Blogging Targets 2016

I have been thinking of what I need to really give my blog that extra little boost. For me personally, I am not in it for the amount of views or anything but I just have a passion for writing about whatever I want to – whether it’s about Beauty, Video Games, having an Anxiety moment or anything random at all.

Although, I feel like my blog could do much more if I put my head down and understood the complete ins and outs of blogging. I have always just thought that it is ‘Write a post. Post it. Promote it on twitter, if you want. There are your views.’
But I am forever getting emails saying that I don’t get a lot of traffic and that there’s other ways to improve this. I just feel like I might as well look into this, it doesn’t make any difference to me personally as I’m still writing my posts but I might as well let more people see them?

So that’s what I am going to do, I am going to try look into traffic and all of that blogging background jargon!

Do any of you have any advice on this at all?
Let me know!

How shall I film my TBR?!

Last night, I filmed a TBR when I had a private room as I would just get some really, really weird looks from people in dorms otherwise haha! But, after I filmed it, I absolutely hated my footage. I looked so awkward and nervous, not forgetting that my speech was all over the place. Sometimes when I’m doing a proper video and not a vlog, I can’t get my words out and then it really stresses me out.

So, I decided to wait and hold off on the video and went on a little advice rant instead. Clearly, this was before I had an anxiety freak out but I thought that I’d still post it anyway as it’s what I was thinking at the time.

So basically, I wanted to ask you guys if it would bother you, if I filmed my TBRs like a vlog? Obviously I will try not to move the camera around a lot, but I will just be holding the camera instead until I get more confidence at talking about the books I have read (as I’m not too great at explaining on the spot!).

Let me know and I’ll really appreciate your opinions on this!
Prepare to cringe at the video, because I most certainly do!