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I finally got my photo from the Bridgeclimb!

I finally got my photo!
I bought my photo on CD after I did the Bridgeclimb on Sydney’s Harbour Bridge but when I got back, I realised that my Macbook didn’t have a CD Drive anymore – so I had to send it home with a bunch of other things by sea meal, hence why it took 3 months to get there! GAH!

But, here it is! I was absolutely roasting at the time – so hot up there!
If you want to do the Bridgeclimb, then the link is HERE.
It is quite pricey, but it is definitely worth doing the once! They do day times (the cheapest) and also, in the night/sunset.
They also do a half Bridgeclimb, which you climb the inner arch, which is around half the price too!
As you climb the bridge, your guide gives you a lot of information on the bridge, it’s history and the surroundings – and if you get the right one, then they can be really humorous too!

Have any of you done this?  Or anything similar in a different place?

TRAVEL LOG 17.03.15-03.04.15

17th March I am now sat in Starbucks waiting around until 2pm, so I can make my way to the airport before I head off to Sydney for the next three months! I arrived at Sydney, starving and I got to see Ceri and a few of the girls which was an amazing welcome back!

18th March Today, I had to go to H&M to get some trousers and cheap tshirts for farming tomorrow! I also went for food at the Dove & Olive with Ceri, Vicky and Fiona which was so nice! I love them a lot! 10151233_739552736142800_7257185838434255136_n
19th March I am now on the train on the way to Hunter Valley! I literally thought I was going to faint whilst carrying my backpack and holdall – it was horrible! Just so much weight and it was so hot outside! Eek! But now I’m just updating this, editing some videos and am going to read or watch an episode of something, as I will be on this one train for another two hours and a half. Then another two hour train later. Lots of production time! I got to the farm tonight, and it was Geoff’s birthday so they had friends over for a BBQ. So I got stuck in straight away by helping prepare the food, setting the table, serving people and then we got to have some amazing food! 10641112_10152804209702362_3775487338389734137_n
20th March Today I cleaned the house with Cathy (Rod’s Daughter). So we vacuumed, polished and mopped the living room, kitchen, lounge area, office and bedroom and then cleaned the windows. Afterwards, I helped with the washing up and preparing of food again.

21st March So far today, it has been a day off. So I helped with some cleaning up and food preparing again, then had a small lesson in wine tasting. After that, I read Barb’s magazine for a bit and now I’m back in my room to download some more new books onto my Kindle. Barb and Geoff are going out to a 21st Birthday party, so me and Bryan have to look after the house and feed the cat. 11075241_10152806376967362_8349411001374472926_n
22nd March Today I baked cookies and banana cake with the woman. I had no time to myself today, although it was nice baking. The boy sat in his room all day watching films, until he had to cook dinner. Hmm?

23rd March
I went into the vineyard today, finally. I had a mini breakdown this morning, as I was upset the night before because I’m not happy here, so when they shouted this morning, I just started crying. Oops! (I was going to edit this post to avoid all of the negative, but I felt that it was honest and appropriate of the time!). It was really fun in the vineyard, although I got blisters all over my hands from pulling out the massive weeds. I went back to the house and she screamed at me for having blisters, then told me that the guy should’ve told me to use a shovel as well. Oh well. I then helped her with some administration stuff for the rest of the day and helped cook. I told her tonight that I wanted to leave because ‘I missed my family and might want to go home’ (I didn’t want to tell her that I was unhappy there) and she said I could leave in 3/4 weeks..

24th March I helped around the house again today, sorting out deliveries of wine and more data sheets. I told her again that I want to leave on Monday (giving her 5 days notice, like it says on her welcome paper and to help out for the busy weekend) but she wasn’t having any of it.. She shouted at me and said that it wasn’t fair if I left on Monday. So I didn’t go to the BBQ tonight, I stayed in and spoke to my mother, who isn’t happy about the situation at all (why would you be?!). When she came home from the BBQ, I told her that I want to leave in the morning, she shouted at me for a while and then turned nice again. She’s taking me to the train station tomorrow morning.

25th March
I left the farm today. She dropped me off at 10am to the train station. I helped her out with some more admin this morning, cleaned my room and then we were off. I was so relieved when I was on the train, but so stressed out. I got back to the hostel in Sydney eventually, still I was so anxious and didn’t want to speak to anybody. I’m surprised how much it took a toll on me, usually I’m fine with stuff like this! 10444408_10152816292692362_4836834621526154525_n
29th March The hostel had a UV Party for Earth Hour tonight, which was fun! I then went to Soda Factory tonight with Ceri, which was so good – we danced all night, met lots of new people and had such a good time! 11015874_10152822630742362_7344045988569313882_n
30th March I went for pancakes this morning with Ben, and then went back to the hostel where I am staying in an 8 Dorm room at the moment. It’s quite nice in there, sometimes a little noisy, but it’s good – nice and spacious! (and I have a bottom bunk!).

3rd April Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the hostel, which was really fun! Everyone got so competitive, but luckily there was enough to go around. Even if we did help out the kids a little, too! I have been doing activities within the hostel recently, so I can reduce the price of my rent. I really need it as at the moment, my money is running low as Sydney is such an expensive place! I would update you on the rest, but you’ll have to wait a little longer first! 10338336_848590105206347_8081407012667308162_n

NEW VIDEO: Feeding A Kangaroo

Some old footage that I couldn’t get off my camera before, from Featherdale Wildlife Park.
Expect a backlog of video footage soon! 🙂

NEW VIDEO: Short Melbourne Montage

Here is a really short montage from the first two day trip I had to Melbourne!
Cute animal video coming up in the morning! 😀

What I miss whilst travelling..

There are a lot of things that I miss now and feel like I have taken for granted before. Most of these are just some of the small things in life, but what use to make me happy whilst chilling around the place!
So, here we go!

– Friends and family (obvious one, there.)
I miss the flexibility of being able to see my friends and family whenever I can.
I can still see them now, but the smallest things make it harder like the time difference, missing special dates and the distance.
560498_10151652677522362_556802829_n 936669_10152368747297362_9137458348517461048_n 984159_10152285550712362_2204961400847902199_n 10390169_563743617080322_7878848245579074900_n 10526039_10152283389197362_4524633750624665749_n

– Trifle (Yes, I know.)
If you often read my blog, you will know that I love trifle. I have only found one in Australia so far and it was not what I thought!
Turns out the cream is actually natural yoghurt.. EW!

– Pampering Myself
I miss coming back from university or town with my friends, I would throw Netflix on and catch up on series whilst pampering myself.
Oh, how I miss having a skincare routine, moisturising all over daily, plastering my face in either a mask or oil, painting my nails a different colour every 2-3 days and taking care of the vile split ends!
Now.. I can officially say.. I am a traveller.

– My Own Bed
That’s right, living in hostels that have at least 4, 8, 12 or even 16 person rooms – it gets to you after a while!
It’s not too bad, but you start to miss having your own space and a bit of privacy and quiet some days! But hey, when I go farming, I’ll possibly get a room to myself! Wahoo!

– Sharing Moments with friends back home
Moments like birthdays, nights out, our daily starbucks fix, cinema days, rainy days, going to London with Glen at christmas and in the summer.

– My Possessions
I miss having my own room, which held all of my possessions. Even the smallest of things like having my make up laid out neatly, a row of shoes and dresses hung up in a wardrobe (instead of being stuffed into a backpack constantly – the Queen of Creases, here).
My xbox, playing music out loud in my room and having a dance about or getting ready for a night out, having a junk food day with a lot of Netflix!

– My Parka Coat
Yup, that’s right. Wearing my Parka Coat that has the fluffy lining inside. It is the comfiest coat going, I love it – I wear it all of the time, use it as a pillow on journeys, use it as a blanket or padding, it just feels like you’re having a duvet day! Even if it’s warm outside, I still have the urge to wear it haha!
I could really use it in Melbourne at the moment, but that would NEVER fit in my backpack! I struggle to find a hoodie in, at the moment!

Although I say that I miss these, I chose to leave those things and to make new memories and explore more things in life. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to travel and I love every minute of it. Although you’re having a create time, you always have a laugh with other travellers about the smallest things in life that you miss. Like the other day, I was so happy when I found Sellotape. Like, over the moon haha! It’s such a weird thought, but hey! I am going to really miss travelling, although I will love my own bed again haha! One day!

What are the things you take for granted? And what do you miss?

TRAVEL LOG 02.03.15 – 16.03.15

02/03/15 I bumped into Isabel in the toilets this morning, so I have hung around with her and her friends all day! Everyone is so nice, and we went for dumplings for our lunch!
10299138_10152769730647362_829210822571685773_n 11025145_10152773722142362_2213061972088777538_n

04/03/15 It’s the first day of the F1 set up today – there was a lot of lifting, unloading, construction and I know I will aching in the morning haha! But it was so much fun and I met some more new people!
I cannot wait for the F1 to actually start!

05/03/15 I am currently in Starbucks catching up with some blog posts, just phoned Barb for the first time and am hoping to go to H&M to get some basics for farming.
I had lunch cooked for me today by my two new asian friends, which was really nice of them.
I check out tomorrow to go to Urban Central and I just booked my day tour to Great Ocean Road!

06/03/15 I went back to Starbucks today so I could catch up on blog posts and everything – not much happened! Just getting ready for tomorrow!

07/03/15 I went on my trip to the Great Ocean Road today – it was amazing, I loved it! I saw some wild koala bears, went into a rainforest, visited several gorgeous beaches and then saw the twelve apostles!
10339955_10152780272137362_7165719032849216656_n 10407995_10152780279482362_5431623654455990357_n 10995354_10205515434340927_4326363366894907102_n 11041744_10152780294137362_5912299322962126864_n 11043011_10152780281177362_1665831002051662635_n 11044589_10152780271882362_6421535145359418681_n 11058500_10152780272432362_3286752791212155418_n

08/03/15 I started back at work again today, setting up more stands for the F1 Grand Prix. Although, I drove on the race course today!
09/03/15 I went to work again today, same thing really. Just had an induction as well for a little bit, got to know which marquee I was working on and that was about it! My logs will probably be really boring until Thursday, so I won’t write much here.
I also saw loads of amazing hot air balloons everywhere this morning, so pretty!
11046847_10152783218697362_7340135480245367079_n 11050685_10152783218632362_893358130980463882_n

10/03/15 I drove on the circuit again today, in the work van! It was such an experience whilst all of the signs and fences were up – I took a video which I will try to post onto my blog, too! I will do a mini YouTube video as well, although I haven’t filmed much yet!
We also got to see people pulling out all of the bollards on the track for the race, which must’ve taken hours and hours to do! We also saw them repainting the sponsors signs all around the track, although they looked perfect from last year – it’s still not good enough! 😀

11/03/15 I saw some of the safety cars driving around the track today as they closed it for practises, so good! I also heard a lot of the drivers testing last night – exciting!

12/03/15 The Formula One is finally starting! Today is Corporate Day mainly, and some of the general public can come in too. It’s pretty quiet so far, but it will be a lot busier over the next three days! We have already sold out of so much stock already, on the first day – crazy!
I heard a lot of the cars practising today and managed to run up onto the grandstand at 7am to take a video whilst one came past – it was so fast though that I couldn’t even see who it was driving!
11009845_10152789620042362_8732482174609824465_n 11046947_10152789627197362_7963491244614164517_n

13/03/15 It’s the first main day of the Grand Prix! I got to wonder around Albert Park on my breaks, so I went to see the Opening Ceremony cars that the drivers arrive in – too cool!

14/03/15 Today is Qualifying Day! I sat by the screens on my break to watch it, sadly McLaren did not do very well but it was still so exciting to watch! The atmosphere was crazy!
15/03/15 Today is the last day of the Formula One Grand Prix – so sad! Everything has been so exciting, and although it’s the main race today, it will all be over straight afterwards.

After the race finished, I heard a load of hysterical screaming and shouting coming from the grandstand, so I ran up to have a look and people were waiting for the drivers to come out.
I got to see Rosberg, which was amazing! Sad to be finishing my work here!

16/03/15 My first day off in ages, today I am getting myself organised for tomorrow as I fly back to Sydney to go farming. I have packed my backpack whilst drinking a celebratory ‘Well Done Zoe, You worked hard’ cider and a Kinder Bunny. I also went to the post office to send a box to my parents with a few bits of merchandise from the Formula One for them, as they’re very jealous that I was working there!

Did you guys watch the Grand Prix? Or visited the Great Ocean Road? It was definitely one of my favourite places so far, with Byron Bay!

TRAVEL LOG? 14.02.15 – 01.03.15

I have decided to write a travel log – it’s not going to be very detailed, it’s just the little things that I have been jotting down into my MacBook for each day, as I have sent my travel journal home as it was SO HEAVY! I thought that it would be easier for me to update you guys on things, but without as much detail! Obviously, I will write some posts on specific days in more detail, but for now this will keep me updated faster! Here we go..

14/02/15 Today I went to Manly Beach with Ceri and Vicky to watch Vance Joy, San Cisco and Winterbourne – who were all amazing! We then went for a few drinks at Hotel Sheyne and the New Brighton. 1965057_10152740022582362_3113221855186371290_n

15/02/15 I have booked my tickets to the Gold Coast! I leave on Tuesday! So I attempted to go to Manly today, but the ferry was too full. So now I’m trying to pack my backpack and hope for the best!

17/02/15 I flew to Gold Coast today. I got to Sydney Airport nice and early, and wow, my backpack was so heavy! It was so painful to carry around with me. Anyway, I got to the hostel eventually which is very… beachy.. I didn’t get to speak to any of the people in my room though, but I went out to meet Joe and go for a walk and some food. We ended up going for a very long walk to Dominos, which took AGES! 11002595_10152744023457362_813222109540789059_n

18/02/15 Today I went to Movieworld and Wet N Wild with Joe. It was a lot of fun! I went on the Superman ride, Scooby-Doo and we got soaking in Wet N Wild even before we got into the water! The slides were fun though! I then came back to the hostel for a shower and ended up speaking to some Japanese people for ages (Masashi and Inho). 11021079_10152753683347362_3699307712073838340_n

19/02/15 I am now sitting on the balcony in the hostel, catching up on blogging and editing. I went to Seaworld this morning with Joe, but it started to pour down again because of the oncoming cyclone! We had a good time though, saw most of the shows and then I went for a Starbucks. I’m probably going to make some pasta and chill out with TV Series or a film tonight!

21/02/15 Today I went to the Black Milk Clothing sample sale which was a lot of fun! I bought a swimsuit and a crop top which are so cute! I stayed in for the rest of the day and caught up on Pretty Little Liars as the weather was so bad.

24/02/15 I went to Byron Bay for the day today, which was so much fun! It was so pretty there, I started off at the lighthouse, then walked the coastal walk back down, wandered through the town and then had a chill on the beach with a book!

25/02/15 I have checked out of the hostel now and am waiting in The Coffee Club until I can go to the airport. I’m flying back to Melbourne this evening, so I can work at the International Air Show on Friday!

26/02/15 I am in Melbourne now! I moved out of my hostel for the night and have moved to Melbourne Metro YHA now. I had to run around today to get food for work and to find some leggings – somehow have to find a way to work tomorrow!

27/02/15 International Air Show! It was so much fun and they had some of the best fireworks, which shot off helicopters and planes. I had to get a coach there at 6am, then I eventually got there. 10403548_10152763877532362_6406008597562280315_n

01/03/15 Today is St David’s Day, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! It’s my last day at the airshow today, it was freezing so we had to wear the coats and jackets in work. 10476261_10152769523587362_6212733908519642093_n