Aputure Amaran Ring Light Review


Here is a quick review on the Aputure Amaran Ring Light. I purchased this on Amazon when I was thinking of getting some sort of studio lights – I tend to become productive in the evenings and want to take lots of blog photos, but it’s always too dark! So I found this on Amazon HERE for £25ish, which is a lot cheaper than buying studio lights and much smaller – as I have no room in my university room!


This is a really compact LED lighting system that clicks onto the top of your DSLR, or around the lens (with provided lens rings). You can also use this in your hand aswell, if you don’t have a DSLR – especially as it runs on AA batteries.ImageImageImageAs you can see, the lens rings come in a wide range of sizes.ImageThe great thing about this ring light, is that it comes with several settings. You can either light up half of the ring, (one or the other) or the whole thing. You can also use this as a flash when you synchronise it with your camera! You then can adjust the brightness on the LEDs aswell.ImageImageI will be posting photos that I have taken with this ring light shortly – as I am rammed with university work and sorting out my move to Australia (I will also be posting about this soon!).

But yes, I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants lighting, but has no room for it or don’t want to fork out a hefty price!

Fujifilm Instax 200 Review


Here is the Fujifilm Instax 200. I purchased this two years ago, as I wanted an old school polaroid camera but the film was rather expensive to get hold of as they’re so old (and it might’ve already been expired). But I found this beauty on eBay, I don’t think the mini version of this was out at the time, or it had just come out – that aside, I really wanted this one as it takes quite large polaroid images which captures a lot of detail.

I found this on eBay for about £10 and it even came with a handy bag. You can find these for even cheaper on eBay, but on Amazon they were around the £40 mark, at the time. You purchase packets of film, which come in either 10s or 20s. You take the packaging out, remove the plastic and are left with a hard plastic ‘box’. You just open the back of the camera, place it in and it’s good to go!
Once that’s done, you just snap away really! The images come out of the slot in the top of the camera and develop within 30-45 seconds.

The only downside to this camera is that it is rather big, as you can see from this photo. It is WAY bigger than my head, it isn’t heavy at all – but it could be bulky when you’re travelling with it! I took this to New York along with my DSLR and a digital camera – I looked like a crazy tourist with both cameras around my neck! People will stop you and ask what it is aswell, from time to time – the Americans were pretty nosey, but I didn’t mind haha!

This is what the images come out like, they’re a decent size as I found that the Instax Mini is just too small for me! These are a few that I took in New York, Sirmione in Italy and whilst at home/university.
The images are really vibrant and capture what you want in that split second – it also has a zoom feature and a flash, but I don’t tend to use these as much!
I place these images on my noticeboard (which you can see in the background of my photo further up, I use those clips that fold all the way back (not sure what they’re called) instead of putting pins in and ruining them!

Do you have a Fujifilm? Or even the Instax Mini? What do you think? x