My Goals for 2017

What do I want to come out of 2017? What are my personal goals? Where do I want to be?

– By the end of 2017, I would love to feel a lot more confident with my Computer Animation skills, ready for the second year of my university course.

– Definitely up my photography game on my blog, I use to just snap a photograph quite quickly although still taking some consideration but I just never dived into really having a think about my composition and the use of props. So I am definitely looking into that!

– I want to improve myself. I have learnt that I need to take some time off from overloading myself with multiple tasks and just relax sometimes. If not, I know that my anxiety will be at it’s highest, I will have migraines galore and just run myself down!

– I want to read as much as I want, take some time out to do so.
If I want to sit back and play The Sims or watch a film, I will make time for that.

– I have given myself a target to become more active on Social Media, as I will get into a habit but a month later, I will disappear from the world of Twitter.

– Another goal for me, is to try and schedule a post for every Monday and Friday. So far I am slowly getting some scheduled ahead incase I become super busy with my university work but I can do this!

– I want to try to cook more, although whilst living in student accommodation it makes me not want to attempt it as there’s always a mess or people are not looking after our equipment.

– To move out of student accommodation and into an apartment with my boyfriend. I need that sense of independence again, especially as when I first went to university I was living in accommodation and then went on to travel for 16 months. I came back home, living with my parents and decided to go back to university again – so I feel like I have gone backwards slightly!

– I want to use my Wacom tablet more often and start to practice Digital drawing a lot more.

– I want to continue to draw in my sketchbooks on a daily basis as I got into a good habit of it, just before submission! Dang!

– I want to get out of my overdraft, as I seem to get paid a small amount and it just keeps going up and down, up and down.. a vicious circle!!

– Last goal from me for now, I would like to get out more and explore new places around me. I live in Cardiff and there is so much that I haven’t even seen of the city and I have lived here for 4 years! I need to get out of my routine of going from university to my room, from my room to town, back to my room.. *repeat*

So, just a brief post on what I would like to achieve in 2017! I know that they seem so simple and possibly silly to other people but I really need to just nail my balance of work and play! I would love to know what everybody else’s goals are and see if I can take any inspiration from these too! So let me know down below.


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Blogging Targets 2016

I have been thinking of what I need to really give my blog that extra little boost. For me personally, I am not in it for the amount of views or anything but I just have a passion for writing about whatever I want to – whether it’s about Beauty, Video Games, having an Anxiety moment or anything random at all.

Although, I feel like my blog could do much more if I put my head down and understood the complete ins and outs of blogging. I have always just thought that it is ‘Write a post. Post it. Promote it on twitter, if you want. There are your views.’
But I am forever getting emails saying that I don’t get a lot of traffic and that there’s other ways to improve this. I just feel like I might as well look into this, it doesn’t make any difference to me personally as I’m still writing my posts but I might as well let more people see them?

So that’s what I am going to do, I am going to try look into traffic and all of that blogging background jargon!

Do any of you have any advice on this at all?
Let me know!

New Year, New Me Series: My Life, My Way.

I have been thinking recently about what I am going to do with my life. Now that I am back from travelling and am coming up to the end of my seasonal sales job, I am looking into starting my career properly.

For the time being, I would love a part time job to keep a small amount of funds coming in as I really  need the extra time to myself to progress on learning my coding work. I really want to enter the Web Development industry on a profession level. I would prefer to be freelance, so I can have my own space, my own work environment and work around my own holidays and plans also.

I am also looking for an apartment for either just myself, or to share with one quiet friend. Since I suffered with Anxiety, I have been finding it difficult to be around noise, too many people and a whole range of other things. I want my space that I will be able to escape from and the ability to work on whatever projects I have, whenever I want, with no noise distractions!

If I want to be completely happy with myself, I need my space, my work, my funds and my friends/family.
I would like to also work in an office environment from time to time, but I feel like for the time being, I need to find out who I am as a person and see if I can give my dream aspirations a go!
I know that people might think that I am pushing my luck, but how am I going to know without trying, right?

Always think and aim big, you don’t have anything to lose!
Ambition is key.

What are your goals for this year? Let me know!

New Year, New Me Series: An Empty Inbox

It’s a New Year, so what do I really want to do? Empty out my whole inbox.
I tend to keep up to date with these things, but when I went travelling I let these all slide and now I am stuck with about 3,000 emails to sort out, delete or put into folders.

The sense of being organised to me, is just great. I absolutely adore things being orderly, sorted out and organised. It just gives me a peace of mind and a sense of achievement.

Don’t worry, my whole MacBook and hard drives are going to have a New Year clear out too!

Do any of you do this? Or actually enjoy doing it?
Let me know!

New Years Changes

As almost every single post and Facebook status will say, new year new changes!
I have had such an incredible year – I have been living in Sydney and met some of the most incredible people I have known, I have travelled throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the USA and then I came back home to my friends, got straight back into work, met even more new friends and have started to re-settle down again.

Although, I have had such a great year, I have also had quite a tough time running alongside too. I have been ‘diagnosed’ with Anxiety and I hate it. As you might have read from my previous posts about this, I never realised that I had it before, I thought that I was just a constant worrier and got overly-stressed over any little thing and it was normal. Things just got worse and worse, up to the point that I had to go to the doctors to ask about this and seek for help. You can read more about this in my previous blog posts.

But, moving back onto the subject of my New Years changes: I want to overcome my anxiety (it’s not as easy as it sounds) but I want to at least make some progress, learn to not worry as much about the littlest of things in life, not take comments to heart and not listen to what people think of me as a person (most of the time, they don’t think anything but I just assume – hey, anxiety for you!).

I have always been a strong person and I have felt myself drop in this, the last 6 months. I want to become a really strong person again and just rebuild myself and my confidence. I want to be able to control my thoughts and push back the thoughts that I don’t need to be worrying about.

I am hoping to have a fresh, new start and really get stuck into my career in the next year. I am planning on moving from home again, possibly get a part time job for the time being so that I can concentrate on learning new skills so that I can become more confident within the Web Development industry.

So, they are my goals for the year. They aren’t exactly the cliched ‘resolutions’ but these are my main goals and what is relevant to me: be happy, grow and develop my skills and become a stronger person.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Do different countries have different traditions for New Years? Let me know below!
Happy New Year to you all!

My Bucket List!

I have always had the thought of a Bucket List, or when I end up doing something incredible I’ll say ‘One crossed off the Bucket List’.. but I never actually had one. So I have decided to give it a go (with a bit of help from google, of course)..
Here is my bucket list so far.. and some of the things that are bold (completed) can be open to do more of that certain thing, of course!

Have any of you got a bucket list? What’s your biggest achievement so far? I would love to hear some inspiration!


  • Travel the world
  • Learn a new language
  • Become a Web Developer
  • Live in a big city
  • Go Scuba Diving
  • Go snorkelling
  • Go skiing
  • Do a skydive
  • Do an extreme sport
  • Connect with past teachers
  • Let someone know how much he/she means to you
  • Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
  • Perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return
  • Make a difference in someone’s life
  • Be a mentor to someone
  • Pursue Your Passion
  • Start a business
  • Fly in a hot air balloon
  • Sing to an audience
  • Do volunteer work
  • Befriend a stranger
  • Get a drink for a stranger
  • Walk/Dance barefoot in the rain
  • Experience a sunrise/sunset
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Witness a solar eclipse
  • Go stargazing
  • Plant a tree
  • Get a pet
  • Go on a blind date
  • Further your education
  • Play a new musical instrument
  • Wind a lucky draw
  • Take up dancing
  • Go on a road trip
  • Live in a different country for at lesast 6 monthsF
  • Create your dream home
  • Tell at least 10 people about your bucket list
  • See cherry blossoms in Japan
  • Organise a picnic outing
  • Do something crazy and completely out of character
  • Fly first class
  • Visit a volcano
  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Fall in love
  • Learn some sign language
  • See the Mona Lisa
  • Go Whale watching
  • Dive with sharks
  • Go on safari
  • Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Route 66
  • Catch the sunset over Uluru
  • Hike up a glacier
  • Go paragliding
  • Visit Walt Disney World
  • Visit Disneyland Calafornia
  • Visit Las Vegas