Unravel Trial

I have finally played the Unravel trial on my Xbox One. I was waiting quite a while for this adorable platform game to come out and it did not disappoint at all!

The aim of the game is that there’s this little character made out of Yarn, and when he’s going through the levels he can sometimes run out of yarn and become thinner, restricting movement. So, you have to collect more on your way through the levels otherwise you cannot get any further.


It is such an adorable game and I am completely blown away by the art and animation that has gone into this game. It is just so beautiful and seems to really come to life!


Have any of you played this? Did you purchase it?
What could be better?



Xbox 360: Disneyland Adventures (Kinect)

Can I point out how much of an underrated game this is? This is one of my all time favourite games for the Xbox 360 and I always highly recommend it to families that love Disney.
If you’re a huge Disney parks and film freak like me, then this is the ultimate video game for you. No joke.
You use to Kinect (which is a camera for your Xbox 360 that detects your body, so you can control the game by using your hands, arms, jumping, dancing, ducking down..)
You get to walk/run around Disneyland, hug the characters, collect autographs from all of them, ride the rides (most of them have a level built into these, so you have to jump over obstacles, duck under things, move left and right to avoid stuff) and you can do whatever you like! Not to mention, that there’s also Hidden Mickeys in this game. Snap the camera out and away you go!


I really have no idea how this game wasn’t more popular? I have had this game for 3/4 years now and I still absolutely love it. There’s so much to the game and I have only completed about 50% of the achievements and I have been on here for hours!

My only problem that yes, it’s a Kinect game but I get so addicted to playing this game that my arms are in agony from all of the hours that I am playing it! You need to lift your arm and move it left and right to walk, and I am aching the next day but really feel the need and addiction to carry on collecting autographs and hidden mickeys! That is a sacrifice I am willing to take!


Have you played this? I’m so sad that this isn’t going to be reverse compatible with the new Kinect for the Xbox One but this is a game that makes me want to keep my Xbox 360 in the works!

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What I got for Christmas 2013

I had an amazing family christmas, with visits from my brother and his girlfriend too. There was lots of food, games and rubbish tv – but we had a really good few days.
I am going to Tokyo in February, so I have had some money put towards my trip for christmas and my birthday, so that was my main present!

I have received a variety of gifts, from books, perfume and games!

The first present I received was a trusty bottle of Bio-Oil. Me and my mother go through these bottles as if it’s water, so it’s always really good to stock up (as it’s on offer at the moment aswell!). I use these on stretch marks (I have a big butt, then I run so it disappears, then returns eventually – so I have the little white tiger stripe marks) and I also use this on my psoriasis and eczema on my face! You can also use this to balance uneven skin tone aswell.


These are the two pairs of Ray Ban’s that I spoke about in another post – I chose the gold-chrome colour as they were on offer on christmas eve at an outlet. Then I went back to the store on Boxing Day to see if they had any Ray Ban cases delivered, and I saw the classic Wayfarer’s on sale too. These were ridiculously cheap as they were all brand new, but had minor manufacture faults to them. Most glasses had wonky legs, but these were perfect and the only fault with these is the Ray Ban sticker on the lens. They’ve gone to reprint Ray Ban, next to it. But for £42.90 instead of £143.00, I’m not complaining!


I am obsessed with The Smiths and Morrissey, so when I saw that the Morrissey autobiography was only £3 in Tesco, I had to get it! My mother bought it as an early christmas present for me, and I’ve already started reading it! I then received a Tokyo Guide Book which is full of really useful information for when I go in February. Lastly, I received this adorable Marvel notebook – I am a big comic book fan and I’m always filling up notebooks, so this was perfect and came at the right time! I might use this for my blog and YouTube organisation!


I had a pair of Skullcandy headphones YEARS ago and they always come in handy! Especially when I travel, or go on a plane! These ones are the same as my others (which my parents didn’t realise) but they’re a navy colour, instead of my previous red and white. I’m glad to have another pair and that they fold up really small! The only thing with the low riders is that people can hear your music, if you have it on a specific volume! But I don’t mind, unless I’m listening to something cringeworthy! I love these, and at least I can have a pair at home, and a pair in Cardiff.


I didn’t receive this FOR christmas, but I won it on a Twitter Competition and it arrived on Christmas Eve, so I thought that I would include it! Inside this adorable Liz Earle star packaging, is a strengthening nail polish in a gorgeous, neutral brown colour.


Next, I received a little bundle of travel toiletries for my trip in February. I love travel sized items, especially the Aussie ones! It’ll make my suitcase a lot lighter, instead of lugging around huge bottles of shampoo!


I then unwrapped a gigantic box, that I had no idea what it was going to be. To my surprise, it was the No7 light up vanity mirror! I have a smaller Revlon light up vanity mirror from when I was younger, although the lead for the light disappeared. I’m so glad that I have this one now, as yet again, I can keep my smaller one at home and take this one back to Cardiff with me!
I love receiving things like toiletry bags, so I was chuffed when I saw that I had the Toni & Guy ‘Matthew Williamson’ set! I adore the patterns that Matthew Williamson uses on his designs, and this bag is gorgeous! Although, is it just me that ALWAYS has a problem with Toni & Guy packaging?! I opened my bag, picked up the Heat Defence Spray and it was completely empty! It had leaked through my bag as the seal was broken, so I had to take the bag back (sold out) and get the spray replaced. It also came with a Shampoo, Conditioner and Sea Salt Spray that I love (although, the spray was broken on my old one too). I love getting different shampoos and conditioners though, so I cannot wait to use these!


Yet again, this wasn’t received ON christmas day, but my dad went to the sales on Boxing Day (without us knowing). He came back from Boots with 3 different perfume/aftershave sets and gave one each to me, my brother and his girlfriend. This was because they were half price and my birthday is in January and theirs are in February! So they were early birthday presents – WHICH SMELL AMAZING! Not to mention, this Chloe perfume set was suppose to be a whopping £50, so reduced to £25 was an amazing price!


I was chuffed to receive more perfume, although I have loads – but you can never have enough really! Paco Robanne’s Lady Million smells gorgeous and I know that A LOT of people had this for christmas as it was on offer for a really good price over the christmas holidays! My auntie then bought me a perfume from Avon that smells fresh and floral, called Secret Fantasies? (I think). This is a really good every day perfume, that I can just wear throughout the daytime. I then had my presents from my brother, he bought me the Lego Iron Man set which I love, Lego Miniatures (which are in a sealed bag and you don’t know which character you’re going to get) and the amazing Lego Superheroes xbox game, that I had my eye on! You know what I’m going to be doing for the next few days!



I hope you all had an amazing christmas and have a happy new year! I am currently uploading Vlogmas Week Two to my YouTube Channel and there will be one more after that – before my birthday! So keep your eyes peeled!