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Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Book Review!

Title: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Author: J.K. Rowling

Purchase: Available in the UK and US.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Great For: Who doesn’t love Harry Potter?

Themes: Magic, Battles, History, Family

Review: That’s right, the wait is finally over!
It was safe to say that I was waiting for the Amazon delivery man to arrive and I ended up finishing the book within hours. I couldn’t put it down!

So, this new novel is based on the new play ‘Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ and is about Harry, his two sons and a daughter. They are off to Hogwarts to start their new adventure but they notice strange things going on with their son Albus..
Will we see people from the past? More encounters? Love? Death? You’ll have to wait and see for yourself.

And I’m not going to say anything else about the storyline, but there’s a lot of back and forth in the story and it is also written in a script format. I wasn’t too sure about this at first and I’m still not too sure, to be honest..
I found it a little difficult to keep up with each character (past, present, future) but I got there in the end!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 18.31.47

I really enjoyed this though and I cannot wait for some more Harry Potter related goodness! Sadly I haven’t got tickets for the play yet but I would absolutely love to see it, especially after reading this!

This book definitely brings back all of the ‘Harry Potter feels’ from the past novels and you won’t be disappointed 🙂

What is your favourite Harry Potter book and why?

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Harry Potter Studio Tour!

That’s right.. I have finally been to the Harry Potter Studios and I had such an amazing day!
I went with my friend Stephen and we had such a blast – we went shopping around London first and headed straight to the Warner Brothers Studios for an incredible day! We firstly saw the Great Hall which was a lot smaller than anticipated and from what it looks like in the films but it was still mind-blowing and such a sight to see! They also decorated the whole studios for christmas time, so everything was wintery with snow, christmas food, tinsel..
I loved the amount of props and costumes that they had at the Studios, I’m not sure why but I just didn’t expect as many as they were so great to see in the flesh! I just had to take a photo of almost everything!IMG_5932IMG_5943
And that everyone, is the face of pure happiness, right there.IMG_5969
They had a lot of incredible, random and smaller props around the place and I think the Remeberall really took my fancy! I adore the Remeberall in the films and the book and wish that I could get my own real life one, as I forget so much!IMG_6071IMG_6003
We then hopped over into the second lot at the studios and they had the Hogwarts Express (which I believe is new to the studio tour possibly? Feel free to correct me!) but this was so great to have photos with and you could even go inside and see some replicas of the carriages from several different years throughout the films!DSC05376
And, it was so beautiful to photograph! They also had a really cute shop too with all Hogwarts Express merchandise in.DSC05380DSC0538712366242_10153343427577362_7029182352458995771_n
“You’ve got a bit of dirt on your nose, by the way. Did you know?”DSC05399DSC05400
One aspect of the tour that I absolutely fell for was all of the Graphic Design features by MinaLima. They produced all of the design work for all of the films, so this included stuff like packaging, event brochures and programmes, newspapers, advertisements..
As a Graphic Designer myself, I thought that this was incredible!DSC05403DSC05404DSC05407
I really, really enjoyed the concept side of the tour, also. They had a third building which was mainly based around concept art and construction of the elements from the films. This showed you how they created the hundreds of creatures, props, hair and make up and even the set design which was mind-blowing!DSC05455DSC05457
In the middle of the concept building, we came across Diagon Alley which had to be my utmost favourite part of the tour! And what made it even sweeter, was that a woman had a short trail, like a scavenger hunt but they were random photographs of her placed around the studios with bows on them. It turns out that the guy proposed to her by the Hogwarts Castle and it was just too cute and such a great idea for a proposal!DSC05492DSC05494
Back into the Concept area of the tour, they had so many prints, carbon drawings and sketches of different ideas that would go towards production. These came in all different shapes and sizes and was such a great insight for Creative minds, like myself.DSC05503DSC05506DSC05516DSC05529
We sadly got to the end of the tour, but they saved one of the best moments for last! The Hogwarts Castle, and what would make it any better? SNOW!
This was just so beautiful that I had to take photographs of it from almost every single angle!12369227_10153343427627362_8619539123356055109_n
Before we headed on outside to see some of the larger props and backgrounds, we decided to have a cheeky little stop for some Butterbeer (the drink) and Butterbeer ice cream and they are both beautiful! (The drink isn’t the same as the frozen one in Orlando which is incredible, but this one is still amazing too!)941023_10153343428017362_1268470466393593345_n12376557_10153343428302362_2175615712190441125_nThe props outside were mainly from the original three films and I wanted to take every single one home with me! Obviously, I had to get a cheeky photo opportunity with the majority of them, of course!DSC05533DSC05541DSC05544IMG_6046I know that I have put in around 10,000 photos into this one blog post, but I thought ‘who doesn’t want to see loads of photos from the Harry Potter studios, as it is so incredible?’
So that’s all I have for my Harry Potter Studios post for now – I would write more, but I feel like I have possibly shown you a little too much in photographs alone! But have any of you been here? Did you go here at christmas time? Let me know what you think!

Have a Happy New Year all,

Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Author: J.K. Rowling

Purchase: Available in the UK and preorder for the US.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Great For: Young Adult

Themes: Magic, Wizards and Witches, Adventure, Challenges, Vengeance

Review: As always, the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling are always ALWAYS incredible!
I have decided to start re-reading these this year! And, as you can tell I just finished The Goblet Of Fire, which is probably one of my favourites out of the books, although I really don’t like the film adaptation of this book..
This now reminds me that I really, really want to go to the Harry Potter Studios when I get home from travelling, as I have been to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Orlando a few times but not London?!

Anyway, I don’t think there’s much explaining to do about this book, as most people have read them or seen the films – you all know the jist! I just thought that I would share my excitement that I am re-reading them and you all should too! 😀

Have you re-read the books? If so, how many times? If not, will you?

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10 Book Challenge Tag

Well, hello hello!

I have been tagged by the lovely Ali Caitrin (Ali Caitrin) for the 10 Book Challenge Tag! Wahoo! I love a good tag post, so I am super excited to do this – thank you Ali, for tagging me! I have to choose my Top 10 Books, and it is going to be rough! And after reading Ali’s, it turns out that we have a few in common! Here I go, but not in any particular order (because that’s even harder and I will feel like I’m cheating on my books!):

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

I read this book about 3 years ago, I went into Waterstones and got dragged in by the cover – not having a clue what it was about! I then read the back and the instant that I saw it’s about Germany in World War II, I had to buy it straight away. I absolutely adored this book, I couldn’t put it down and it literally left me in so many tears at the end, my mother would have thought there was something wrong with me!

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

WOW OH WOW. My friend Tom recommended this book to me about 3 years ago (at the time that I read The Book Thief) and when I started reading it, I thought that it was the most perfect book for me, in the world. Everything about it was perfect and relatable to me. Classic video games and bosses, nerdy references.. Perfection! This is DEFINITELY in my Top 3 books and I cannot wait to see what they will do with the film (although I’m pretty nervous about it..)

The Diary Of A Young Girl: Anne Frank

As you have seen from my other choice, I have always been obsessed with World War II and I have always fallen in love with Anne Frank’s story since I was in school. I am not too sure why, but I have always been fascinated by this and will always find myself dipping back into her diary every now and then. I even visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and tried so hard not to cry through the whole thing!

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Of course there has to be a Harry Potter book in my Top 10! You cannot go wrong with the very first book, as I remember reading the first few chapters in the car and I was extremely sad when we had to get out and I had to put my book down – I was so drawn into the story! We (90s kids) have grown up with the Harry Potter series, so there will always be a place in our hearts for them! (The first film is the best, too).

The Martian by Andy Weir

Although this book is in the hype at the moment, I only read this a few months ago although it’s been around for YEAAAARS! I really enjoy learning about space, especially as I child (I entered a competition to win a signed photo by a NASA astronaut – I came second..) and I could not wait to read this! The first chapter was just crazily captivating, I could not put it down – although, the only downside to this book is that it goes on and on a little bit too much about ‘I need this amount of this and this, to make this work today’.. But I still absolutely loved it! Cannot wait for the film to come out, I think that it is going to be incredible!

The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

I read this book just over a year ago and I fell in love. It is the most joyful, happy, uplifting book and you have that sense that you can regain faith in mankind (although, it’s fiction..) but still! In my mind, I felt it. This is the most delightful book and a definite mood booster.

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops by Jen Campbell

ANOTHER book that me and Ali have in common haha! But I read both of these books by Jen Campbell and I was dying not to laugh in public all of the time! I found them so funny and I could definitely re-read these over and over.

1984 by George Orwell

This book is definitely in my Top 3, too. I adore this book so much, I love a good dystopian world story – everything about this drew me in more and more. Even his style of writing, it pictured such amazing illustrations in my mind whilst I was reading through, that I even decided to study this book for my Illustration Project at university! What’s better than illustrating one of your favourite books?!

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth by Jules Verne

Ohhh, such an adventurous book to love love love! This book brought me so much excitement and was extremely intrigued the whole way through that I was even updating my parents after every chapter that I was reading (they might have hated me at the time, haha!). A definite ‘classic’ to read!

A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope On The Streets

Oh, Bob and James! I am pretty sure that most of you have heard about this true life story in the newspapers by now. I bought this on my Kindle for me and my mother to read about 3 years ago, and I flew through it in the one day. I absolutely loved it. It’s a heartbreaking story about a man that is homeless and turns to drugs to keep him going, but one day a ginger cat visits him and has never left his side since. They busk together whilst he’s sitting on his shoulder, ride the bus together and practically everything else!
James is now planning on opening a Cat Cafe in London, has raised a lot of money for the Blue Cross as they helped Bob (his ginger cat) at times and they are actually having a movie made about their life!

So there are my Top 10 Books for now – I know that I will probably realise later and think ‘OH, I FORGOT TO PUT IN THIS BOOK, AND THIS BOOK!’ but tough, Zoe. Your choice has been made.
Now I need to pick some amazing bloggers to do the 10 Book Challenge Tag! I am going to be choosing Alex Finch from carasanalysis, Vivatramp from vivatramp.blogspot.co.uk and Emily from Bambi’s Beauty Blogs.
I hope you enjoyed my tag and look out for some more travel posts and book reviews soon!

Harry Potter and the Illustrated, Beautiful, Hardcover of Loving Goodness?!

*These images are from Amazon*
I have recently stumbled across this gorgeous book, whilst I saw that Bloomsbury were releasing a purple hardcover, with golden pages of Harry Potter & The Philosophers Stone full of illustrations which is beautiful – BUT it’s $270.
So I started to read the comments for people’s reactions and they all thought that is was very expensive, nice but too expensive. Somebody then posted a link to an alternative which looks pretty similar on Amazon. HERE IS THE LINK TO IT.
It’s not going to be the same, of course. But it is still illustrated, has a beautiful hardcover and would look incredible on a bookshelf AND it is only £19.99! What a bargain! I just know that I need this book in my life, right now!

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone (Gift Edition)  (£19.99 Hardcover)