YouTube: Disastrous Kayaking in Franz Josef!

This was one of my favourite days in New Zealand – I loved every minute of it!
I say that it is ‘disastrous’ but just in the fact that we all kept sabotaging each other and rowing into trees and verges..
But as you can see, I am finally getting through my footage very slowly but surely! Lots more videos to come up, so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you want to go kayaking or have you been? Was it as disastrous as ours?


New Year, New Me Series: My Life, My Way.

I have been thinking recently about what I am going to do with my life. Now that I am back from travelling and am coming up to the end of my seasonal sales job, I am looking into starting my career properly.

For the time being, I would love a part time job to keep a small amount of funds coming in as I really  need the extra time to myself to progress on learning my coding work. I really want to enter the Web Development industry on a profession level. I would prefer to be freelance, so I can have my own space, my own work environment and work around my own holidays and plans also.

I am also looking for an apartment for either just myself, or to share with one quiet friend. Since I suffered with Anxiety, I have been finding it difficult to be around noise, too many people and a whole range of other things. I want my space that I will be able to escape from and the ability to work on whatever projects I have, whenever I want, with no noise distractions!

If I want to be completely happy with myself, I need my space, my work, my funds and my friends/family.
I would like to also work in an office environment from time to time, but I feel like for the time being, I need to find out who I am as a person and see if I can give my dream aspirations a go!
I know that people might think that I am pushing my luck, but how am I going to know without trying, right?

Always think and aim big, you don’t have anything to lose!
Ambition is key.

What are your goals for this year? Let me know!

Look for the Funnier Sides of Life!

Recently, I feel like people should stop taking life too seriously, and laugh more.
I love laughing, letting go and being myself. I don’t care that some people might thing I’m mad, because I don’t like to be boring and reserved, I like to joke around and have fun by letting my hair down!
I have been trying to stop taking things so seriously, and now I don’t even think of some small things!

Tripped over something whilst walking? Feel embarrassed? You aren’t going to die from it and everyone does it, so what the hell! Carry on, and have a laugh!

Someone doesn’t want to be your friend, as you seem a little too energetic and upbeat? Hey, there’s plenty more people that will be friends with you because they love you, for who you are!

This is what I feel about my life.
If I want to do impressions, sing like an idiot and cry with laughter with my friends – that is what I am going to do!

A little random, I know but this is what I have been thinking about recently.
Be happy.

G Adventures Trip: Part Three (Cairns)

This is going to be the last and final post of my G Adventures Trip. I had such an amazing time on this trip and met some of the best people. Not forgetting, that our guide was awesome and helped us so much at getting the best experience going!
Getting to the point, this is going to be a short post as it was our final stop on the trip. We got off the 10 hour train journey and went straight to A J Hackett’s Bungy and Minjin Swing! We didn’t hesitate after a long train journey, we needed some adrenaline in our systems! I decided to do a Minjin Swing with two other friends and it was so much fun!10570388_10153022405992362_8372212880737498120_n
The Minjin Swing basically puts you into a harness and pulls you upwards and backwards to a post at the very top. So you are dangling in the air, tilting forward and then you have to pull the cord yourself so that you start flying downwards and into a giant swing! It was so much fun as you start flying over the building and through the jungle forest that was there! TOO MUCH FUN!
I will probably upload the Go Pro video we had, in the near future (as my internet is a little poop at the moment!). The others decided to do a Bungee Jump which looked amazing, but I didn’t have enough courage for that yet! A skydive is more my sort of thing, until I overcome that!
11059673_10153022406382362_5716841450635545420_n 11412280_10153022406007362_6667091188279829299_n
After this, our tour was technically over but we still carried on having some fun! We decided to have a night out for the last time when everyone was all still together. We went for some food at the Wool Shed, then started on some drinks before heading off to another few bars. It was such a nice experience and an honour to have such lovely people to experience it with, as that’s not always the case but we all had such a great time together! Here are our before and after photos of the group!
11055317_10155672355945307_2784373596380680992_n 11535658_10155672356230307_4579526187242137761_n 11539723_10155672356615307_9039581226524715212_n
As I said, this is a very short post as we just had a few chill days by the lagoon and eating ice cream. But I wanted to say a massive thank you to G Adventures for such an amazing trip and I won’t forget it!
I would highly recommend doing one of these tours, if there’s any problems on the way then they sort it out so quickly and you’re guaranteed to have a great time!

Have you done a G Adventures tour? Where would you like to travel next?

G Adventures Brisbane – Cairns Tour
The Wool Shed, Cairns

Goodbye Sydney..

So, here it is.. my last hour in Sydney!
I am so sad to leave Sydney and I am going to miss all of the amazing friends I have made and all of the places we have been – but it’s finally time to move on and start travelling properly.

I’m currently at the airport and I can’t stop thinking of everyone, when every single song comes on.
I have had some great memories, taken risks and really challenged myself since I have been here. It was one of the best 9 months of my life.
I think I will return one day, not too quickly though as there’s so many more places to see first, but I will return one day!

I want to thank all of my friends for being there for me through everything and for all of the great times we had together.
I love you all, so much. (Yes, the emotions are flowing right now haha!).

Goodbye Sydney.

11053258_10152997425207362_7011340294039019273_n 18908_10152997425277362_3303265472325708446_n 1623470_10152997425487362_2372535859050692819_n 11401423_10152997425962362_2283309841209678061_n 10437818_10152997427132362_3771375133158272492_n 11401503_10152997426727362_7489380744837175972_n

Anxiety, Anxiety, Anxiety.

As you might have noticed either from my posts or from knowing me in general, I have started to suffer with anxiety.
I feel like I have always been stressed out about the smallest of things, but could find a way of relaxing in the end.
Since I have been travelling, I have become very stressed sometimes and for the last few months, I feel like I haven’t been able to de-stress and relax properly. I know that I shouldn’t be stressing about anything, but I still do. I try to relax, so I take time out and read in bed which helps but I know that it will trigger very quickly again.

I have never really noticed it until a few months ago, that it really annoys me that I am constantly stressing or worrying about something.
Even little things can irritate or anger me, like small noises, people snoring, general noise..
Obviously, I feel like being away from home and not having my own room is quite a bit part in this but I have even started to become socially anxious.

I am usually a people person, and I would say that I still am, in my own new way. I will speak to almost anyone, happily. But, the last few months whilst staying at the hostel, I find that it’s easier for me to run away to my room from people I know, because I know that I’ll get distracted there for long periods of time when I should try to rest and relax, or I even find it easier to do that so people won’t ask me several questions.
Of course, I love all of my friends so much and I know that when I do take the time to speak to everybody, I really enjoy it. But it’s just the initial step of doing it, or the run up to it.
I feel that when I’m ready to go and speak to everyone, I will do that in my time.

I have gotten to the point that I am stressed so often, that my psoriasis is a lot worse and flares up every 1-2 days (even my mother has noticed via Facetime on several occasions), my glands have been swelling up a lot more and I have had numerous headaches on times – just hours apart from each other.

Is this just completely messed up of me? Am I over reacting and just worrying about the smallest of things?
I think it’s time that I finally address this and speak up about it.
I just want to go about my business, then curl into a ball in my room, in complete silence and read a book – basically!

I’m even stressing now (as I have a 4 person room to myself) about when the next person is going to check in, when are they going to come, are they going to be noisy, will they snore (that really, really makes me angry for some reason – I know it’s not their fault..), will they want constant conversation when I like my own time?

Do any of you feel this way ever? I use to think I was just over stressing, but it seems like I’m constantly doing this now, for the past few months!
Feel free to throw me some advice, your experiences or anything! I would really appreciate some chit chat about all of this, right now.

(I can’t even think of an end to my post, ‘Speak to you soon’ seems a little too bipolar for this!)
You get what I mean! I’m not even going to look back on this post, I have just wrote it straight from the top of my head!