VLOG: New Zealand Pt. 1

I have finally got my hard drive working again and have put together a short video of some New Zealand footage I have! Expect a few video this week as I have so much footage from NZ, and I’ll be doing a separate video for Hobbiton and Franz Josef probably!

More over at

How shall I film my TBR?!

Last night, I filmed a TBR when I had a private room as I would just get some really, really weird looks from people in dorms otherwise haha! But, after I filmed it, I absolutely hated my footage. I looked so awkward and nervous, not forgetting that my speech was all over the place. Sometimes when I’m doing a proper video and not a vlog, I can’t get my words out and then it really stresses me out.

So, I decided to wait and hold off on the video and went on a little advice rant instead. Clearly, this was before I had an anxiety freak out but I thought that I’d still post it anyway as it’s what I was thinking at the time.

So basically, I wanted to ask you guys if it would bother you, if I filmed my TBRs like a vlog? Obviously I will try not to move the camera around a lot, but I will just be holding the camera instead until I get more confidence at talking about the books I have read (as I’m not too great at explaining on the spot!).

Let me know and I’ll really appreciate your opinions on this!
Prepare to cringe at the video, because I most certainly do!

Book Related YouTube Videos?

I have come to notice that you guys are enjoying my posts on books a lot, so I am thinking of adding some Book content to my YouTube channel! Some book reviews, hauls, tbr’s, reading challenges..
What do you guys think?
Let me know what you want to see on my channel! I would love to do some of these, as I have such a passion for reading!

A very quick, minute, tiny, speedy post!

I am back in Sydney from Orlando and I had an incredible time with my family!
I thought I would just write here to say that I will be posting photos either this evening or tomorrow, but for now I need to sleep!

There will also be another Psoriasis update, too. As I will be asking for some assistance from you guys!
Also, don’t forget to check out my latest Florida videos on my YouTube Channel!
Speak to you all soon, hope you had an amazing weekend!

New YouTube Videos!

Prepare yourselves, I am hoping to get some new YouTube videos up soon!
These will mainly be old footage that I couldn’t get off my camera previously, so I will do a montage hopefully!

Moving on from one situation, to the next..

An update on what has been going on since my last post!
So basically I eventually managed to get out of that farm, after asking them about 3 times to leave and they just kept wriggling their way out of it.
She did flip out on me and have a good shout, but she nicely took me to the train station the next morning.
I have had so much stress even after it now, luckily I’m starting to chill out again though!

Anyway, now that I am not at a farm, I am not too sure on what to do next.
I would get another job, start saving again but it’s not too easy at the moment (I’ll explain at another time) but I am also thinking of doing some travelling whilst I am here.
I am not sure if I want my second year visa any more, I would like it to be there as an option, but this last farm has really put me off going anywhere else for the time being!

So, I think that I am going to try do a little bit of travelling and then I will get a job when the time is a lot better. I want to make the most of my australian experience whilst I am here now!

I also realised that I have uploaded my newer short videos since Byron Bay – so I am going to do that tonight for you all! 😀
Look out for them tomorrow, I will probably post a link to it via my blog anyway.

I want to thank everybody that supported me and gave me some really good advice whilst I was dealing with that last situation. I really appreciate it, especially when you’re on the other side of the world with nobody else around – it means the world to me, to have people supporting me!

Take care of yourselves