Travel Log 03.04.15 – 30.04.15

Sunday 5th April
I just lounged by the pool today and listened to my ipod. Nothing much!
I then went to Soda Factory to see Atif, Steph and Sophie from H&M.

Saturday 11th April
Tonight we went to The Standard Bowl which is this really cool club, that has a bowling alley in it with lots of brick walls! It was a good night and we even had a 3am tiger pie from Harrys Cafe De Wheels! YUM!

Tuesday 14th April
Today was Ben & Jerrys Free Cone Day! It’s one day, once a year and they give out free ice cream, so we went three times and I felt so sick for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 15th April
I had my job interview for Cotton On today. It was an interview with lots of questions, but I think I did well hopefully!

Friday 17th April
I got the job at Cotton On! Woo! I also had an interview to be a Kindle Brand Ambassador today, too and got the job!
I also saw one of the biggest spiders ever, earlier. Woah.

Monday 20th April
We went to a rugby league match tonight at the Remondis Stadium. It was a lot of fun, but it was absolutely pouring down! Still, we had fun and I wrapped up in a lot of layers so I was lovely and comfortable!


Tuesday 21st April
We went to Soda Factory tonight for $1 Hot Dogs which was so good! I had the Elvis Presley which is a dessert hot dog, with deep fried banana, peanut butter and jam! YUM!

We also saw a huge pile of broken umbrellas, which was a strange sight for Sydney!

Wednesday 22nd April
I went to the World’s Biggest Imax and saw The Avengers! Eee! I even got to see the Star Wars trailer on the big screen, and Jurassic World!

Thursday 23rd April
Today I just chilled in Starbucks and edited my old footage into one film. I had to get out of the hostel as I was really stressed! I have hardly any money anymore and have been stressed for the last month – but I’m thinking of travelling Australia soon and just leaving sooner!

Sunday 26th April
I finally went to Palm Beach today! I went with Pinar and we walked up and down the beach taking lots of photos – so I will try to upload a video soon of it!

Wednesday 29th April
I am at the Medical Centre today. I have had to use ear plugs a lot recently as the hostel is really noisy when I’m trying to sleep. So, when I woke up this morning, I couldn’t hear a thing so I went to the doctors and he said (what I could make out).. that I have a big infection in my left ear and a smaller one in the right ear. So I have antibiotic drops for now and then I’ll have to go back on Monday to have them syringed – EEK!

Thursday 30th April
We went to Madame Tussauds and Sealife today! Me, Pinar, Michael and Madeline. It was a really nice day out and we took loads of photos, which I will post in the next few days.
When we got home though, I had a massive migraine and didn’t feel too good, so I stayed in bed for most of the evening but I did start reading my new book! I’m on a reading streak at the moment – woo!
11168035_10152896339152362_3028490128789139261_n 11206054_10152896333292362_307179095045957218_n


My battles with psoriasis..

I have an annoying skin condition that it very common, called Psoriasis. It is similar to eczema, but they have some slight differences (not that I’m going to go into them, as I’m not 100% certain on them!).
I have had this since I was about 7 or 8, and the first time I noticed it was when I was at school and I washed my face with soap and then the skin around my forehead went bright red and started burning!
It would get bad when I was in comprehensive school, but during college and university, I managed to get a good skincare routine, took the time to sit down and sort my skin out and it was looking a lot better and hardly ever flared up as much!

My problem now, that I’m away in Australia is that I have been getting stressed A LOT more and this can trigger my psoriasis.
I loved sorting out my skin at home, as I had all my products and my own bathroom and I would relax in my room and basically pamper myself!
Whilst living in a hostel and travelling, it’s a lot harder than that as I am always sharing a room with at least 4 people, so there’s minimum room to set out your belongings, or even have a moment of peace!
It’s not too bad, it’s do-able, but now I have the other problem of ‘I don’t know what products to use out here’, as there’s a lot of different brands!
As you can see in these photos, I get psoriasis on my forehead, all along the hair line, on my scalp, behind my ears, towards and down the neck, then in my ears. This is when it’s flared up, but hasn’t gotten too bad! It can get worse.
I am just so glad that I don’t have serious psoriasis, as some people get it everywhere and it is REALLY hard for them to treat it properly!

It can get really itchy, start flaking (which people mistake for dandruff..) and give a burning sensation, and it’s not exactly the best looking thing! Since I have come to Australia, I have started to get it on more patches than before – like in-between my eyebrows and towards my throat.
So, usually I use a steroid cream that is prescribed from the doctor, which does a really good job when it gets bad. BUT, as it’s a steroid cream, I don’t want to be using it constantly as it thins your skin out and isn’t the best thing for you!
So I went to Priceline looking for a thicker cream that I can put on every day and night – I asked the lady and she showed me a few products, but I ended up getting this one by Palmers.
I tried it last night, and my skin is a lot smoother already! I used it with my steroid cream, just to get the redness down but I feel like this was great for me as it stopped the irritation and calmed down the redness on my skin!

I was wondering if any of you have any different remedies for psoriasis or eczema?
Do any of you have these skin conditions? Or tried this product? I want to know! 😀
I just thought of another non-medical product that is suppose to help with my skin, too – but I will write another blog post on that soon! 😀
In fact, I might even start a small series on this, if people are interested!


Invisibobble Review



So I found this little handy thing in my local Boots (these pictures are OLD, from about 10 months ago, as I still haven’t uploaded this!). But I absolutely swear by these bobbles now! They are so good, especially if you have really thick hair like me – they don’t fall out throughout the day, or night or even whilst at the gym or going for a run!

You can get these from Boots for £3.75 for a pack of two, which is dirt cheap! Here is the link if you want to go see! *CLICK*



I would definitely recommend getting some of these! I still have both of mine and I bought them about 10 months ago, somehow haven’t lost them! They can also be a pretty cool bracelet too, I guess?
Go and check them out! 🙂

What are the best things about travelling?

So after my other posts, which seemed a little negative but I just had to point out the hard things that I was experiencing – I thought that I would post this new, positive one about the best things you get out of travelling!
People might say that I was negative in the other one, but that’s just a small phase at the moment – other than this, I have had one of the most amazing times out here whilst travelling – here’s why:

1. The People.
You will get to meet some of the most incredible people whilst travelling. I already feel like I have met some friends for life, and that I would see them at my wedding one day (if I ever get married, that is!).
You become one big, close family that will stick together no matter what and you appreciate that so greatly whilst away from home! I wouldn’t change my travel family for the world – I have met some of the most funniest, caring and inspirational people going.
People will be from all over the world, different cultures, speak different languages and have completely different backgrounds – but you will make some of the closest friends ever, learn so much about each others countries and their lifestyles.


2. The Places you will visit.
You will visit some of the most breathtaking places in the world, you will watch sunsets, climb mountains, walk on white sands, meet the locals, live the culture of others.
Sometimes, you even need to step out of the tourist box and try to see a place from a locals view – it’s surprising what little gems you will find at each place!
I haven’t done too much travelling so far, but I have seen some incredible places that I will always treasure and tell other people and my future children about!

3. The Memories.
You will create the most incredible memories whilst travelling. Whether it’s discovering a new place, reliving your favourite place, having a social gathering with your friends or even going alone and finding some of the most magical places.

4. The Benefits.
You will reap in the benefits of travelling, you will see yourself become a more independent person and become a lot more outgoing. You will have the confidence to speak to complete strangers, not be afraid to travel to a new place by yourself, the ability to stay wherever you want without fear and learn so many new skills without even realising.
I have learnt so much since I have been here, especially with languages – I love to teach myself something new all of the time, so I have asked my friends from different countries to teach me something in their language. I have even asked them how to cook certain things, learn about their culture and even learn new skills whilst joining in with activities or experiences!
When you have your travel friends too, you will always do anything possible for each other – whether it’s recommending places to go as they have already visited, hooking each other up with contacts for jobs, farm placements to get a second year visa or even sharing meals and cutting the costs! An eternal bond going on, here!

I just want to say that I love all of my travel friends so much, and really appreciate them for everything they have done for me and what we have all done together.
The experience we have had, the nights out, the day trips, the gossip, food experiments, the connections we have made and the problems we have all solved together! I love them all.
It goes to show that there are some amazing people in the world, and there’s not always bad.

TRAVEL LOG 17.03.15-03.04.15

17th March I am now sat in Starbucks waiting around until 2pm, so I can make my way to the airport before I head off to Sydney for the next three months! I arrived at Sydney, starving and I got to see Ceri and a few of the girls which was an amazing welcome back!

18th March Today, I had to go to H&M to get some trousers and cheap tshirts for farming tomorrow! I also went for food at the Dove & Olive with Ceri, Vicky and Fiona which was so nice! I love them a lot! 10151233_739552736142800_7257185838434255136_n
19th March I am now on the train on the way to Hunter Valley! I literally thought I was going to faint whilst carrying my backpack and holdall – it was horrible! Just so much weight and it was so hot outside! Eek! But now I’m just updating this, editing some videos and am going to read or watch an episode of something, as I will be on this one train for another two hours and a half. Then another two hour train later. Lots of production time! I got to the farm tonight, and it was Geoff’s birthday so they had friends over for a BBQ. So I got stuck in straight away by helping prepare the food, setting the table, serving people and then we got to have some amazing food! 10641112_10152804209702362_3775487338389734137_n
20th March Today I cleaned the house with Cathy (Rod’s Daughter). So we vacuumed, polished and mopped the living room, kitchen, lounge area, office and bedroom and then cleaned the windows. Afterwards, I helped with the washing up and preparing of food again.

21st March So far today, it has been a day off. So I helped with some cleaning up and food preparing again, then had a small lesson in wine tasting. After that, I read Barb’s magazine for a bit and now I’m back in my room to download some more new books onto my Kindle. Barb and Geoff are going out to a 21st Birthday party, so me and Bryan have to look after the house and feed the cat. 11075241_10152806376967362_8349411001374472926_n
22nd March Today I baked cookies and banana cake with the woman. I had no time to myself today, although it was nice baking. The boy sat in his room all day watching films, until he had to cook dinner. Hmm?

23rd March
I went into the vineyard today, finally. I had a mini breakdown this morning, as I was upset the night before because I’m not happy here, so when they shouted this morning, I just started crying. Oops! (I was going to edit this post to avoid all of the negative, but I felt that it was honest and appropriate of the time!). It was really fun in the vineyard, although I got blisters all over my hands from pulling out the massive weeds. I went back to the house and she screamed at me for having blisters, then told me that the guy should’ve told me to use a shovel as well. Oh well. I then helped her with some administration stuff for the rest of the day and helped cook. I told her tonight that I wanted to leave because ‘I missed my family and might want to go home’ (I didn’t want to tell her that I was unhappy there) and she said I could leave in 3/4 weeks..

24th March I helped around the house again today, sorting out deliveries of wine and more data sheets. I told her again that I want to leave on Monday (giving her 5 days notice, like it says on her welcome paper and to help out for the busy weekend) but she wasn’t having any of it.. She shouted at me and said that it wasn’t fair if I left on Monday. So I didn’t go to the BBQ tonight, I stayed in and spoke to my mother, who isn’t happy about the situation at all (why would you be?!). When she came home from the BBQ, I told her that I want to leave in the morning, she shouted at me for a while and then turned nice again. She’s taking me to the train station tomorrow morning.

25th March
I left the farm today. She dropped me off at 10am to the train station. I helped her out with some more admin this morning, cleaned my room and then we were off. I was so relieved when I was on the train, but so stressed out. I got back to the hostel in Sydney eventually, still I was so anxious and didn’t want to speak to anybody. I’m surprised how much it took a toll on me, usually I’m fine with stuff like this! 10444408_10152816292692362_4836834621526154525_n
29th March The hostel had a UV Party for Earth Hour tonight, which was fun! I then went to Soda Factory tonight with Ceri, which was so good – we danced all night, met lots of new people and had such a good time! 11015874_10152822630742362_7344045988569313882_n
30th March I went for pancakes this morning with Ben, and then went back to the hostel where I am staying in an 8 Dorm room at the moment. It’s quite nice in there, sometimes a little noisy, but it’s good – nice and spacious! (and I have a bottom bunk!).

3rd April Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the hostel, which was really fun! Everyone got so competitive, but luckily there was enough to go around. Even if we did help out the kids a little, too! I have been doing activities within the hostel recently, so I can reduce the price of my rent. I really need it as at the moment, my money is running low as Sydney is such an expensive place! I would update you on the rest, but you’ll have to wait a little longer first! 10338336_848590105206347_8081407012667308162_n