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What TV Series and YouTube am I watching?

I am always looking for new TV Series, Films and new YouTube channels to watch whether it’s on Netflix, Channel 4 or YouTube, where I can really get stuck into and become obsessed!
So I thought that I would love to share my recent favourite TV Series and Films with you guys!

Let’s get started by saying that I have now decided to restart the whole Gilmore Girls series. I have always just ended up watching random episodes that come on the television but never in order! And now, I am making progress and am currently on Series 2 Episode 13 (this has probably changed since I wrote this) and going strong!


Let’s jump along with the hype itself, that is 13 Reasons Why. I cannot tell you how excited I have been for this series to come out! It is based on a book by Jay Asher called 13 Reasons Why, where a girl in high school commits suicide and leaves 13 different cassettes for 13 pupils at the school. I won’t tell you any more about it, but head on over to my other post ‘What I’m looking forward to on Netflix in 2017’ where I go more into depth!


The next favourite is definitely Once Upon A Time. This has been a huge favourite of mine for the 10 months and I really didn’t think that I would enjoy it, but I fell in love since the very first episode and now I am on Season 4!


This week I have started to watch Broadchurch as everyone has been telling me how good it is and that it has made it’s return onto itv! So, here I am having a dabble at Broadchurch thinking that it could be interesting but really hoping that I am not disappointed by the hype.
NOT THE CASE. I have now watched the whole first series in two days and I am loving it!
I would highly recommend this if you love crime and mysteries! I love trying to work out who has killed who, who has been going behind someone else’s back, who is lying..
Such a great show!


My fourth choice would be American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson and again, I became addicted to this straight away! I watched the first episode and had to watch another four back to back.
I really enjoy watching things that are factual or based on real life situations and this just really fascinated me and seeing how he could’ve got away with so much in his lifetime!

My guilty pleasure is going to be number 5 on this list.. Made In Chelsea (You can watch every single episode on All 4).
I haven’t watched this for the last two years and all of a sudden I saw an advert saying that there’s a new baby on the way and just had to catch up right away.
This is one of my programmes that I really enjoy to watch, but I leave it until  when my boyfriend is in work so he doesn’t complain about everything, every second haha!


Swiftly moving onto another guilty pleasure of mine is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I have watched the Kardashians  for absolute years and have always just found it sort of interesting how they live their lives, what they get up to, what they spend money on, what luxury items they own.. It’s probably more of a ‘lifestyle thing for me, than a ‘Oh my god, what is Kim up to now?’
Does anybody feel the same way about this? I just love watching it!


I think I will take a slightly different route this time with what I am watching and I will share my recent Youtube love. Again, I went travelling for 16 months and didn’t watch YouTube properly since, so I have really been getting back into it again recently and that is going back old school with Alfie Eyes (PointlessBlogVlogs), Zoe Sugg (Zoella) and Rhiannon Ashlee (RhiannonAshleeVlogs). I just love watching vlogs especially, it sounds really boring when I explain it to people that don’t understand why I watch them, but watching people’s every day lives is weirdly interesting to me..
Not forgetting that I adore watching gorgeous little Delilah (Rhiannon Ashlee’s baby girl) in the vlogs and seeing her grow up. I don’t have children, am I excited to have some? Yes, but I am definitely not having any for quite a long time yet! I adore watching family vlogs, baby vlogs, pregnancy vlogs and reading ‘mummy blogs’ too – people might think that that is weird, but I have actually met quite a few people that feel the same way recently!

I am trying not to watch videos like Primark Hauls, Boots Hauls, Make Up Hauls recently as it just does make me want to spend after going ‘Ooh! That looks like a lovely product!’ and then I complain that I am ridiculously skint! But I do absolutely love them and will post a few links to some of my favourite channels of YouTube in general below:

WhatLydDid (A lot of hauls, beauty, lifestyle, vlogs, all sorts! Also, can I mention that she so amazingly donated her hair to charity?!)


katiedoesbeauty (Katie posts amazing vlogs, beauty videos, fashion hauls and makes me want to spend all of my non existent money!)


sophdoesnails (a huge amount of beauty videos!)


RebeccaCoco (if you want some daily vlogs and also so many incredible beauty and lifestyle videos)


KelseyDay (for some amazing lifestyle videos and vlogs!)


TheTimTracker (if you love watching Orlando, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios videos like me – getting all the latest news, general vlogs around the parks..)


So there is a huge insight to what I have been watching recently and I feel like I would enjoy doing more of these in the future! I hope you enjoyed this post and my recommendations and don’t forget to send me yours too!

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Cheeky Primark visit!

I made a cheeky, long awaited visit to Primark today – I only got a few little things that I like to call “Essentials”. I was starting to lose my patience in there after a while though, as there were so many people pushing and shoving – so I gave up! I think that I made a fair effort though!

I initially went in there to get a burgundy beanie, but I came out with a few more items..


Firstly, I scoured the women’s department looking for their £5 jersey skater dresses – they didn’t have many there, especially in my size, so I didn’t purchase any sadly. But I did purchase two patterned tops, which have a longer back – I will be posting these tomorrow though when the light is better, and I will be able to take photographs of them whilst on!


So, enough of the rambling – I found these adorable Miffy Slipper Socks, they were too adorable to pass! They are the softest object that I have ever placed my hands on! They were only £4 and have the rubber bobbles on the bottom aswell, so you won’t slip on any tiled/wooden flooring. Then, I ventured into the beauty department and saw that they had 160 Small Round Cotton Pads for £1, which was a bargain – although I like to use the larger ones for my face, I tend to use these for nails or just removing mascara. Whilst in that department, I saw that they still sell Lipcote for £2.70, which was a really good price! Lipcote is definitely a lifesaver when it comes to wearing lipstick – you apply your lipstick, blot the excess off and then apply this. It keeps your lipstick staying on for a lot longer, even whilst eating/drinking.



I also picked up some ‘Face Cloths’ (£1.50 for a pack of 3), and I found the Midi Rings that I wanted for ages! They were only £1.50 for 8 rings – I didn’t look at the sizing on these though, so I have Medium instead of Small, but they’ll still be half-midi I guess!

Miffy Slipper Socks – £4

160 Cotton Pads – £1

8 Assorted Midi Rings – £1.50

3 Face Cloths – £1.50

Lipcote – £2.70


I finally found all of the hats/scarves/gloves – and I definitely had to buy A LOT of plain gloves! I am one of those people that forget to empty the contents of one bag, into another. So I end up leaving my gloves in another bag or coat, I now have no excuse for cold hands! I also needed a new beanie that doesn’t swamp my head – I was going to purchase one from Topshop for a hefty £14, but when I saw these I thought that these would do, and I could get more than one!



2 Pack of Gloves – £1

Burgundy beanie with pompom – £2

Fisherman Knit beanie – £2

That’s practically it for my mini Primark haul, apart from the two tops that I will be posting about tomorrow for you! I will also be filming a haul video containing these purchases, and I shall make a London Vlog and Haul video at the start of next week! I will be posting the links on my blog and twitter accounts anyway, so keep your eyes out for these!