What am I munching this Easter?

That’s right, Easter has come around again and another year has passed, which can only mean one thing that’s coming up: Reduced Cadbury Creme Eggs!

But before we can get to that, we are on the run up to Easter and this year I thought I would write a few small Easter-based posts for you all!

I don’t usually celebrate Easter that much and I’m usually so busy that it just flies by (and come on, Easter Eggs were in stores on my birthday this year which was January 2nd)..

So, what am I munching on this Easter? Am I going traditional? Experimenting and branching out more to new things?

Firstly, what is the Easter Holidays without Cadbury’s, right?! That is just completely uncalled for. So I am starting my easter off with some good ole, traditional Creme Egg Easter Eggs and a Mini Eggs variation also (I am sharing these with my boyfriend, I’m not being super greedy!).

Then, I was kindly sent a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk ‘Peanut Caramel Crisp’ which looks just so, so good! I haven’t seen this in any of my local stores yet, so I am really excited to try this.

FullSizeRender 3

Rabbit LED light is from Tiger for £2.00

My parents recently came back from Florida and they very kindly brought us back some goodies from America! I have never seen these before and just didn’t even think of what products are in the US for Easter.
Question for my American readers: Do you have Easter Eggs? My parents only saw one and it was tiny!

They brought us back a selection of Reese’s Easter range such as the White Peanut Butter Egg, which is similar to a original peanut butter cup, but is in the shape of an egg (Hence the name, pretty straight forward!). I have eaten one of these already and they are so, so tasty! *Unfortunately*, it turns out that my boyfriend doesn’t like Peanut Butter, so I get to eat his share..

They also brought back a Reese’s Rabbit which I am assuming is like a Peanut Butter Cup but in the shape of a bunny? I haven’t tried this one yet but I’m really excited and will update you all on what I thought!

Then lastly, there’s the Reese’s Pieces Eggs which look amazing! Think Mini Eggs.. but filled with peanut butter and possibly chocolate.. How incredible is that, right?!
The packaging is so adorable also with it’s cute spring time colour theme and little chicks all around!
I really cannot wait to get stuck into these, but I want to save these until last to savour.

When I went back home to visit my family, my parents also picked up some Mini Smarties animals, which I am assuming are filled with Mini Smarties which are so good! I love the packaging and how cute they have made these festive animals – I am going to be slightly sad when I demolish them though!

I will probably be posting another Easter post for you all which will be all about ‘What To Do This Easter’, so I look forward to showing you all!

What is your favourite Easter egg of all time? Mine has to be simple and classic like Cadburys with creme eggs.

Have a great Easter!


Australia Zoo

I recently visited Australia Zoo and I literally could not wait to go here! It was such an amazing day and was one of the biggest things to tick off my Australia list.
Australia Zoo is an hours drive from Brisbane, so I decided to go with Greyhound that do packages of the bus and the entrance fee. (I’ll insert a link at the bottom of the post).
As soon as I got into the park, I saw that they had so many animals there and within 5 minutes I was allowed to hold a Blue Tongued Lizard, who was way too adorable! And no, they didn’t charge me for it!
They had so many great experiences at this zoo, as it was a lot more interactive and the animals had a lot more room to roam around in. For example, I went to the kangaroo area where you can buy Kangaroo food for $2 a bag which is very cheap compared to other places I have been to! So, it was great fun to be able to feed all of the kanagaroos and watch the kids reactions. They were completely loving the experience!
They then had a more serious and heart felt section of the park as obviously, this is the zoo that Steve Irwin and his family founded. As people know, he loved animals and put so much into this zoo that it was so sad to see all of the memorial parts of the zoo. I almost shed a tear!

I then got the opportunity to hold a koala bear, as you cannot do this in New South Wales (where I had been for the past 8 months). I had such an amazing time, it was $40 (I think) and you get a lot of time with them. You go in groups of 4 and she will tell you all about them, as you’re holding them. There is also a professional photographer there, so you can purchase photos of you with the koala or even get somebody else to take photos on your own camera. They aren’t too fussy here, as long as you’re having a great time. (And the koala bears were amazing, so soft, I wanted to keep one!)
1656093_10153022480097362_3101218102819280446_n 1908189_10153022472617362_9213797668218900967_n     11011096_10153022459647362_607383559438978441_n
They had plenty of shows to watch at the zoo, like the famous crocodile and bird shows in the well-known arena. I really enjoyed their shows and talks, there was a lot of interaction with the guests, although I wasn’t too sure on the crocodile show. I know that it was a show, but I felt like they just tease the crocodile (and then feed them, of course) but I just felt a little weird about this and sorry for the crocodiles! I know that they need to do this for show purposes though..
11227759_10153022477722362_5986574136223414536_n  11535696_10153022478462362_3925755252983496209_n
They also had some bird sanctuaries that had all sorts of tropical birds, an Asia themed place that had tigers, Africa that had giraffes and rhinos, and so many more places..
Here is another example of guest interaction, they like to bring the animals out for show so you can touch and ask questions about each species!
 little brief, but that was my experience at Australia Zoo! I had such an amazing day, although it was raining. I loved every minute of it, especially the gift shop! But I would highly recommend going to this zoo, no matter what age or even if you’re on your own (like I was!).

Have you been here?

Greyhound Australia Zoo Packages
Australia Zoo