My brief travels to Fiji!

I have now been back home for the last month – I got my old job back pretty much instantly, but in another store that I am loving at the moment, back on the car insurance so I’m on the road again and I am finally getting into a routine!
So now that I’ve settled back home, I thought it’s finally time to catch up on all of the travelling blog posts and video editing.

So I arrived in Nadi and like I’ve heard about Fijians, I had a very, very warm welcome. Not only in temperature, but the people are so friendly in Fiji! They greeted me, gave me this gorgeous shell necklace (one of many, I received) and offered to help with everything possible. Next, I got in a shuttle for a three hour drive, as I had booked a much nicer hotel which was on offer, for the same price as a standard hotel in Nadi. So I decided to make the gorgeous drive here anyway, as it was in Pacific Coast near Suva (the Capital).
I stayed at the Pearl Pacific Resort and it was gorgeous here! I had a HUGE room all to myself (note: this bed was actually bigger than a double bed) and it was just beautiful here! They had their own private beach for the resort, a swimming pool, spa facilities, gold course.. oh, and buffet breakfast – of course!IMG_2287
I must say that the weather wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be, it was warm but I was going into Autumn/Winter. It was so nice though to relax on a hammock, reading my Kindle and completely destress!IMG_2310 IMG_2314
It was such a beautiful resort, and although it was windy from being right on the coast, it wasn’t as windy as the palm trees look – they’ve just been bent over time! Haha!IMG_2347 IMG_2350
Unfortunately, one evening some guests had no running water, they must have tried the shower and not realised that they left the tap on (obviously they had no water, so they didn’t realise). Turns out that when they were out in the day, the water came back on and had not only flooded their room, but it had flooded through 5 rooms in the corridor.
So I rang reception to tell them, maintenance came and found out the problem from a few doors down and we were treated very well. They offered us a room change for the night which had an Ocean View and two double beds (although it was only me travelling!) but it turns out that they just left me in this room for the rest of the week – which was great!IMG_2360
During the week, I decided to go to Suva for a little bit of souvenir shopping! Sadly I went on a Sunday and the markets were closed but I found plenty of souvenirs which were very cheap in their shopping centre!IMG_2372
It was really nice to get out and see how the Fijians live and what their towns were like (especially the capital) and I met a lot of friendly Fijians. Even if you’re walking down the street or alongside the road, they all shout BULA BULA at you, which means Hello. They are very friendly here! I even met this little girl on the bus back to Pacific Coast, who was so adorable and fell asleep on me the whole way back.IMG_2378
I had such a great time in Fiji, and thought that I would send the souvenirs home as they were pretty big as I bought a Fijian Bongo Drum, wooden carved bowls and some masks. So I hopped over to the post office to send them and was delighted at their stamps:
On the last few evenings of being at the resort, I met the lovely Wati from housekeeping. She is such a lovely lady, who would help with anything at all. She would come in my room for a good chat and she even gave my family a homemade present from her, which was so lovely of her! (I will try to get a photo of the ‘Wooden Leaf, Bird Wind Chime’ ¬†that she made, it’s beautiful).
o that was my visit to Fiji! It was lovely to just sit and chill out in a hammock and completely destress, as I got pretty stressed in New Zealand as I started to run out of my New Zealand budget – but I had such a great time here and would definitely recommend visiting here as they have a lot of activities you can do too, like snorkelling, scuba diving (much cheaper to do courses here, than Australia and NZ). My trip was purely for relaxation this time!

I will be uploading a few little clips from my travels (the ones I didn’t vlog, but had snippets of footage) into one video and I’ll post it on here for you all!
Look out for more of my posts soon! Would you visit Fiji, or have you been?

Pearl South Pacific Resort: HERE


New Vlog: Byron Bay!

Here’s a very, very short YouTube video of what I got up to in Byron Bay for the day!
Sadly my battery died on my phone and camera so I couldn’t film much – but I definitely want to go back one day!

Have any of you been here? What did you do?!

So, let’s catch up on my life!

What have I been doing recently? I’ve disappeared for a while on the blogging front as I got so busy!
I have now finished work for good, got a new job which I’ll reveal after I’ve done it as it’s only for three weeks and now I’m just enjoying Sydney whilst I’m still here!

9805_10153081669979617_91634220456050543_n 1782068_10152676551467362_1665418810606694118_n 10352840_833987643306923_792663276066209046_n 10369894_10206011111220609_5940264947088037694_n 10386855_10152715282967362_2873608749932628109_n 10423671_10152715282497362_1434230713294698775_n 10888483_10152686220437362_412752935797372114_n 10955218_10152720989442362_5875677769480234949_n 10956050_10152723854202362_1901601975951815846_n 10968505_10152720991002362_6721016575763890026_n

We have had birthday parties in the park with speakers, food and lots of glitter.
Even more birthday parties, with lots of cake.
Group gatherings at work, which makes me miss the people that I worked with – going to miss them lots!
Found some really cool places with amazing food!
I went to Melbourne for two days for a job interview, got the job and had a browse around there too! (Blog post and video to come!)
And then this morning, me and Ceri went to watch the Six Nations at 7am – sadly Wales lost, but it was still a good shout and a lot of fun!

Have any of you been doing anything fun recently? Let me know!
Show me some photos, especially of your seasons as everyone seems to be having different weather everywhere recently!

How am I going to Australia? How did I do it?

A lot of people have been asking me these questions, so here I am writing this post for you lovely lot!

Firstly, it all started off when I visited my local STA Travel. I decided to go in, just to browse at a few brochures, really not sure what I wanted to do apart from leave the UK for quite a few months!
I thought about Canada and America, but the visas are quite hard to get. I then looked into ‘Work Australia’ and fell in love with it!
STA Travel will get your visa sorted for you, can book your flights (or have a group flight, like I have done with another 40 people) and they can add on lots more things like excursions and skills courses.

I only went through STA Travel for my visa, mainly because the member of staff that we had several times was really rude to me and my parents. Even when we would ask for their opinion (as they had done the same trip previously), they didn’t show much enthusiasm and decided to talk bad about BUNAC (who runs Work Australia).

I ended up going through BUNAC which was a lot easier! They organised my group flights, accommodation for the first 7 days and are going to handle stuff like setting up bank accounts.. This has taken a lot of stress off my mind, so I would definitely recommend going through this process!

When it comes to your visa, don’t feel scared – it is a few small pages of questions to answer and then I received mine within 1 or 2 days!
It was as easy as that really, I didn’t have much more to do ‘form wise’, apart from the dreaded paying part!

Here is a link to the BUNAC page for Work Australia, which will cover all of the information that I have spoke about here!
They also do other countries such as the UK (for internationals), USA, New Zealand and Canada.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 22.09.03

If you have any further questions on this, then feel free to leave me a comment or a tweet!
I will post more about my trip just before I go, giving the details on what I will be doing, etc..