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NEW VIDEO: Surprised My Mother At Disney Orlando!

As some of you may know, I am currently in Australia travelling and working.
I decided to save up some money as I heard that my family are heading to Walt Disney World in the summer whilst I am here.

So, me and my family (minus my mother) made lots of plans and completely pulled off this huge surprise of me turning up to Walt Disney World to surprise my mother!
She had no idea whatsoever and our flights were so well scheduled that I arrived 20 minutes before everyone else!

Check out my vlog below to get the whole story!

I hope you enjoyed this and there will be so many more videos coming up of my travels and even Walt Disney World!

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VLOG: I Surprised my mother at Walt Disney World!

VLOG: Walt Disney World

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Here I am!

It all went to plan in the end! Aha!

I surprised my mother by sitting next to her in the airport and yup, she cried!

This is just going to be a quick update, as I’ll be posting more in the week! But so far, we have been to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios which are so much fun!!

Here are a few photos so far: 


TRAVEL LOG? 14.02.15 – 01.03.15

I have decided to write a travel log – it’s not going to be very detailed, it’s just the little things that I have been jotting down into my MacBook for each day, as I have sent my travel journal home as it was SO HEAVY! I thought that it would be easier for me to update you guys on things, but without as much detail! Obviously, I will write some posts on specific days in more detail, but for now this will keep me updated faster! Here we go..

14/02/15 Today I went to Manly Beach with Ceri and Vicky to watch Vance Joy, San Cisco and Winterbourne – who were all amazing! We then went for a few drinks at Hotel Sheyne and the New Brighton. 1965057_10152740022582362_3113221855186371290_n

15/02/15 I have booked my tickets to the Gold Coast! I leave on Tuesday! So I attempted to go to Manly today, but the ferry was too full. So now I’m trying to pack my backpack and hope for the best!

17/02/15 I flew to Gold Coast today. I got to Sydney Airport nice and early, and wow, my backpack was so heavy! It was so painful to carry around with me. Anyway, I got to the hostel eventually which is very… beachy.. I didn’t get to speak to any of the people in my room though, but I went out to meet Joe and go for a walk and some food. We ended up going for a very long walk to Dominos, which took AGES! 11002595_10152744023457362_813222109540789059_n

18/02/15 Today I went to Movieworld and Wet N Wild with Joe. It was a lot of fun! I went on the Superman ride, Scooby-Doo and we got soaking in Wet N Wild even before we got into the water! The slides were fun though! I then came back to the hostel for a shower and ended up speaking to some Japanese people for ages (Masashi and Inho). 11021079_10152753683347362_3699307712073838340_n

19/02/15 I am now sitting on the balcony in the hostel, catching up on blogging and editing. I went to Seaworld this morning with Joe, but it started to pour down again because of the oncoming cyclone! We had a good time though, saw most of the shows and then I went for a Starbucks. I’m probably going to make some pasta and chill out with TV Series or a film tonight!

21/02/15 Today I went to the Black Milk Clothing sample sale which was a lot of fun! I bought a swimsuit and a crop top which are so cute! I stayed in for the rest of the day and caught up on Pretty Little Liars as the weather was so bad.

24/02/15 I went to Byron Bay for the day today, which was so much fun! It was so pretty there, I started off at the lighthouse, then walked the coastal walk back down, wandered through the town and then had a chill on the beach with a book!

25/02/15 I have checked out of the hostel now and am waiting in The Coffee Club until I can go to the airport. I’m flying back to Melbourne this evening, so I can work at the International Air Show on Friday!

26/02/15 I am in Melbourne now! I moved out of my hostel for the night and have moved to Melbourne Metro YHA now. I had to run around today to get food for work and to find some leggings – somehow have to find a way to work tomorrow!

27/02/15 International Air Show! It was so much fun and they had some of the best fireworks, which shot off helicopters and planes. I had to get a coach there at 6am, then I eventually got there. 10403548_10152763877532362_6406008597562280315_n

01/03/15 Today is St David’s Day, Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! It’s my last day at the airshow today, it was freezing so we had to wear the coats and jackets in work. 10476261_10152769523587362_6212733908519642093_n

New Vlog: Gold Coast, Cyclone Time.

Here is my new Gold Coast vlog! A short video, but I couldn’t go out for a few days because the weather was really bad – Byron Bay short video to come up next though!

Off to the Gold Coast!

I was waiting around in Sydney, trying not to spend money when I could’ve paid for a cheaper hostel elsewhere and seen a few more things. So, I decided to hop my butt to the Gold Coast before I head off to Melbourne to work temporarily!
I have had a few good first days here so far, although the weather is now starting to brew pretty nastily here!
IMG_9077 IMG_9081

I went to Movieworld and Wet N Wild yesterday, which was a lot of fun! They had some really cool rides, especially the Superman one – I would highly, highly recommend going on this ride! Sadly, I didn’t get to ride Arkham Asylum though as it was down for maintenance, but I still had an amazing time!

IMG_9088 IMG_9090 IMG_9097 IMG_9099

It was pouring down with rain when I got to Wet n Wild, but we thought ‘Hey, whatever. It’s a water park, we’re going to get soaking anyway’. Although it was freezing cold in the wind sometimes, we had a lot of fun and got on so many of the water slides, as most of the people had gone home because of the storm!
I haven’t been to a proper water park since I was about 7, and have never been obsessed with them. This time though, I did enjoy! Although I’m a little weary about swimming without goggles (goggles and bikini, isn’t a very sexy look..) these days, and my swimming skills (which were one incredible) have gone pretty down hill! Haha!
I still had a lot of fun on the slides though, especially one called Blackhole – you have a two person rubber dingy and you go through a pitch black tunnel which throws you around the bends! A lot of fun!

So, today I went to Seaworld and yet again, we had really bad weather as there’s a cyclone suppose to be coming. But it was still a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of shows – we just didn’t get to go on any of the rides due to the weather!
I’m not too saddened by this though, as I have a Holiday pass so I can return to the parks as many times as I like, for the next 21 days – so if I visit them again, I can get some more photos for my blog!

I am not too sure what is going to go on for the next few days because of the weather, but I will most probably try to catch up on blogging, youtube videos and just general relaxing with some tv series and books!

I will speak to you all soon, and you will see a lot more blog posts this week hopefully!
Take care and I hope you have a great weekend!