The Beginning of NZ: Auckland

I am finally in New Zealand! Wahoo! I flew to Auckland and here’s a quick post on my first few days here.
There’s not too much in Auckland, but it is a really pretty place and has lots of coffee shops! Also, I found the best stamp ever, in Auckland.. HOW AMAZING!!!
And yes, it’s much colder than Australia so the fluffy coat is out!11226185_10153031014912362_250400723068088100_n
I saw the Auckland Tower as I walked around the city, too. I thought that I wouldn’t go up there though as I want to save my money for other excursions instead!11402770_10153031014647362_1643017682597087048_n
I did decide to catch up on the films I DEFINITELY wanted to see at the cinema whist I was waiting around in Auckland. I saw Jurassic World which was incredible and then Minions the day after.11666255_10153031090152362_5320681044793846697_n
A quick stroll around the harbour which was quite nice!11667518_10153031014977362_7444574857307536859_n 11692666_10153031014812362_4655753667259094747_n
hat’s about it for Auckland so far, as I went on a trip to Paihia and Cape Rainga for a few days.
Just a quick update, as I said!

A very quick, minute, tiny, speedy post!

I am back in Sydney from Orlando and I had an incredible time with my family!
I thought I would just write here to say that I will be posting photos either this evening or tomorrow, but for now I need to sleep!

There will also be another Psoriasis update, too. As I will be asking for some assistance from you guys!
Also, don’t forget to check out my latest Florida videos on my YouTube Channel!
Speak to you all soon, hope you had an amazing weekend!

Out and about recently!

Yet again, it’s been a while since I blogged properly due to work and trying to squeeze in a social life!
I uploaded a quick video not long ago, which will have a post of its own here soon! Also, I will be editing another one very shortly which is an update from quite a few weeks but it’s more of a vlog finally!

So, I went through a rough little patch within the last month but had so many good moments too.
I felt a bit down as I was working so much, although I need the money, was constantly at the doctors because of my chest and wrist popping out, so I had so many tests done on me.
On the brighter side, my chest is a lot better now and I’m getting back to normal! Wahoo!

A few things I’ve done?
I went on a boat party with my hostel as they were apart of an event, which was really fun! I’ve been to the cinema quite a lot recently and even had my first bowling experience in Australia, which was funny as I was so, so bad!
I also went to Featherdale Wildlife Park which was in my last post, too!

I have started to slowly get a routine back again and I’m hoping to try keep it up! I need to blog more especially towards Christmas, take more photos and make the most of my days off, read more (I just started reading the new Zoella book!) and start to have less take out food as my body is bleurgh and I need to save money to travel!

Update me on what you’ve all been doing recently!
I’m so jealous of all the Christmas/autumn winter related posts everywhere, as I’m a complete winter girl! Expect a Christmassy thoughts blog post coming up soon!
Let me know what posts you also want to see, too!

If I’m not updating enough on here, then there’s also my Instagram (@nuggetstumpblog) and twitter @_nuggetstumpblog and @nuggetstumptrvl which I hope to update more frequently for you!





Hello again!

So, I’m currently on my way back from Featherdale Wildlife Park and thought is write a post to let you all know that I’ll be posting more stuff soon! And hopefully getting around to uploading my YouTube videos!

I will be catching up this evening and upload my Featherdale Wildlife Park photos from today!


Packing Update!

I thought that I would start a little ‘Packing Update’ to get the travel posts going! I started to pack about a week ago and it surprisingly went quite smoothly!SAM_0109
Anyway, here is my backpack! I have the Lowe Alpine Alpa Mayo 55:75, which I bought from Go Outdoors around April/May. This is a really good backpack (from what I’m witnessed so far) as it has the standard drawstring fastening at the top, but you can also open the backpack from the middle like a holdall. So luckily, I wouldn’t have to rummage all the way through my bag to find stuff!
I’m not too sure if they’re still making this backpack online, but here’s the same model but different colour: http://goo.gl/zz2owASAM_0110
This also comes with a rain cover, grips to place walking sticks and a hydration pack. It has extendable straps, a moveable back piece for a perfect fit, along with the hip straps. (If any of that makes sense!).SAM_0112
So, I have decided to purchase some Packing Cubes which I wouldn’t have even thought of buying until I saw other travellers taking them! I have 3 Medium Cubes in Orange and 3 Small Cubes in Blue. They are so much easier for my backpack! I have rolled up all of my dresses and tops into one orange cube, then all of my shorts, playsuits and jumpsuits into the other. I then put my underwear, tights and bikinis into 3 separate cubes.SAM_0117
These easily fit inside my backpack and I know what stuff is in each bag so it’ll be much better to find stuff and not mess everything up whilst shuffling through it! In the photo below, I have two orange medium cubes at the bottom, next to each other, then 3 small blue cubes on top.
These cubes are so handy and I would definitely recommend getting some for a backpack or even a suitcase! They fit quite a lot of stuff in surprisingly, and they are deeper than I thought! You can get these from Amazon, from eBags!SAM_0118

Here are the links to:
Small Packing Cubes: http://goo.gl/cdtUjw
Medium Packing Cubes: http://goo.gl/nRQ5Nh
Assorted Packing Cubes: http://goo.gl/kmns4H

You can get these in loads of different colours, and they also do a wide range of handy bags – so definitely check them out!

I will be posting another Work Australia post soon, to explain how to get through the process of applying for a Working Visa and other things!
So let me know what you want to see in my posts before I go and I will jump to them! Also prepare to see a TMI Tag Video this week and a vlog!

Any backpacking tips or want to know anything?

An update on my ‘New Years Resolutions’

It is pretty much, almost, sort of, half way through the year already – which is pretty crazy! So, I thought that I would share a quick update on my New Years Resolutions (like I said before, I have never really had one but I thought I would just set myself some personal goals!)

Get an organiser (Blog/YouTube based) [DONE]
Blog more often and on a regular basis [SO FAR.. DONE]
– Same for my YouTube channel (YouTube.com/nuggetstumpblog)
– Graduate from university
– Visit a new place
Get a job after graduation [ACTUALLY MOVING TO AUSTRALIA NOW]
– Try the things that I wouldn’t expect myself to do
Try to remain eating healthier [SO FAR SO GOOD!]
– Reach 100 miles on my nike+ app by July [NOWHERE NEAR..]
Use up more body products that I have had hanging around (body butters) [DEFINITELY BEEN GETTING THROUGH SOME OF THESE!]
– Complete tattoo piece on shoulder blade.
– Visit smaller shops that I’ve never been to.
Get a snazzy blog design! [I doubt it’s getting any better than the current one!]


In addition to this update, I might add a few more targets that I want to hit by the time I move away to Australia!
– Visit a lot more places
– Take so many more photos with my DSLR
– Make the most of my friends, before I go

What were your resolutions? And have you stuck to them?