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Well, I am currently in Auckland at the moment, I’m not too sure if I explained this in a previous post but I am waiting for my flight to Fiji.
Basically, I thought that I was going to stay in New Zealand for 3 months and find a job, but by the time that I went travelling around, I would only have just under 2 months left. I thought to myself that by the time I find a job (2 weeks minimum), it probably wouldn’t be worth it just for the 3-4 weeks as I’ve probably spent the same amount whilst looking for a job. Does any of this make sense?

Anyway, I decided that I would leave New Zealand asap, as it’s just the sensible thing to do. I have had SUCH AN AMAZING TIME in New Zealand, it has been so incredible here. But I think that it is just the right thing to do, leave here before I end up spending money when I could be spending my money on other activities that I haven’t done like Disneyland and Las Vegas when I get to America.

So, I contacted STA Travel to change my flights via the online form (Surprise surprise, they didn’t respond to me as usual..) so my dad rang them up and asked them. We had a really helpful guy (shock horror!) that tried to get flights ASAP for me, but sadly they were really struggling to get flights from Nadi to Los Angeles. So I was and have been just waiting around until I manage to get flight confirmations, which is sort of defeating the point of the reason why I want to leave. But long behold! I have my flights confirmed and I will be leaving for Fiji in just under a week, so I am excited to move on and spend my money wisely on new things, instead of hanging around and spending on hostels, food and Starbucks.

I am really sad to be ending my travels a lot sooner than expected and I absolutely loved it here, but it’s so expensive to travel and I just can’t afford to carry on like it. Also, the amount of stress and anxiety I have had recently really needs to come down! I have been feeling like my brain is going to explode from so many thoughts, for no reason at all!

So, I’m excited and a little bit sad too. But I have to move on and carry on enjoying myself for the time being!

I will be getting wifi in Fiji at my hotel, hopefully. I’m not too sure if it’s fast, but I will do my very best to try write up some posts before I go, so I can just schedule them or actually quickly post them when I’m in Fiji. I am going to be using the time to really relax and chill out, but I will also be my usual self, saying I’m going to relax but end up trying to be productive at the same time, too!

Don’t lost hope on the blog posts, they will still be coming! And expect quite a lot of Book Reviews too, I have been doing more catching up recently!
I’ll speak to you all soon!


*A post from the past*

Hello again, I know it has been a little while since I posted last, but I have been travelling the South Island of New Zealand for the last two weeks! It has been so much fun and the scenery is just so beautiful down there, but now it’s time to try and catch up on all of the blog posts! GAH!

I am currently on the ferry back to Wellington and have been on the bus since 7am, so I’m trying to stay awake and productive for the next three hours on this ferry!

Yesterday I arrived at Christchurch, which was a very pretty place. We firstly decided to try and find the Westfield Shopping Centre, so we had to walk through this park in Canterbury which was gorgeous – although, it did remind me of being back home in our parks!
We finally found the shopping centre and I managed to find what I was looking for: Bailey Nelson. I had seen this brand in Australia and have always wanted to get a second pair of glasses whilst travelling as I get bored of the styles! Bailey Nelson are an Australian company that make really cool frames (optical, fashion and sunglasses) for a really affordable price – most of their glasses are just $99 AUD which is so cheap! The quality is still amazing though, they just don’t hire loads and loads of people to manufacture, ship, deliver, adjust them. They do everything themselves!
Anyway, I ended up ordering my glasses – obviously, I loved the more expensive pair.. but still, I can’t wait to get them in the post this week!

We only stayed the one night in Christchurch as I am keen to get back to Wellington quickly, so I can find a job and earn some money, as travelling steals all of it from you!
So like I said, I am now back on the ferry going to the North Island and get settled back in, in a city that I love being at! I cannot wait to get back and sort myself out again, although I am going to miss the South Island so, so, so much as it was incredible and really beautiful 24/7!

So that’s that for my really quick post, I know it was a bit of a ramble!
How has everyone’s last two weeks been? Has anyone read any new amazing books? Let me know, please!

NEW VIDEO: G Adventures Part Two: Whitsundays & Cairns!

Here is Part Two to my G Adventures Trip that I did last month, I have wrote several other posts on this trip so feel free to have a browse at those and ask me questions!

NEW VIDEO: G Adventures Part Two: Whitsundays & Cairns!

Here is Part Two to my G Adventures Trip that I did last month, I have wrote several other posts on this trip so feel free to have a browse at those and ask me questions!

NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: G Adventures Trip: Part One (Fraser Island)

I have FINALLY managed to upload my YouTube video of Fraser Island and it’s already so nice to watch this back!
I have had to upload it at lower quality, just so that it uploads but I will save the original and hopefully get a better quality one up in the future!

I thoroughly enjoyed this trip, and thought that I would love to share my experience with other people incase they wanted to do a G Adventures tour!

So, here I’m writing from the past..

Basically, today it’s the 10th May and I thought that I would start writing this now. I am trying to catch up on my blog posts, and I know that I will be in work during the week and probably a little hectic, but here it goes..
I am finally revealing what I have been hiding for about 4 months!


On Saturday (probably the day that you will be reading this), I will be flying to Orlando as my family are going on holiday. I have decided that I will surprise my mother when I get there, as she doesn’t know that I will be there.
I get to the airport before them in Florida, so I will have a little wait around until I bump into them. I am planning a little method of surprising her, depending on what I can do at the time.

But yes, I have been wanting to tell you all this for ages as obviously, I am very excited to be going but haven’t been able to write anything incase she reads it (she reads my blog every now and then!).

So by now, I am probably still sitting on my 19 hour flight, possibly bored out of my mind, possibly sitting next to a crazy person, possibly sleeping or maybe even reading..

I will be updating you all on what I am doing when I get there, and yes, I will be taking a lot of videos whilst I’m there (especially the surprise). I will vlog on my way there, too. (I am taking my macbook, this time as we’ll have free wifi).

So prepare for lots of Disney and Universal related things in the next two weeks hopefully! I know that it can get really hectic over there though and I might not upload as much as I hoped – but I will definitely catch up at least when I get back. Hopefully I’ll have time to do it there and then!

So, let’s hope this surprise goes well!

New YouTube Videos!

Prepare yourselves, I am hoping to get some new YouTube videos up soon!
These will mainly be old footage that I couldn’t get off my camera previously, so I will do a montage hopefully!

I finally got my photo from the Bridgeclimb!

I finally got my photo!
I bought my photo on CD after I did the Bridgeclimb on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge but when I got back, I realised that my Macbook didn’t have a CD Drive anymore – so I had to send it home with a bunch of other things by sea meal, hence why it took 3 months to get there! GAH!

But, here it is! I was absolutely roasting at the time – so hot up there!
If you want to do the Bridgeclimb, then the link is HERE.
It is quite pricey, but it is definitely worth doing the once! They do day times (the cheapest) and also, in the night/sunset.
They also do a half Bridgeclimb, which you climb the inner arch, which is around half the price too!
As you climb the bridge, your guide gives you a lot of information on the bridge, it’s history and the surroundings – and if you get the right one, then they can be really humorous too!

Have any of you done this?  Or anything similar in a different place?

TRAVEL LOG 17.03.15-03.04.15

17th March I am now sat in Starbucks waiting around until 2pm, so I can make my way to the airport before I head off to Sydney for the next three months! I arrived at Sydney, starving and I got to see Ceri and a few of the girls which was an amazing welcome back!

18th March Today, I had to go to H&M to get some trousers and cheap tshirts for farming tomorrow! I also went for food at the Dove & Olive with Ceri, Vicky and Fiona which was so nice! I love them a lot! 10151233_739552736142800_7257185838434255136_n
19th March I am now on the train on the way to Hunter Valley! I literally thought I was going to faint whilst carrying my backpack and holdall – it was horrible! Just so much weight and it was so hot outside! Eek! But now I’m just updating this, editing some videos and am going to read or watch an episode of something, as I will be on this one train for another two hours and a half. Then another two hour train later. Lots of production time! I got to the farm tonight, and it was Geoff’s birthday so they had friends over for a BBQ. So I got stuck in straight away by helping prepare the food, setting the table, serving people and then we got to have some amazing food! 10641112_10152804209702362_3775487338389734137_n
20th March Today I cleaned the house with Cathy (Rod’s Daughter). So we vacuumed, polished and mopped the living room, kitchen, lounge area, office and bedroom and then cleaned the windows. Afterwards, I helped with the washing up and preparing of food again.

21st March So far today, it has been a day off. So I helped with some cleaning up and food preparing again, then had a small lesson in wine tasting. After that, I read Barb’s magazine for a bit and now I’m back in my room to download some more new books onto my Kindle. Barb and Geoff are going out to a 21st Birthday party, so me and Bryan have to look after the house and feed the cat. 11075241_10152806376967362_8349411001374472926_n
22nd March Today I baked cookies and banana cake with the woman. I had no time to myself today, although it was nice baking. The boy sat in his room all day watching films, until he had to cook dinner. Hmm?

23rd March
I went into the vineyard today, finally. I had a mini breakdown this morning, as I was upset the night before because I’m not happy here, so when they shouted this morning, I just started crying. Oops! (I was going to edit this post to avoid all of the negative, but I felt that it was honest and appropriate of the time!). It was really fun in the vineyard, although I got blisters all over my hands from pulling out the massive weeds. I went back to the house and she screamed at me for having blisters, then told me that the guy should’ve told me to use a shovel as well. Oh well. I then helped her with some administration stuff for the rest of the day and helped cook. I told her tonight that I wanted to leave because ‘I missed my family and might want to go home’ (I didn’t want to tell her that I was unhappy there) and she said I could leave in 3/4 weeks..

24th March I helped around the house again today, sorting out deliveries of wine and more data sheets. I told her again that I want to leave on Monday (giving her 5 days notice, like it says on her welcome paper and to help out for the busy weekend) but she wasn’t having any of it.. She shouted at me and said that it wasn’t fair if I left on Monday. So I didn’t go to the BBQ tonight, I stayed in and spoke to my mother, who isn’t happy about the situation at all (why would you be?!). When she came home from the BBQ, I told her that I want to leave in the morning, she shouted at me for a while and then turned nice again. She’s taking me to the train station tomorrow morning.

25th March
I left the farm today. She dropped me off at 10am to the train station. I helped her out with some more admin this morning, cleaned my room and then we were off. I was so relieved when I was on the train, but so stressed out. I got back to the hostel in Sydney eventually, still I was so anxious and didn’t want to speak to anybody. I’m surprised how much it took a toll on me, usually I’m fine with stuff like this! 10444408_10152816292692362_4836834621526154525_n
29th March The hostel had a UV Party for Earth Hour tonight, which was fun! I then went to Soda Factory tonight with Ceri, which was so good – we danced all night, met lots of new people and had such a good time! 11015874_10152822630742362_7344045988569313882_n
30th March I went for pancakes this morning with Ben, and then went back to the hostel where I am staying in an 8 Dorm room at the moment. It’s quite nice in there, sometimes a little noisy, but it’s good – nice and spacious! (and I have a bottom bunk!).

3rd April Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the hostel, which was really fun! Everyone got so competitive, but luckily there was enough to go around. Even if we did help out the kids a little, too! I have been doing activities within the hostel recently, so I can reduce the price of my rent. I really need it as at the moment, my money is running low as Sydney is such an expensive place! I would update you on the rest, but you’ll have to wait a little longer first! 10338336_848590105206347_8081407012667308162_n

NEW VIDEO: Feeding A Kangaroo

Some old footage that I couldn’t get off my camera before, from Featherdale Wildlife Park.
Expect a backlog of video footage soon! 🙂