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Lightseekers by PlayFusion Kickstarter!

Hey guys!
I thought that I would share this post with you as this is such an amazing opportunity from the company PlayFusion who have got credits for over 150 video games and toys!

They have been developing a brand new game called ‘Lightseekers’ (this link will give you more information) which is ‘a groundbreaking action adventure role playing video game that seamlessly connects smart action figures, physical trading cards, comics and more..’

What is it?
This is a great new way to interact with gameplay by using these methods, by taking the physical form and really bringing elements to life within the game!

This game is going to be free to download, with no in-app purchases at all – which is a relief for some!

Why a Kickstarter?
They have started a Kickstart page although the game fully works, they would love the support from others and any other fundings that they receive will go towards developing new playable characters, more connected content, more figures and definitely lots of more gameplay!

What’s in it for you?
If you do decide to back this amazing new concept, then you will receive a package of your choice where you will receive exclusive material that the general public won’t get – the more people that back this, the more exclusive stuff you can get! (In-game pets, exclusive concept art, weapons, soundtracks..)

So go have a browse on the link HERE for a LOT more information and see what you think!

Lego Jurassic World Game Review (Xbox One)

As I work at a Video Game Retailer, I thought ‘Why don’t I post reviews about some Video Games that I have played?’ – so here goes nothing!

I bought my Xbox One in October when I came back from travelling and a must have game for me had to be Lego Jurassic World. I absolutely love the Lego Games as they are playable for all ages, have a wide target audience for their humour and they are just overall, great games!

So, I have previously owned Lego Indiana Jones, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings and Marvel Super Heroes – and I still think that Lego Jurassic World is still up there with some of the best Lego Games made!

Yes, it is great for children anyway but it is also great for the older audience that grew up with the Jurassic Park movies as this game features the original trilogy and the latest Jurassic World. You can play every single film and it is a decent length game too!
You can build the vehicles and dinosaurs from every single film, and also use these within the game – to completely races, levels, you name it..

They have a lot of humour and puns in here for the parents, the older fans, the children and even the grandparents. It is a lighthearted game, that although it has dinosaurs that usually eat people and animals, in the Lego Games they do not show any of this and they always add a cheeky spin onto it (as my mother pointed out whilst I was playing it).

I would highly recommend this game to everyone, and I feel that it is one of the best selling games at our store since October! Look out for Lego The Avengers coming out at the end of January – it looks like it is going to be great too!

Have any of you played this game?
What is your favourite Lego Video Game? I would LOVE to know about this!