Top Places to Visit in Sydney

From the view of a backpacker that stayed in Sydney for 9 months, I thought that I would compile a little list on my Top Places to Visit in Sydney, Australia.

Want a great atmosphere in an old school, american diner with a retro feel to it? Soda Factory is where you can get some of the best gourmet hot dogs ($1 dogs night every tuesday – they even have a desert hot dog!) and you will have some of the best nights out in Sydney here! They play a huge compilation of music, from a few chart pieces, to some classics, motown and funk, 50s jive and even some hip hop constantly on rotate, so there’s definitely music for everyone here!


Feeling a little homesick when travelling around? Sydney has a place in The Rocks called Tea Cosy that sell tea and scones and it’s safe to say, that it is heavenly! I went for a Girls day out and this was such a good choice to catch up over!

Many people will tell you that you have to go to Blue Mountains National Park when you are in Sydney, and you do! I took the tourist route at first, saw the Three Sisters and all of the other breathtaking views but the second time I went for a non touristy route with a local friend of mine and it did not disappoint either! You really get to see so many different sides to the Blue Mountains – rainforest trails, waterfalls, rivers, more mountains, observation points, the sunsets..

Blue Mountain, NSW, Australia
A very quick and simple post, but there will be another post featuring more ‘Top Places to Visit in Sydney’.
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Goodbye Sydney..

So, here it is.. my last hour in Sydney!
I am so sad to leave Sydney and I am going to miss all of the amazing friends I have made and all of the places we have been – but it’s finally time to move on and start travelling properly.

I’m currently at the airport and I can’t stop thinking of everyone, when every single song comes on.
I have had some great memories, taken risks and really challenged myself since I have been here. It was one of the best 9 months of my life.
I think I will return one day, not too quickly though as there’s so many more places to see first, but I will return one day!

I want to thank all of my friends for being there for me through everything and for all of the great times we had together.
I love you all, so much. (Yes, the emotions are flowing right now haha!).

Goodbye Sydney.

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Travel Log 03.04.15 – 30.04.15

Sunday 5th April
I just lounged by the pool today and listened to my ipod. Nothing much!
I then went to Soda Factory to see Atif, Steph and Sophie from H&M.

Saturday 11th April
Tonight we went to The Standard Bowl which is this really cool club, that has a bowling alley in it with lots of brick walls! It was a good night and we even had a 3am tiger pie from Harrys Cafe De Wheels! YUM!

Tuesday 14th April
Today was Ben & Jerrys Free Cone Day! It’s one day, once a year and they give out free ice cream, so we went three times and I felt so sick for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 15th April
I had my job interview for Cotton On today. It was an interview with lots of questions, but I think I did well hopefully!

Friday 17th April
I got the job at Cotton On! Woo! I also had an interview to be a Kindle Brand Ambassador today, too and got the job!
I also saw one of the biggest spiders ever, earlier. Woah.

Monday 20th April
We went to a rugby league match tonight at the Remondis Stadium. It was a lot of fun, but it was absolutely pouring down! Still, we had fun and I wrapped up in a lot of layers so I was lovely and comfortable!


Tuesday 21st April
We went to Soda Factory tonight for $1 Hot Dogs which was so good! I had the Elvis Presley which is a dessert hot dog, with deep fried banana, peanut butter and jam! YUM!

We also saw a huge pile of broken umbrellas, which was a strange sight for Sydney!

Wednesday 22nd April
I went to the World’s Biggest Imax and saw The Avengers! Eee! I even got to see the Star Wars trailer on the big screen, and Jurassic World!

Thursday 23rd April
Today I just chilled in Starbucks and edited my old footage into one film. I had to get out of the hostel as I was really stressed! I have hardly any money anymore and have been stressed for the last month – but I’m thinking of travelling Australia soon and just leaving sooner!

Sunday 26th April
I finally went to Palm Beach today! I went with Pinar and we walked up and down the beach taking lots of photos – so I will try to upload a video soon of it!

Wednesday 29th April
I am at the Medical Centre today. I have had to use ear plugs a lot recently as the hostel is really noisy when I’m trying to sleep. So, when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t hear a thing so I went to the doctors and he said (what I could make out).. that I have a big infection in my left ear and a smaller one in the right ear. So I have antibiotic drops for now and then I’ll have to go back on Monday to have them syringed – EEK!

Thursday 30th April
We went to Madame Tussauds and Sealife today! Me, Pinar, Michael and Madeline. It was a really nice day out and we took loads of photos, which I will post in the next few days.
When we got home though, I had a massive migraine and didn’t feel too good, so I stayed in bed for most of the evening but I did start reading my new book! I’m on a reading streak at the moment – woo!
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My battles with psoriasis..

I have an annoying skin condition that it very common, called Psoriasis. It is similar to eczema, but they have some slight differences (not that I’m going to go into them, as I’m not 100% certain on them!).
I have had this since I was about 7 or 8, and the first time I noticed it was when I was at school and I washed my face with soap and then the skin around my forehead went bright red and started burning!
It would get bad when I was in comprehensive school, but during college and university, I managed to get a good skincare routine, took the time to sit down and sort my skin out and it was looking a lot better and hardly ever flared up as much!

My problem now, that I’m away in Australia is that I have been getting stressed A LOT more and this can trigger my psoriasis.
I loved sorting out my skin at home, as I had all my products and my own bathroom and I would relax in my room and basically pamper myself!
Whilst living in a hostel and travelling, it’s a lot harder than that as I am always sharing a room with at least 4 people, so there’s minimum room to set out your belongings, or even have a moment of peace!
It’s not too bad, it’s do-able, but now I have the other problem of ‘I don’t know what products to use out here’, as there’s a lot of different brands!
As you can see in these photos, I get psoriasis on my forehead, all along the hair line, on my scalp, behind my ears, towards and down the neck, then in my ears. This is when it’s flared up, but hasn’t gotten too bad! It can get worse.
I am just so glad that I don’t have serious psoriasis, as some people get it everywhere and it is REALLY hard for them to treat it properly!

It can get really itchy, start flaking (which people mistake for dandruff..) and give a burning sensation, and it’s not exactly the best looking thing! Since I have come to Australia, I have started to get it on more patches than before – like in-between my eyebrows and towards my throat.
So, usually I use a steroid cream that is prescribed from the doctor, which does a really good job when it gets bad. BUT, as it’s a steroid cream, I don’t want to be using it constantly as it thins your skin out and isn’t the best thing for you!
So I went to Priceline looking for a thicker cream that I can put on every day and night – I asked the lady and she showed me a few products, but I ended up getting this one by Palmers.
I tried it last night, and my skin is a lot smoother already! I used it with my steroid cream, just to get the redness down but I feel like this was great for me as it stopped the irritation and calmed down the redness on my skin!

I was wondering if any of you have any different remedies for psoriasis or eczema?
Do any of you have these skin conditions? Or tried this product? I want to know! 😀
I just thought of another non-medical product that is suppose to help with my skin, too – but I will write another blog post on that soon! 😀
In fact, I might even start a small series on this, if people are interested!


New YouTube Videos!

Prepare yourselves, I am hoping to get some new YouTube videos up soon!
These will mainly be old footage that I couldn’t get off my camera previously, so I will do a montage hopefully!