Cash back on your Christmas Present Shopping? QUIDCO!

So, as everyone seems to be starting off the Christmas feels, I thought that I would send a referral link to all of my followers about something that I absolutely adore doing at this time of the year!

If you don’t know, Quidco is a website that will give you cash back on your online (& now instore) purchases for free. They have some great deals sometimes where you can bump up your cash back and give great discounts, there is a super handy tool bar that will pop up to remind you to use Quidco when you’re shopping online and there is also an app – so you can still spend away on Christmas Presents and get cash back!

I find this website so handy and now they even have surveys, to bump up your amount even quicker too! I am a complete addict to surveys and all sorts of related stuff and my friends always ask me where I have gotten so many shopping vouchers from! These websites!

I will post my link HERE for you, as when you have collected £5 in cash back, you will receive an additional £1 on top! Kerching!
Why not get a bit of free money back, as you would’ve bought stuff online anyway?!

You can use this on thousands of websites such as Amazon, ASOS, Boots, New Look..
So get shopping! £££!

Australian Christmas – Photos!

I hope you all had an amazing christmas and shared it with all of your friends and family!
Here are a few of my photos from christmas eve/night!

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My Australian Christmas Vlog!

I hope you’re all having an amazing christmas and will have a happy new year! I wish you all the best and hope you have a lovely day with all of your friends and family.
Although I am not with my family this year, I am enjoying my experience with new friends that are in the same position as me, ‘the christmas orphans’.

Today, we decided to have our Secret Santa in the morning which was so lovely – really brightened my day up! We then went to Bronte Beach for a few hours, sunbathed (in my case, just plopped myself in the sun and went a little pink) and attempted a BBQ which didn’t happen in the end! Haha! But it was all fun anyway, as you’ll see from my video!

Anyway, I will be posting photos from our Australian Christmas tomorrow hopefully! So keep your eyes out for that!
Do you guys have any traditions? Or have you travelled alone and been a christmas orphan? Tell me your experiences! 😀

Merry Christmas!

My Favourite Things about the Holidays!

Favourite thing about the holidays:

I love the Christmas Holidays! One of my favourite things has to be moving back home from university, to see the family and family friends. Also, I don’t say no to the cooking and company!

Favourite holiday tradition(s):

Our one ‘tradition’ that I like doing, is visiting family & friends on christmas eve to deliver their presents! I really enjoy this because some years, we don’t get to see certain people until Christmas Eve – so it’s great to finally catch up with everyone!

Favourite holiday decor:

I basically love every bit of christmas decorations! Tinsel, lights, ceiling hangers, just everything!

Although, I love all of them – I don’t think it would be christmas without candles and our coal fire being lit!

Favourite holiday food:

There’s nothing better than Christmas Dinner, mainly as I don’t eat too many ‘Sunday Roasts’ throughout the year – so that makes me ridiculously excited for Christmas Dinner! They ALWAYS has to be trifle, as that’s my favourite desert!
But, on the christmas theme, I love it when my mother makes gingerbread biscuits and mince pies (although, I have jam instead – as I don’t like mince pies!)

Favourite holiday movie(s):

I have two completely different films, which I’d say have a genre for themselves. The first one would be Jingle All The Way – I loved that film when I was younger and I watch it over and over, all year round! The second one is a definite classic – Meet Me In St Louis, it’s a film that makes me feel so homely. It reminds me of family, especially my grandfather who I miss a lot. It’s such a beautiful classic family film, with really catchy songs! If you haven’t seen it, then you must!

Favourite holiday song(s):

This is a hard one! I have so many favourite christmas songs – classic ones and the more modern. One of the newest songs would be Coldplay – Christmas Lights, it’s so beautiful and makes me well up every time! Then, for the mainstream christmas songs, I would say either Elton John’s ‘Step Into Christmas’ or Shakin Stevens’ ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’! And lastly, for the classics, there’s a few artists more than songs, I will be listening to Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Doris Day on repeat!

What are your favorite holiday favorites?