattoo Update: Admiral Ackbar!

10561534_10152309608752362_6244765838306389815_nI have an addition to my back piece! I have a massive love for Star Wars, since I was a child, so that explains my SW tattoos! I decided to get Admiral Ackbar this time, as he is one of my favourite characters and I needed a bit of variety for my piece!
The next character that I am going to get on the left side, will be Yoda! I am going to make my back symmetrical as I have roses on the right of C-3PO, I will then fancy this up and make it more feminine with some more filigree and flowers!

I will post a better photo when everything has healed and the colours have settled!

TOPSHOP Mirror Floral Bikini Set

DSC00205What a surprise, another bikini post! I have finally purchased my last bikini (that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway..) and I found this beauty in Topshop for £34! You can get it from: HEREDSC00206This bikini is so gorgeous, I loved it as soon as I saw it! It is a longline/bralette style bikini, which comes with some really flattering high waisted bottoms! This bikini doesn’t have any padding in it, but the cups are moulded for a more rounded shape!DSC00207There is a clip-clasp as the fastening, unlike my other one (which is easier for me compared to the last one – but that’s personal choice, although the other one looked nicer!). You can also take the straps off too, which is super handy!DSC00208I adore everything about this bikini! The pattern is so fresh and pretty, whilst still keeping a summery feel along with it! I cannot wait to wear this in Australia!DSC00209 DSC00210The bottoms are a really nice fit, although you can’t buy them separately! Preferably, I tend to buy the bottoms in a size up, because I have a larger bottom half whilst being petite on top. But these still fit really nicely and comfortably – I do think the size up could possibly be a little too loose anyway!

These have a really flattering high waist design, so it’ll suck the belly in whilst still keeping those butt cheeks at bay!DSC00211I believe that this is a brand new bikini for Topshop, so it should be available on the website for quite a while now! (Hopefully!),

Has everyone finished their summer clothes shopping now? Or waiting for the sales?
Let me know if you’re going anywhere nice this summer!

Essie’s ‘Cocktail Bling’ Nail Varnish Review

DSC00197 DSC00198

Here is Essie’s ‘Cocktail Bling’ nail varnish – I go through colourful, bright phases and the times where I want a more neutral, dull palette. When I mean dull or neutral, I’m speaking grey, toned down blues/turquoises/berries and then the nudes.
I wanted a new colour that will go with anything and not be too outstanding. This is a perfect grey shade, which has a slight blue undertone/tint to it – it’s my ‘slap on’/’go to’ nail polish – I love it!

I absolutely adore Essie Nail Varnishes, although they’re £7.99 each I wouldn’t usually pay that for nail varnish as I buy so many – but Essie are definitely worth it! I can go on holiday to Florida, put this on before I leave and one and a half weeks later, I still have a few small chips on three nails!
I had this in Boots when the cosmetics were 3 For 2, but I recently went onto Fragrance Direct for a quick browse and I found that they have at least 25 colours on there now and this is in there – all a crazy £2.25 each!!! (Instead of £7.99 each in Boots).
You can find these on Fragrance Direct: HERE

DSC00200 DSC00202

I have bought many products from Fragrance Direct and I would definitely, definitely recommend them to everyone! They have so many brands, which are about 70% cheaper than Boots, Superdrug..


Although I wanted a darker, more dull shade on my nails – the weather turned for the worse. Coincidence? Hey, I live in Wales..DSC00204


Have you tried any Essie Nail Varnishes before? What are your favourite shades? And have you ever purchased from Fragrance Direct or similar sites?

ASOS Molly T-Bar Flat Shoes Review

DSC00183 DSC00184

Recently, I went on a rampage trying to find some brown sandals/flats that I adored – sadly, I couldn’t find any that I loved, but I came across these Molly T-Bar Flat Shoes from ASOS. They come in a few different colours, but I went for white as they’ll go with everything! You can check these out: HEREDSC00185 DSC00187 DSC00189 DSC00190

These shoes have some really cute cut out detailing on them, and remind me of the type of shoes I would wear to shoes when I was a little girl! They have a gold buckle on the side which is a nice, subtle touch.

I find these shoes really comfy, although I’m usually a Size 5 – I had to get a size bigger as they were just too small at the front!
These are such a versatile shoe as you can wear them with anything, whilst having a cute side to them aswell! I like to wear these with a button down tea dress, with a small brown bag (big enough for my purse and phone). If it’s cold, maybe even a denim jacket on top!

I would definitely recommend these shoes, especially with the small slip-on, toe socks so you can’t see them, but still be really comfortable all day.

What is your favourite type of shoe for the summer? What is your favourite place to get shoes from?

Starbucks Banana Yoghurt Frappucino

I got excited when I heard that Starbucks were bringing out a banana Frappucino! When I heard that it was going to be yoghurt based, I sort of expected it to be frozen yoghurt aswell.

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought! It’s natural yoghurt and has a slight sour taste to it, but it’s still drinkable, if you know what you’re ordering!

I’d still try it again though, and the Berry flavour too! But the Mocha Coconut Frappucino is still winning my heart!

Have you tried this yet? What’s your favourite drink to get in Starbucks? Hot/cold?



My University Experience.

I think it’s fair to say, that University was the best choice I ever made. Not only to graduate in BA Hons Graphic Communication, but for the experience and the friends that I have made.
It’s a bitter sweet ending to university, as I reflect back and think of the amazing times I’ve had, but then realising the fact that it’s all over now.

Although, I have had one of the best times of my life at university. I have met so many new people, gained some of the closest friends, had some of the funniest moments and I have become a much stronger, independent and mature person (believe it or not..!)

If that isn’t enough, I have even had the opportunity to travel with university. I went to New York and Tokyo and they were such incredible places, which have left me with some amazing memories for life.

We’ve had ups and downs, stress and tears throughout the three years, but it was definitely worth all the hard work and experiences that have come from it!
I wouldn’t have changed it for anything!

(Apologies for the mass of photos, but they were more valuable than words – in order from Year One, Two and Three).

301379_10150366112622362_477134188_n300224_10150366091277362_248413144_n 306273_10150714676092362_1944413823_n 319263_10150366091542362_553198211_n 377266_10150366090877362_2087438152_n 534150_10150650453662362_1716554461_n 547707_10150650453837362_477800225_n 559067_10150662751172362_1029464161_n402982_10150585032722362_2145293897_n418175_10150582983452362_1379189443_n420154_10150585041247362_1762298220_n420665_10150584982392362_145923325_n421359_10150585040627362_1620015607_n422101_10150585035442362_954061125_n422529_10150585042392362_1370421861_n423890_10150585029182362_1987886443_n431201_10150582990492362_192474643_n432218_10150582968437362_1740922881_n432239_10150585038497362_2020612884_n549545_10151611397967362_8186010_n560498_10151652677522362_556802829_n579979_10151195860480086_246473981_n994255_10151611398232362_1004728171_n999727_10151611394047362_386584684_n1001575_10151611390982362_774700622_n1150936_10151611394952362_1905790090_n1238787_10151676474372362_581634989_n542233_10202268966430771_1375457174_n1235105_10151831930622850_491404218_n1969368_521791297942221_911244690_n10325248_10152285550597362_4732011955805744048_n10441191_567203243401026_3217959127576182498_n10472681_902597086422261_7672431443859591497_n10505440_585191948268822_8995415161009265633_n1620686_10152005071492362_1082556250_n1622608_10201802334243634_1016218162_n1653262_10152311446825086_1707245501_n1796417_10152014755107362_934403859_n1911826_10152014746657362_590542415_n1912053_10152018337922362_1102207072_n1920448_10152014768557362_1170503639_n1977460_10152014769747362_1680267519_n1654228_10152283388917362_1246838325293111326_n10394818_10152283148002362_30375647345843606_n10459915_10152283149017362_3191797939022246750_n10474447_10152283388162362_5073640190448018143_n10478207_10152283390907362_2678445175556945327_n10509616_10152282561007362_4653615338410654342_n10511141_10152283147497362_2926998592081017582_n10526039_10152283389197362_4524633750624665749_n