Xbox 360: Disneyland Adventures (Kinect)

Can I point out how much of an underrated game this is? This is one of my all time favourite games for the Xbox 360 and I always highly recommend it to families that love Disney.
If you’re a huge Disney parks and film freak like me, then this is the ultimate video game for you. No joke.
You use to Kinect (which is a camera for your Xbox 360 that detects your body, so you can control the game by using your hands, arms, jumping, dancing, ducking down..)
You get to walk/run around Disneyland, hug the characters, collect autographs from all of them, ride the rides (most of them have a level built into these, so you have to jump over obstacles, duck under things, move left and right to avoid stuff) and you can do whatever you like! Not to mention, that there’s also Hidden Mickeys in this game. Snap the camera out and away you go!


I really have no idea how this game wasn’t more popular? I have had this game for 3/4 years now and I still absolutely love it. There’s so much to the game and I have only completed about 50% of the achievements and I have been on here for hours!

My only problem that yes, it’s a Kinect game but I get so addicted to playing this game that my arms are in agony from all of the hours that I am playing it! You need to lift your arm and move it left and right to walk, and I am aching the next day but really feel the need and addiction to carry on collecting autographs and hidden mickeys! That is a sacrifice I am willing to take!


Have you played this? I’m so sad that this isn’t going to be reverse compatible with the new Kinect for the Xbox One but this is a game that makes me want to keep my Xbox 360 in the works!

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Sexism. Why is it seen as right?

You know what’s annoying me? People being sexist. Towards me, towards my friends, towards anyone.
I work in video game retail and I get comments or remarks about being a female. Sometimes they aren’t nasty comments or aren’t suppose to come across in a certain way, but they do.

‘Oh, you work in a video game store?’

‘It’s nice to see women working here, too’. – I know that this was meant as a good thing and almost a compliment as the customer said that seeing a female is more approachable and comfortable for her. I understand that completely, that’s great to hear but why should it even need to be said in the first place?  There should never even be that barrier or have to cross someone’s mind?

‘You play video games?’ – men will often ask you this, and seem very shocked at the fact that women actually play video games. This is the 21st century, it’s nothing new and there’s no rules on who can and can’t play! Or I even get the ‘I didn’t expect you to be a gamer’ or ‘I didnt think you looked like a gamer’ – why not? Why do I have to look a certain way to be able to play them? Do I even need to look a certain way? No. It’s just that sadly, that’s how society is wired to think half of the time!

The other thing that can be irritating, is that I work with the majority of men. So yes, we all have a joke and a laugh about each other but then there’s that line of what you can say to each other. I had the comment ‘Yes, I’m a male. I can do exactly what you do, and much much MUCH more..’ – and that really annoyed me. I know it wasn’t said seriously, it was part joke but the fact that someone even thinks that in the first place.. And this was said in front of several customers, which was really embarrassing for me. You could see the look on their faces too, some were slightly horrified at what was said and others just laughed it off as a joke. It shouldn’t be a joke in the first place.

In fact, I can do exactly what you do, no matter what and nothing is stopping me. Why should someone be seen as inferior just because of their gender? Or even whilst on the case, by someone’s race or sexuality? Oh, I’m smaller, lighter and maybe physically weaker than you? That doesn’t meant that I cannot do anything that you can.

It’s like, I use to do kickboxing years ago but still, men don’t really take you seriously if you say that to them. Why not? Women can be just as strong, there’s so many women that give the men a run for their money.

I am not usually someone that goes on and on about equality, sexism, how others are treated.. I usually keep it to myself, but recently I have had to vent about it. I do not stand for any crap from people, I will not let someone talk me down and treat me unfairly. If they do, yes it can upset me but I like to let them realise that they are in the wrong and should not treat others the same. They would not like it if it was them, people need to learn where the line is between joking and knocking people down.

Huge rant over! I just thought that some of you would appreciate this post and even have some experiences to share 🙂