How I Calm my Anxiety

*This is a post from when I was travelling, with a few added recent comments.

Recently, I have had to find ways on how to calm my anxiety down. I have been getting anxiety a lot more often, so I started to look up natural ways on how to slow this down!
I know that at the doctors, they can help you with either therapy or anti-depressants but I can’t exactly afford therapy whilst I’m travelling as it will cost me a fortune and I do not want to go on Anti-Depressants as people become too reliant on them and I’m scared that they could make you go crazy haha!

But anyway, I looked into things like breathing exercises although I feel that these don’t really work on me yet. I would probably need a lot more practice at this? But, I found an article on Essential Oils that can really help you calm down and you can use them in so many different ways!
I decided to get an Essential Oil from Dolphin Clinic, as that’s all I could seem to find in Auckland for a reasonable price! I opted for the ‘Pulse’ one which has a blend of Orange and Ylang Ylang. This has worked great for me
You can use this in so many different ways, you can vaporise it and inhale, simply inhale from the bottle, use as a massage oil, blend together with a natural non-fragranced moisturiser, make your sheets smell great by putting a bit of the oil onto a wash cloth and placing it into the tumble dryer or like I use it, I place some oil onto cotton wool before I go to bed, and place these inside my pillow case and I feel like it really helps me to calm down!
WARNING: Do not put some oils straight onto a pillow case, as I found out the horrid way, some of the oils are clear. So this left a horrid yellow blob on my hostel pillow – which I don’t think housekeeping will be too happy about..

RECENT COMMENTS: I have still been loving Essential Oils whilst still on the waiting list for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Even today I have purchased more, I have bought Ylang Ylang and a bottle of Bergamot and have turned them into Room Sprays and Body Sprays. I put 100ml water into a spray bottle and have put in 20 drops Ylang Ylang and 10 drops of Bergamot and it smells incredible! Soothing but also Uplifting!
I have also made up one solution of purely 30 drops of Ylang Ylang which smells incredible at the moment! I am going to be creating lotions tomorrow and I’ll keep you posted on how that goes too! At least I can carry some lotions around with me on the go and use the sprays for a long lasting scent!

I have also found that whilst I’m on the go, I can’t exactly just whap out my essential oils and start sniffing away! My friend told me about the Bach ‘Rescue’ range – they make Rescue Remedy spray, drops (that you can put into drinks or simply put onto the tongue) and they make Pastilles that you can chew on. These contains a certain type of blend that really helps to calm you down (I WILL LOOK THIS UP AGAIN, OF COURSE). I have only tried the one so far, but I feel like it actually helped me, but hey, it was my first time using it! I will try them again when I get pretty stressed out and I will get back to you. These are also natural, so they aren’t bad for you! I just find that it’s a lot better to possibly try the natural methods first, before jumping into Anti-Depressants and other medication to calm you down!

I feel like you should try to go about doing what you really enjoy in life, if it’s doing a sport, exercising, walking or listening to music – I feel that doing the things that you enjoy can calm you down, especially if it’s exercise!
I feel like reading is a very good way to calm myself down. I tend to find a quiet corner and settle down with my book, or even head to the library. I know that everybody is different though, but this is one of my calming methods that I have found that works for me.

I will post some links to these products underneath, and if I re-find the articles that really helped me I will post them too!



Keep your eyes peeled for some posts on Aromatherapy and what I am starting to put together, soon!



Where do I start with Queenstown? The small world of adrenaline, scenery and adventure!
Firstly, on our way into Queenstown a few of us got off the bus as two girls wanted to do a A J Hacket Bungy Jump. This looked so scary and I would hate to do a Bungy Jump, although I’ve done a Canyon Swing and a Skydive – this is not my sort of thing! So Joanna went up, not caring at all and just easily jumped off with a smile (crazy girl!). I was so proud of her and jealous of her courage!DSC03771 DSC03772 DSC03781
We then got to Queenstown, had to say goodbye to some people including Joanna from the last photos, who was such a lovely girl and we got on so well!
The scenery in Queenstown was unbelievable – it was so beautiful here! I just wish it was cheaper to live there and had less backpackers everywhere!DSC03932 DSC03936 DSC03938
I went up the Sky Gondola’s one day, where they also have Luge rides – the view was insane! It was probably the best view that I have seen in my whole time being in New Zealand – apart from my skydive of course, I basically saw this view from the sky! But when we were looking out, we even got to see some parasailers! I would’ve loved to have done that, but I’m not too sure if you can pay to do it there? And, I had just done a skydive and a Canyon Swing!DSC03948
Whilst up at the Skyline, the place seemed to be sponsoured by Jelly Belly (which my dad freaking loves!) and they had these amazing pictures from Lord Of The Rings and a world map – MADE OUT OF JELLY BEANS?!DSC04010 DSC04012 DSC04016
And, I saw a lizard car. No need to say any more.DSC04047



We have heard about the famous ‘ice bar’ in Queenstown, so we had to go and it was so much fun! Everything is made out of ice, the seats, the walls and even the glasses (as pictured below). They give you gloves and a coat before you go in as it’s so cold, but we had an absolute blast!IMG_2042 IMG_2044 IMG_2046 IMG_2047 IMG_2089 IMG_2111
I also met a South Wales boy, too! BOYOOOOO!IMG_2131
hat’s all I need to say for Queenstown right now, I think! I have posted/or have scheduled some other posts from the activities that I did whilst in Queenstown – like skydiving, canyon swing and skiing at Cardrona. So look out for those!
I will also be posting the videos, too! Queenstown is an amazing place!


Wanaka is such a pretty little place, there’s not too much there but it is stunning! The scenery down by the lake is incredible (if I can find a photo, if not I will have to google one to show you how beautiful it was!).

They also have a really cool Cinema called… Paradiso? They have sofa’s and have converted a van into seats which is so cool!
Before we left, Kiwi Experience took us to Puzzle World which was quirky. It was like a Optical Illusion house.. It was filled with illusions, puzzle games and really made you think about some things! They even had a massive room that went uphill, but looked like it was normal, so your balance and orientation was completely messed up! It was great fun!
I’ll put a few photos to show you what I mean!
Not much more to say, I apologise if I’m bad at re-capping on these places recently! I find it so hard to remember things, so I’m trying to push out as much as possible!
xx DSC03698 DSC03702 DSC03704 DSC03714 DSC03715 DSC03722 DSC03725 DSC03726 DSC03732 DSC03747

Milford Sound

Oh my, Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places in the world! I absolutely adored it here, even just being on the bus, it was gorgeous outside! The weather wasn’t great on the way down, but that did not matter at all. It’s New Zealand, everything is beautiful!DSC03828
(This is from the Lake Of Reflections – which didn’t really reflect due to the weather).
On the way to Milford Sound, we stopped at a service station that had Alpacas and we were allowed to feed them. As I am a complete animal lover, I was in my element and was a huge highlight of the journey, too! Although, they do like to spit on you, which I experienced a few times..
Luckily, when we got to the dock to go on a small cruise through Milford Sound, the weather perked up a lot and was so sunny!




IMG_1995  IMG_2033





Also, another highlight of Milford Sound was the fact that a Welsh man discovered it and named it Milford Sound after his hometown in Wales, Milford Haven (which is a bit of a dump). But still, those proud Welsh feels came out!

Here, is also where they filmed scenes from Wolverine, where he jumps off a waterfall – TRUE STORY, THAT!

Anyway, I think the photos speak for themselves!

Huka Falls

We made a very quick stop to Huka Falls, on the way to Taupo. It was such a pretty stop, we were literally here for 5/10 minutes but the views were beautiful. The actual falls are claimed to be the fastest widening falls, as it starts off very narrow and within a metre or two, it has expanded and opens up completely!

Yet again, the water is VERY blue here too, and it even started to snow whilst we were here! (I’m not too surprised though as it was -1 degrees at the time!).
IMG_1287  IMG_1302