So, here I’m writing from the past..

Basically, today it’s the 10th May and I thought that I would start writing this now. I am trying to catch up on my blog posts, and I know that I will be in work during the week and probably a little hectic, but here it goes..
I am finally revealing what I have been hiding for about 4 months!


On Saturday (probably the day that you will be reading this), I will be flying to Orlando as my family are going on holiday. I have decided that I will surprise my mother when I get there, as she doesn’t know that I will be there.
I get to the airport before them in Florida, so I will have a little wait around until I bump into them. I am planning a little method of surprising her, depending on what I can do at the time.

But yes, I have been wanting to tell you all this for ages as obviously, I am very excited to be going but haven’t been able to write anything incase she reads it (she reads my blog every now and then!).

So by now, I am probably still sitting on my 19 hour flight, possibly bored out of my mind, possibly sitting next to a crazy person, possibly sleeping or maybe even reading..

I will be updating you all on what I am doing when I get there, and yes, I will be taking a lot of videos whilst I’m there (especially the surprise). I will vlog on my way there, too. (I am taking my macbook, this time as we’ll have free wifi).

So prepare for lots of Disney and Universal related things in the next two weeks hopefully! I know that it can get really hectic over there though and I might not upload as much as I hoped – but I will definitely catch up at least when I get back. Hopefully I’ll have time to do it there and then!

So, let’s hope this surprise goes well!

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

I have only gone and grabbed myself a travel pillow for the plane. I put quite a bit of research into travel pillows, as I can never sleep on planes and if I use a standard travel pillow, my neck hurts a lot after a while or it deflates whilst I’m sleeping!
So, I have grabbed one of these Cabeau Evolution Pillows! It is full of memory foam, and has two tiers, so it will support you higher up the neck (which is what I need!). This feels so comfortable when I tried it out when I first got it – I will let you know how I feel about it after a 19 hour flight!

Usually I’m not a fan of the chunky pillows that you can’t cram into your bag, but you can actually compress this down to at least 1/4 of the size! So it’s hopefully going to be super handy and will fit in my bag!
Also, not to mention, it has an iphone/ipod holder in the side, too – so no need to worry about dropping your phone whilst sleeping! WAHOO!


New Vlog: Gold Coast, Cyclone Time.

Here is my new Gold Coast vlog! A short video, but I couldn’t go out for a few days because the weather was really bad – Byron Bay short video to come up next though!