An Evening at Lush Spa Cardiff

That’s right, the day has finally come.. Today is the day that the Lush Spa Cardiff is opening and it is going to be wild!
If you aren’t too sure on what this is, then a little brief is that Lush is a skincare and cosmetics brand that love to use natural products that really aid your skin and are tailored to each individual skin type! The scents are just incredible, the longevity of the products and you will be wanting to come back for more and more each time and never become disappointed with what’s next!


Lush sell products from Bath Bombs to Bubble Bars, Bath Melts, Skincare (Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers..), Make Up, Fragrance, Haircare (Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments) and just so much more! But now they have expanded the company even further by adding in a full spa with so many incredible treatments, which is so exciting!!

We fortunately received an invite to visit the Lush Spa Cardiff yesterday evening as a pre-opening for today and believe me, it did not disappoint!

Firstly, we got stuck right in and were able to make our very own face masks and bath bombs as two lovely employees from the Lush Factory in Poole, England came down to show us and hold a workshop which was so much fun!

Me and Laura ( got to make our own Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb which has ‘Balancing and Calming lavender oil and calming and soothing Chamomile Blue Oil’ and believe me, it smells incredible and has gold glitter in it too! Also, they actually use these bath bombs in the spa treatments too so it goes to prove how soothing these are!


Straight after creating our own products, we were able to try out so, so, so many different products around the store which left us smelling and feeling so incredible! We had the lovely Lowri showing us around the new store and giving us demos, she did such an amazing job and her memory is spot on!

I think that one of my favourite products from the night was definitely Plum Rain which is a shower gel which contains Osmanthus Absolute which is full of floral tones,Sicilian Mandarin Oil to brighten the skin and the best part, it is crammed with Fresh Plum Juice which smells so delicious! I cannot wait to use this in the shower and hope that my whole bathroom is filled with the scent for ages!


We were then shown around more of the store (it is massive compared to their other Cardiff store!), getting to see the exclusive products they have and what they use within the spa treatments.
There was so much choice of products in this new store that I genuinely could not think straight when I started purchasing stuff. I was lusting after so many products, it was crazy!


We then moved onto browsing and testing out the massage bars and seeing how they are used within the treatments that they have at the new spa. I have never personally had a spa experience and did not expect much from a simple hand and arm massage with a massage bar but boy, was I surprised! It felt so incredible and when I say incredible, I mean that I immediately purchased these products and decided to try the same out on my boyfriend when I got home! (He even said it was amazing!).

This sample of the treatment was all about putting pressure on certain parts of the arms and then instantly cooling them, to give off an Icelandic Spa feel (when people go into a sauna and then dash off into the snow straight after).

We had a good look through the Spa Treatment Brochure and I spotted two that I would absolutely adore! Firstly, I feel like I need to point out the fact that some treatments don’t even require you getting undressed to an extent. As I have never had a spa treatment, I have always been so nervous about going for one and undressing. It would be completely fine whilst I’m there, but the anxiety beforehand would freak me out! So I thought I would point out that at Lush Spa Cardiff, they actually do treatments where there’s very little undressing, some undressing or down to your underwear but beneath a cosy sheet.

The first treatment I spotted obviously involved chocolate..

‘The Comforter’
’60 Minutes of pure imagination, full of candyfloss, fantasy and bittersweet cacao kisses.’
A sweet experience to love you tender and cloud you in candy floss and the heavenly ministrations of massage. Then a bubbling rose serum, hot, rich and dripping on your skin, deliciously floral for your body to savour. You’re drunk on chocolate, fantasy and music, on the weird and wonderful chords which send you high up to Hushabye Mountain. Fireworks of thought conjure up fantastical, long-lost daydreams which scamper to greet you like childhood pets, layers of warmth and nostalgic rapture to wander in, free from responsibility.
Awake, tickled pink with velveteen skin and a reawakened sense of playfulness.

This sounds outstanding, right?!
This is essentially a hot chocolate body scrub and warm, nourishing rose body serum for 60 minutes.

The second treatment that really intrigued me was A Hard Day’s Night and I know you’re probably thinking ‘Isn’t that a Beatles song?’ Well, yes it is..

‘Hard Days Night’
‘Here’s a recipe for 75 minutes of delicious, undisturbed rest, steeped in sweet dreams and refreshment which lasts.’
Take an album of Beatles classics and sift vigorously. Add one pair of pyjamas, soft, oversized and stir the two into a reverie of massage, music and golden slumbers. Tip out, kneading away the knots of this complex dough with an unwinding massage of gentle, passive stretches which lengthen, strengthen and relax, aligning and fine-tuning from head to toe.
Add a dash of the weird and wonderful, the feeling of soaring skyward in a dream and bake with a splash of home comfort. A liberal sprinkle of Liverpool and leave to rise, starry-eyed, with the sun.

This sounds right up my street and I adore The Beatles, so this is perfect! Also you get to wear pyjamas – what could be better than that?! This treatment is 75 minutes with a 15 minute consultation beforehand.

There are so many more different treatments which are all on their website here, but these are just two that really stood out to me!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 11.22.34Go check out these ladies’ twitter accounts and blogs here: katiedoesbeauty, wdaydreaming, paigehelenblog, ohbexhowells, lb_chelsea, pip_says, laurasimoneowen

I would like to thank Lush Spa Cardiff for having us at another of their events and they just keep getting better and better each time! We had an amazing time as always, as usual coming home covered in glitter (hell yes!) and smelling insane!
Feel free to follow their social media accounts here:
Twitter – @LushCardiff
Instagram – @LushSpaCardiff
Facebook – /LushSpaCardiff

Are you heading to Lush Spa Cardiff to check out the opening?
What is your all-time-favourite Lush product? I’d love to know!

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Beauty Blogger of the Month Award!

So I had a nice surprise when I looked at my comments this morning, to see that my friend Rachael from rachwat had tagged me for the Beauty Blogger of the Month Award – so thank you very much!

If you also go to Cecilia’s post which is HERE, then you can read up on the rules and terms for the giveaway to win MAC’s Fix+! (You must leave a comment under the post to say that you have been nominated!).

1. Where does your makeup inspiration come from?
I use to have the children’s make up when I was younger, but I was never that skilled and wasn’t absorbed into the girly world then, as I was a nerdy child with an older brother! But, as I started to get older, I would read magazines and get given make up from family friends, so I sort of grew into it from there. I take my inspiration mainly from youtubers/bloggers, but I like to stick to a classic, simplistic look most of the time!

2. What are 3 of your makeup Holy Grail products you cannot live without?
MAC’s paint pot in Painterly – this is incredible at keeping your eyeshadow in place, as I use to struggle with keeping it on before! This is also amazing as a base colour too, and they come in all different shades!
– This isn’t exactly a ‘makeup’ holy grail, but I find it essential when my skin gets dried out by my psoriasis. Origins ‘Drink Up Intensive’ Overnight Mask, is what I need to help keep the moisture in my skin and will prep my skin the night before for my make up in the morning!
– Seventeen’s Tattoo Me eyeliner – I really need liquid eyeliner anyway, as I feel that I look really weird without any on! But this eyeliner is incredible, I have even wrote a previous post on this eyeliner because it is THAT GOOD!

3. What is your makeup signature look which you have on most of the time?

Winged black eyeliner with a bold lip!

4. Let us know your favorite makeup brands?
MAC is definitely up there! I also have a huge love for Rimmel as they are amazing at drugstore finds!

5. Your ultimate makeup pet peeve?
When trying out your new eyeliner/mascara and it will decide to leave black smudges all over your eyelids

6. You’ve heard about all the hype on this makeup item, bought it, tried it and don’t understand what all the fuss is about…Name that product!
I definitely did this with the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask – luckily it was on offer at the time that I purchased it, but I think it is worth the price anyway as it lasts absolutely ages!
Also, La Roche Posay’s Effacular Duo – it’s incredible how much this actually helps my skin!

7. Concealer OR foundation ONLY for the rest of your life. Choose one and tell us the reason!
I would definitely say concealer! – I don’t wear foundation as I simply can’t be bothered and it isn’t the best for my psoriasis! So I tend to apply concealer instead, to whatever amount I need! Seventeen’s ‘Lasting Perfection Concealer’ is a must have!

It’s time to pick my 7 nominees, here are some of the blogs that I adore browsing at for inspiration:
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