Month: June 2014

Orlando, FL video is now up on YouTube!

As you know form my previous post, that I went to Florida at the end of June with my dad. We went to Disneyworld, Universal, Seaworld and Busch Gardens and had an amazing time!
Sadly I didn’t really vlog/blog when I was here as I was so busy – so I have decided to create a small montage of all the footage that I did manage to take!

I filmed the majority of this on my new Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15, which proved to be pretty amazing! The rest was filmed on my iPhone 5s camera.

Also, I am going to be recording an exciting ‘ANNOUNCEMENT’ video onto my YouTube channel soon (if you have read my blog posts, then you obviously know about Australia, so it won’t be an announcement really, but there will be lots of information on what I am doing and how you can do something similar too!)

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‘Divergent’ Book Review by Veronica Roth

A very brief review for this one, as I read this quite a while ago now!
I was actually pleasantly surprised with this book – I thought that since it was going to be made into a film and is aimed at the younger audience, that it would be a little corny but I actually found it a lot more impressive than I thought!

I didn’t know too much about the book to start with, but as soon as it started – I was stuck with my head in the book! I didn’t want to put it down, it was that more exciting than I had previously thought!
I would definitely recommend this book to others, it’s not vampire/zombie related like most young adult books – it’s fresh, although I wasn’t completely sold on the film. It was good, but my imagination set the bar really high for this!

Have any of you read this? Or even the sequels? Let me know what you think in the comments!


‘Please Me’ Lipstick by MAC


Here is my little review on the ‘Please Me’ lipstick by MAC. This lipstick is a matte finish and I think it’s pretty perfect for an everyday colour!
I got this when I was in Florida as there’s a good exchange rate, after I have had three different shades to battle against for a decision for months! I am glad that I purchased this one, it’s definitely a shade for me!


Although it is a matte lipstick, I don’t find it too drying, unless I am having a period of dry lips in general – but this won’t feel dry until at least an hour after!

I feel that you could easily get away with this lipstick if you are still attending school/college, as it is very wearable. You could even wear it with a natural face, or even pair it with a smokey eye to even out the face.


The Bikini Post! (Debenhams & Primark)


It is getting closer and closer to my Australia trip, so I thought that I would do a quick, cheeky little post on the bikinis that I have so far!
I thought I had more than this, but don’t you worry, I have had my eyes caught on another few which are in the post, at the moment!

Ok, so firstly I thought that I would tell you a little about my body shape (cringe). I am 5 foot 3, have quite a petite build, small top half and a larger bottom half. That’s that, briefly put! (BRIEFLY put.. funny me).


Moving on – the first bikini that I decided to get was this gorgeous navy floral padded bikini top from Debenhams. This was £26 and can be found HERE. This bikini top has a serious amount of padding going on, which yes I would like a little bit of assistance in that area, but boy it’s a LOT of padding! But still, I really liked the pattern and I feel pretty snug and secure in this one!
It has two options of wear, you can wear the top as a halterneck or strapless – as the straps fold down and back, into a thicker back piece which covers over the original back strap. I think this is great, as I tend to lose straps if I take them off and this one actually stays up without the straps on! This is definitely my favourite bikini so far!


Next bikini I found in Primark, it is this amazing yellow, orange and pink daisy print. This bikini also has a bit of padding (as I don’t want to look like an infant child) but not as much. I think this bikini top was around £8, which was an amazing price! This top also has the option of having a halter neck or a strapless design – exactly the same as the previous Debenhams bikini! I could only get the bikini bottoms in Size 8 and unfortunately they had to squeeze my bum in – so I returned them and hoped they had a larger size, but I’m still trying to hunt them down!

DSC00081 DSC00082

The last bikini that I have for you is also from Primark – this is one of the floaty, swing material tops. I’m not really sure what else I could call this, at this moment in time but I thought this was really cute when I tried it on! It has a layer underneath the front part, to make you feel more comfortable and has a thin layer of padding. You can also untie the straps on both top and bottom, which I had to do to make the bottoms fit more comfortably! I feel that this bikini balances out my proportions a bit, without obviously ‘boosting’ anything – it just creates a bit more depth, I guess, which is great! I have a feeling that this bikini was around £6 for the top and bottoms together, which was amazing!

I have ordered another bikini to try out from ASOS, and I am also thinking of trying one from Topshop and Next – so prepare yourselves for another bikini post! I will also be writing a big post on what I am taking to Australia with me, and I might do a condensed ‘clothing’ post too!

My greeting with Pityriasis Rosea

What is Pityriasis Rosea? How do you get it?
Well, I noticed a large red itchy patch on my skin, the day that I was leaving for Florida. But on my last few days there, I started to develop a scabby, itchy rash all over my body (I know, gross but that’s what it looks like!). It started spreading from my arms, to my stomach, onto my back and then finally moved onto my legs but there were hardly any there luckily!

Here is a few photos of when it first started to break out all over my body. After this, it started to dry out, appear darker and grow a lot more of them. I didn’t take any later photos as I completely forgot and it wasn’t too sightly either!


So, I went to the doctors on the day that I got back from holiday, as my mother was really worried about it. My doctor was pretty unsure at first and thought that it might have been my Psoriasis having an attack, but when I told him that I have had that all of my life, he started looking more into other solutions. He came across Pityriasis Rosea and it seemed to match it perfectly.

Finally getting onto what it actually is! It turns out that Pityriasis Rosea is a form of skin infection that appears on the skin (mainly all over the body, but avoiding the face, hands and feet). There is no known reason to why it happens, and there is no remedy either. It will cure itself over time, but as I have read, it can take from 6-16 weeks to heal completely.

I thought that I would write this post as I have never even heard of this condition before and thought that I would share my experience with readers. This condition isn’t contagious and it doesn’t cause any harm to your health – just think of it as a severe rash, which can be very itchy (as mine was).

I went to Twitter and Google to do some research on how people try to reduce the itching and swelling of the rash, and I discovered that a lot of people have gotten this before! Some people have had it several times, although it is very rare that you will get it more than once in a lifetime. So I was on the discussion boards trying to find some ideas, and I found a lot of comments saying that showering in Head & Shoulders will help reduce the rash and the dryness, as it obviously treats dandruff from the scalp. I also used E45 Itch Relief Cream twice a day, whilst showering in H&S every single day and I feel that this has made my skin heal so much faster!
I can happily say that my marks on my body are reducing and slowly fading! Woohoo!

Although people could possibly think of this as a severe rash, it really brought my mood down about my appearance. Baring in mind, I was covered from my neck to my legs in dark red, itchy *scabs* (apologies). This made me want to cover up and not show anybody, but I have gotten use to it and hey, they say that the sun can help fasten healing!

So I guess that this is a post of progression really, I will write back again with some more progress but it is also a heads up to other people that are suffering with Pityriasis Rosea to say that it might not last as long as you initially think – and that there are home remedies and other ways to combat your itching or patches!

If anyone has questions about this, then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you 🙂 x

So, it’s coming to the end of my Florida trip..

I’m sad that it’s almost the end, I love Orlando! I tend to go most years as we find ridiculously cheap deals and my dad goes on all of the rides!

I’ve had an amazing time, tried new things in the parks and outside, even experienced a few new rides which doesn’t usually happen!

I’m still waiting for the Harry Potter Diagon Alley to have soft openings in Universal Studios – so hopefully before we leave, we’ll be able to have a quick look at that! That would make it perfect!

On the other hand, I only burnt my shoulders and that was once – lots of prickle heat, but I’d rather that!

I’ll probably be writing more within the next few days, as I’m quickly writing this whilst waiting in a queue for the new Snow White mine ride!