Month: September 2014

The realisation.

I’m at the point where you have just discovered the real reason. You have been led for months and months thinking that you were the problem and were made to feel bad about the situation, when all along it was the other person.

I mean, yes, it’s a relief that I’m not exactly the reason, but then there’s also the downside, the realisation.

Luckily, I feel that this is the absolute complete end of that chapter, which makes everything more exciting now as I’m in another country, on the other side of the world. I’m having an incredible time and have met so many new amazing friends.

I guess all I can say is, who had the better end? I think I did, for myself.
I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to explore a new place as I feel that it’ll really bring out the real me. I’m not stuck around my room, waiting on people anymore.

This is such a random ‘from the heart’ sort of post, but sometimes you just have to get it out to close that certain chapter.

All I can say is, speak the truth, be honest, you’ll gain more respect in life.
And a note to myself, stop looking towards the future, when I should be living in the present – and that’s what I’m doing now.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!
And apologies, but I just had to get it off my chest for good!
Anyone ever feel the need to do this?! x

What am I doing this week?

Well, I’m currently on the train back to Sydney right now. We’re staying at another hostel for the week, so we can go view some apartments, do our CV and look for jobs!

We’re also hoping to go to Max Brennan’s today for dinner, then see some more attractions this week like the Opera House, Madame Tussauds and the Skywalk.




Blue Mountains: Day Two

We went for such a long hike yesterday! We re-did the walk from yesterday, visited Katoomba Falls which were so pretty and then we walked to the Three Sisters and another 2 and a half hour hike to the train to save us from walking back up 900 wobbly, uneven steep stone steps!

It was such a nice day! We all took sandwiches with us and ate them in the mountains, had ice lollies whilst at Echo Point as well whilst looking at the views and didn’t get sunburnt!

We are going to have a relax today and have a picnic, as we don’t want to spend any money and our legs are wrecked after yesterday’s hike! We must’ve been climbing steps and slopes for about 6 hours! Zzz..!

I’m taking this time to attempt editing my videos, but my only problem is getting videos onto my iPad off my camera and from my iPhone somehow! So bare with me!

Hope you’re all doing well! x




Blue Mountains: Day One

We arrived at Katoomba yesterday afternoon, after a hectic journey as the trains were cancelled but we are finally here!

We couldn’t wait to put our backpacks down and get out to see the sights!
Me and Brandon went to go find Echo Point, but we took a detour through Katoomba Falls and then ended up finishing at Echo Point as it got dark!

Here are a few photos that we took:
There was so much amazing wildlife and nature out there, parrots flying around and absolutely gigantic trees everywhere!

The views were incredibly beautiful, but we’re going back this morning to the some more photos with different light as the sun was too powerful for my phone last night!





Australia update!

I am now staying at Bondi Beach for the week whilst the others are at surf camp!

We have been trying to look for apartments, sort out our Medicare and search for jobs.

It hasn’t really seemed like we are actually in Australia, until we got to Bondi Beach. It hit me straight away, I love it here!

It’s just how I imagined it to look, but with a lot less people (but accordingly it will get busier in the next few months!).

There’s a really good shopping mall called Westfield here, although we can’t really afford to go shopping! There’s also an Aldi which is really convenient and a nice, small shopping area with fresh fruit markets.

On Monday we went for a stroll to see what is around and then sat on the beach for an hour! Amazing!

Tomorrow we’re planning on having a chill day, hang out on the beach and have a read! Then we’re off to Blue Mountains on Saturday for the weekend!

Here are a few photos of bondi from Monday and this evening!








Taronga Zoo!

We went to Taronga Zoo on Thursday! It was such a nice zoo to visit – you have to get a ferry bus to the island, then either a bus or cable car to the zoo.

They had loads of different animals such as elephants, koala bears, lions, Tasmanian devils, kangaroos, giraffes, monkeys..

I got to have a photo with a koala bear (usually $30ish, but we were in a group, so $6 each instead). You also get to keep a printed photo, in the price.

It was freezing on the day we went! It was sunny at first, but so bitterly windy and then finally rain.

Although most of the animals are within an enclosure, there are loose emus and kangaroos! (Which frightened the life out of us at the time).

All in all, it was such a good zoo! Such an amazing day out, I’d definitely go again! x





I am here in Sydney!

It seems like ages since I left the uk, after all of the flying that I’ve done!
I got to Sydney on Monday morning and I fell in love with it instantly!

So far, we’ve had our introduction talk yesterday and had help with setting up our bank accounts, SIM cards and they explained about how to get our tax back at the end of the year!

We are now starting to settle down a bit more, so tomorrow we are going to do a few more tourist-y things like Taronga or Wildlife Zoo!
We are also going to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House properly tomorrow, as we have only seen it from a distance!

We have discovered that Sydney is so expensive to live in, as the food is well expensive! Two apples were $2.90 and a bunch of bananas were around the $4.50 mark!





I will be posting more photos throughout the week, whenever I have internet! I will be doing my Barista, RSA and Hygiene courses within the next week – so don’t expect too many posts!

Hong Kong Update!

So, I know that I am now in Sydney, but I have been so busy since I have got here! So now I thought that I’d catch up on the updates and upload some more photos off my camera!

Hong Kong was amazing! I had such a good time there, although it was about 32 degrees Celsius and so humid!!

We visited more shrines, temples and markets before leaving but sadly couldn’t really buy any souvenirs.
The only downside was that we got told to go and see the ‘amazing laser light show’, so we waited for an hour for a good seat and then it was pretty poor!