New Year, New Me Series: My Life, My Way.

I have been thinking recently about what I am going to do with my life. Now that I am back from travelling and am coming up to the end of my seasonal sales job, I am looking into starting my career properly.

For the time being, I would love a part time job to keep a small amount of funds coming in as I really  need the extra time to myself to progress on learning my coding work. I really want to enter the Web Development industry on a profession level. I would prefer to be freelance, so I can have my own space, my own work environment and work around my own holidays and plans also.

I am also looking for an apartment for either just myself, or to share with one quiet friend. Since I suffered with Anxiety, I have been finding it difficult to be around noise, too many people and a whole range of other things. I want my space that I will be able to escape from and the ability to work on whatever projects I have, whenever I want, with no noise distractions!

If I want to be completely happy with myself, I need my space, my work, my funds and my friends/family.
I would like to also work in an office environment from time to time, but I feel like for the time being, I need to find out who I am as a person and see if I can give my dream aspirations a go!
I know that people might think that I am pushing my luck, but how am I going to know without trying, right?

Always think and aim big, you don’t have anything to lose!
Ambition is key.

What are your goals for this year? Let me know!

Australia update!

I am now staying at Bondi Beach for the week whilst the others are at surf camp!

We have been trying to look for apartments, sort out our Medicare and search for jobs.

It hasn’t really seemed like we are actually in Australia, until we got to Bondi Beach. It hit me straight away, I love it here!

It’s just how I imagined it to look, but with a lot less people (but accordingly it will get busier in the next few months!).

There’s a really good shopping mall called Westfield here, although we can’t really afford to go shopping! There’s also an Aldi which is really convenient and a nice, small shopping area with fresh fruit markets.

On Monday we went for a stroll to see what is around and then sat on the beach for an hour! Amazing!

Tomorrow we’re planning on having a chill day, hang out on the beach and have a read! Then we’re off to Blue Mountains on Saturday for the weekend!

Here are a few photos of bondi from Monday and this evening!