Mens Watches with Womens Outfits?!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.30.15Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.24.42   Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.34.42 Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.36.57Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 22.37.03

“The question is, mens watches with womens outfits? Of course! I heard from a company called Invaluable, who asked me the exact question. They are a world premiere, online marketplace for jewellery, watches, antiques, collectibles and even entire estate sales!” I think that men’s watches could definitely be a fashion statement and make the whole thing pop and stand out! I decided to choose this Omega Constellation watch, which you can find HERE. I think that this could stand out, but also comes across as a subtle men’s watch. I would team this with a really cute tea dress, like this one from ASOS – it is by Emily and Fin. I would then accessorise this look with some adorable Jayne T Bar Leather Shoes and a tan bag like this Jack Wills Leather Backpack! I would say that this look is very me, and I would wear this so much! Some might say that it is a bit too much tan/brown, but I LOVE it! Everyone to their own! i highly recommend that you check out Invaluable, as they have some beautiful items that you wouldn’t expect to find just anywhere! Also, keep the mens style/womens style game strong! It’s definitely something that I’m considering to do from now on! What do you guys think about a trend like this? Is it a yes, a no? Let me know! xx

Heroine by MAC Lipstick Review

It is completely different to most of my other MAC lipsticks (although, I have chosen quite a range) but this is just so different!
It took me ages to research Heroine and Violetta, but when it came down to it, my flatmate was in New York and was picking me up one. In the end, they only had Heroine available although they’re very similar – but I was so glad to have this as it is perfect!

I think that this could suit quite a few different skin tones, although some days I simply cannot pull this off! It has to be the right moment, right outfit sort of day!
I would say, if you are looking for a new lipstick shade that is completely different to your others and you want to change it up a bit – then, HEROINE! Definitely!
It is a Matte finish, but it does not feel drying at all and it is pretty long lasting! It can leave a stain too, so you won’t get that horrible outer colour after you’ve eaten/had a drink.

Do any of you have this shade or similar? What are you favourite MAC lipsticks?!


My Top 5 Essie Polishes | nuggetstumpblog

I thought that it was about time that I posted a nail varnish blog post! I decided to do a ‘My Top 5 Essie Polishes’ post, as I love the formulas and the pigmentation of this brand!
So let’s get started! Firstly I’m just going to list them from left to right:

  • Neo-whimsical
  • In Stitches
  • Bahama Mama
  • Mint Candy Apple*
  • Go Overboard

Although Essie nail polishes are a little steep at £7.99 each, I definitely feel that they are well worth the money – especially when they are 3 for 2 at Boots (the only time that I get them!). They definitely give you quality, lasting power and reliable colours! They have so many shades, completely different to one another and even the in-betweens, so there’s always a shade for somebody.

I decided to swatch them onto some nail wheels and used my Aputure Ring Light to produce natural lighting – I wanted to achieve their natural colours for you!
So, onto the shades!
Neo-Whimsical is a really gorgeous and feminine light pink, it’s almost a strawberry milkshake pink even! I definitely love this when I’m not quite feeling like I’m ready for vibrant nails. I actually picked this one up from Fragrance Direct for £1.99! So I’d definitely say to go and check out their website, as they’re always changing the colours available on there.
In Stitches is a warm dusty rose colour, with some orange in it. In some lights, it even looks light an dusty rose/brown colour. I love this one, but I definitely have to been in the mood for it as it’s not too ‘stand out’ or neutral!
Bahama Mama was a surprise. I have heard so many bloggers and YouTubers rave about this shade, so I thought that I would give it a go! I didn’t expect it to come out as dark as it did, as it is a very deep raspberry shade. It comes out lighter and more of a vibrant shade with one coat, but I find that I have to apply another coat to make it even, without streaks! I still really love this colour though, it’s gorgeous!
Mint Candy Apple* is another raved about shade. I won a Twitter competition from Essie and they very kindly sent me 5 polishes from their summer collection 2013. This was in it and when I first tried it, I thought it was slightly too sickly mint for me – but I have recently been wearing this non stop! It’s just the most beautiful mint colour, especially great for spring/summer!
Go Overboard is another off one. It’s a very ‘you’ve got to be in the mood for it’ type of nail polish – does anyone else get that, or just me? Anyway, when I am in the mood for it, I think that it is a beautiful dark teal colour. Yet again, it wasn’t what I expected to come out of the bottle, as it does go a lot darker with two coats but I still love this one!

Do you have any favourite Essie shades? Do you think they’re worth the price? xx
You can get some shades from Fragrance Direct: HERE
Or Boots sell all of the shades and sets: HERE

My MAC Lipstick Collection


Here we go, my MAC Lipstick Collection! In my ‘collection’, I have a grand total of 8 lipsticks, which are quite a wide range of shades. I adore every single one of my MAC Lipsticks and I literally wear one every single day (unless I’m not going anywhere, of course).

I will be uploading a MAC Lipstick Collection video to my YouTube account within the next few weeks, which will include swatches of these on my lips for you! So keep an eye out for that!


The shades that I own are (left to right): Viva Glam V (Lustre), Vegas Volt (Amplified), Speak Louder (Creamsheen), Plumful (Lustre), Craving (Amplified), Viva Glam I (Matte), Rebel (Satin) and Diva (Matte).


Here is a quick swatch of the lipsticks that I own, they are in the same order as the list above. But I will copy & paste that here, incase it’s easier to match them without having to scroll back up!

(Left to right): Viva Glam V (Lustre), Vegas Volt (Amplified), Speak Louder (Creamsheen), Plumful (Lustre), Craving (Amplified), Viva Glam I (Matte), Rebel (Satin) and Diva (Matte)


I would say that my favourite lipsticks out of these, would have to be: Rebel (I always wear this), Craving and Speak Louder.

What do you guys think? Do you have any of these? If so, which are your favourites?

I’m planning on getting an everyday ‘your lips but better’ colour, but I’m not sure which shade yet. I’m thinking possibly along the lines of Please Me?

I hope you all have a great day, and I will be posting a lot more within the next week or two!