My Time at the Netflix Apartment

A Netflix event sounds incredible, right? I was so fortunate to attend Netflix’s event at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff for a great evening of teaser trailers and exclusives for their upcoming shows for 2017.

We walk up to the front door of the apartment which bares a sign with Netflix written on it. We are then greeted and filled with such warm welcomes to the apartment which looks absolutely incredible. The apartment is adorned with Netflix branded cushions, notepads, pillows, photo frames and so much more. There is a huge table filled with all of the beverages you could imagine from Champagne, Prosecco to bottles of Lager and soft drinks.
From the apartment, you get an incredible view from the ceiling to floor windows looking out along Cardiff Bay which is a sight I never can get tired of!


We get to know each other, introduce ourselves and give a brief background of our lives and almost instantly we burst out into conversations of TV Series, films and different platforms that we watch Netflix on.

We are then shown some really exciting teaser trailers from upcoming shows for 2017 that include 13 Reasons Why (this is based on the book by Jay Asher, which a review is coming up shortly!) and Mindhunter which instantly reeled me in just from the teaser trailer!
I have a ‘What shows am I looking forward to in 2017‘ post where I go into more detail about both of these shows and more. I have left links on each title to Netflix’s website so you can go watch the teaser trailers now.


The champagne is still in full flow, we are so kindly served canapés and macarons throughout the evening and I knew it was time that I had a photo opportunity with the Netflix Bed (Hey, I couldn’t resist – those cushions were a must!)


I would like to thank Netflix and the team so much for the incredible event and for inviting us along. We had such an amazing time, so appreciative for getting to see exclusive clips of upcoming shows that I am dying to watch and hope to stay in contact and see some future events to spread the word about even more great shows coming to us!

Now, less of me rambling on and more of me getting my Netflix binge started for the day!
Do you guys love Netflix? Which shows are you currently binging? I would love to know!

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Amazon Fire Stick Review

I have recently purchased an Amazon Fire Stick so that I can have everything all in one place such as Amazon Video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Music, Photos and so on, so on..

I am very impressed with how simple it is and how easy it is to setup – Amazon automatically link your account to the Fire Stick (you can ask them not to if it’s a gift) and it comes on instantly! Not forgetting that it’s just a USB stick that you simply plug into the power source and your tv and BOOM on it goes! Very simple.


At a bargain of £34.99, I would highly recommend the Amazon Fire Stick as it’s just simple, has all the content you need and you can even download third party apps onto it. Handy!

I feel that this product is definitely for all age ranges and is suitable for families too. It is jam packed with films and tv programmes, you can listen to your music on there, view your photos from the Amazon Cloud and you can even play games on here too (& purchase a gaming controller too, if needed).

It is very easy to navigate, personalise and find the correct films and shows that you want. If you can’t be bothered with the simply remote (which has a similar layout to the Apple TV Remote) then you can download the Amazon Fire App that lets you use your phone as a remote as a mouse, voice recognition and to type!

You can find the Amazon Fire Stick from this link HERE
Have you tried one of these? Or have something similar?
Tell me your experiences with ‘Smart boxes’!

Harry Potter Studio Tour!

That’s right.. I have finally been to the Harry Potter Studios and I had such an amazing day!
I went with my friend Stephen and we had such a blast – we went shopping around London first and headed straight to the Warner Brothers Studios for an incredible day! We firstly saw the Great Hall which was a lot smaller than anticipated and from what it looks like in the films but it was still mind-blowing and such a sight to see! They also decorated the whole studios for christmas time, so everything was wintery with snow, christmas food, tinsel..
I loved the amount of props and costumes that they had at the Studios, I’m not sure why but I just didn’t expect as many as they were so great to see in the flesh! I just had to take a photo of almost everything!IMG_5932IMG_5943
And that everyone, is the face of pure happiness, right there.IMG_5969
They had a lot of incredible, random and smaller props around the place and I think the Remeberall really took my fancy! I adore the Remeberall in the films and the book and wish that I could get my own real life one, as I forget so much!IMG_6071IMG_6003
We then hopped over into the second lot at the studios and they had the Hogwarts Express (which I believe is new to the studio tour possibly? Feel free to correct me!) but this was so great to have photos with and you could even go inside and see some replicas of the carriages from several different years throughout the films!DSC05376
And, it was so beautiful to photograph! They also had a really cute shop too with all Hogwarts Express merchandise in.DSC05380DSC0538712366242_10153343427577362_7029182352458995771_n
“You’ve got a bit of dirt on your nose, by the way. Did you know?”DSC05399DSC05400
One aspect of the tour that I absolutely fell for was all of the Graphic Design features by MinaLima. They produced all of the design work for all of the films, so this included stuff like packaging, event brochures and programmes, newspapers, advertisements..
As a Graphic Designer myself, I thought that this was incredible!DSC05403DSC05404DSC05407
I really, really enjoyed the concept side of the tour, also. They had a third building which was mainly based around concept art and construction of the elements from the films. This showed you how they created the hundreds of creatures, props, hair and make up and even the set design which was mind-blowing!DSC05455DSC05457
In the middle of the concept building, we came across Diagon Alley which had to be my utmost favourite part of the tour! And what made it even sweeter, was that a woman had a short trail, like a scavenger hunt but they were random photographs of her placed around the studios with bows on them. It turns out that the guy proposed to her by the Hogwarts Castle and it was just too cute and such a great idea for a proposal!DSC05492DSC05494
Back into the Concept area of the tour, they had so many prints, carbon drawings and sketches of different ideas that would go towards production. These came in all different shapes and sizes and was such a great insight for Creative minds, like myself.DSC05503DSC05506DSC05516DSC05529
We sadly got to the end of the tour, but they saved one of the best moments for last! The Hogwarts Castle, and what would make it any better? SNOW!
This was just so beautiful that I had to take photographs of it from almost every single angle!12369227_10153343427627362_8619539123356055109_n
Before we headed on outside to see some of the larger props and backgrounds, we decided to have a cheeky little stop for some Butterbeer (the drink) and Butterbeer ice cream and they are both beautiful! (The drink isn’t the same as the frozen one in Orlando which is incredible, but this one is still amazing too!)941023_10153343428017362_1268470466393593345_n12376557_10153343428302362_2175615712190441125_nThe props outside were mainly from the original three films and I wanted to take every single one home with me! Obviously, I had to get a cheeky photo opportunity with the majority of them, of course!DSC05533DSC05541DSC05544IMG_6046I know that I have put in around 10,000 photos into this one blog post, but I thought ‘who doesn’t want to see loads of photos from the Harry Potter studios, as it is so incredible?’
So that’s all I have for my Harry Potter Studios post for now – I would write more, but I feel like I have possibly shown you a little too much in photographs alone! But have any of you been here? Did you go here at christmas time? Let me know what you think!

Have a Happy New Year all,

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope (William Shakespeare’s Star Wars #4) by Ian Doescher Review

Oh, now this one is a good one! This is one for the other Star Wars fans out there – it is a retelling of the Star Wars films in script form, also in the style of William Shakespeare. It is a really humorous read and great to see a different perspective of the films!
I would highly recommend these books, as they come in a set (which now you can purchase the Box Set which has a pretty beautiful illustration all along it), especially for a Star Wars fan. A great early christmas gift idea, there?
Especially as the new Star Wars movie is coming out this year! I cannot wait!

(Kindle Edition: £21.61, Hardcover £22.75).

Have any of you read these?! Tell me if you love/hate them!

What I bought in London



Yet again, me and Glen went to London but this time it was for my birthday (although we went the day after). I knew that I wanted to get a few things, although I didn’t end up buying most of them but I found some good bargains in Boots and HMV!
The shops, especially the clothing ones were so busy that I didn’t have the patience for it, so we decided to take a trip to Westfield Shopping Centre, that we have never visited. It was such a good choice, as we found some bargains there.

We went into Boots and I didn’t expect to get much from their sales, as I thought ‘it’s London, the good sale stuff would’ve sold out by now’ but I was surprised! I found this No7 set hiding behind another item, this was the last one but I had been eyeing this up before christmas and thought that I’d get it in the sale. I wanted this as they’re a good travel size and I can try some new products out (Hot Cloth Cleanser that everyone raves about) before I purchase the full size! This was such a good buy, as it was reduced to £8!
This set includes a Muslin Cloth, Eye Make up Remover, a Day Moisturiser (with SPF 15), Night Cream, a headband to keep your hair out of your face whilst cleaning and the famous Hot Cloth Cleanser.




I then saw some Soap & Glory sets left around, I previously wanted to get the Gloss Sticks set but I haven’t seen them at all in the sales! But recently, I have been thinking about getting some lip glosses. I’m not sure whether it’s a phase, or if I’ve just gotten back into a past like. I was going to purchase MAC’s Nocturnal Lip Gloss sets, but they were all sold out and couldn’t bring myself to buy a single lip gloss for £18 each, so these were such a good fix instead!




I thought that I would have a last, quick browse around the store before I went to the till. I found this on its own too, so I snatched it up as soon as I could as someone else seemed interested *mine*. This is such good value as I bought the Miscellar Solution a lot and it’s usually around the £5 mark when it’s not on offer. So to get this box set for £5 was amazing! The moisturiser is a little pricey too, so that was a bonus!




We had a browse in HMV and I saw that The Amazing Spider-man was in a ‘2 for £10’ offer, so I had to get it to go into my ‘nerdy’ collection back home. I love this film so much! I couldn’t really find another ‘nerdy’ related film that I wanted, that was in the same offer – but I found Moon which I have heard it really good! So I can’t wait to give this a watch (I am a bit of a space nerd, too).




Last but not least, I ventured into Paperchase as they had good items in the sale, a few days ago. I really wanted to get a diary for my blogging/youtube/university routine, to keep me more organised and scheduled. I had an urge to get a Filofax from their website as they are reduced, but I resisted, as knowing me, I’d probably forget about it half way through the year!


So that’s all I bought in London (apart from some Buffy from Lush, and another big bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter which is now half price in Boots), as I’m probably going to order some tops from ASOS this evening! Or maybe a cheeky Pandora ring purchase!
I will be uploading my London Trip Vlog possibly tomorrow, so keep an eye out for that!

Have you found any sales bargains?! x

My Favourite Things about the Holidays!

Favourite thing about the holidays:

I love the Christmas Holidays! One of my favourite things has to be moving back home from university, to see the family and family friends. Also, I don’t say no to the cooking and company!

Favourite holiday tradition(s):

Our one ‘tradition’ that I like doing, is visiting family & friends on christmas eve to deliver their presents! I really enjoy this because some years, we don’t get to see certain people until Christmas Eve – so it’s great to finally catch up with everyone!

Favourite holiday decor:

I basically love every bit of christmas decorations! Tinsel, lights, ceiling hangers, just everything!

Although, I love all of them – I don’t think it would be christmas without candles and our coal fire being lit!

Favourite holiday food:

There’s nothing better than Christmas Dinner, mainly as I don’t eat too many ‘Sunday Roasts’ throughout the year – so that makes me ridiculously excited for Christmas Dinner! They ALWAYS has to be trifle, as that’s my favourite desert!
But, on the christmas theme, I love it when my mother makes gingerbread biscuits and mince pies (although, I have jam instead – as I don’t like mince pies!)

Favourite holiday movie(s):

I have two completely different films, which I’d say have a genre for themselves. The first one would be Jingle All The Way – I loved that film when I was younger and I watch it over and over, all year round! The second one is a definite classic – Meet Me In St Louis, it’s a film that makes me feel so homely. It reminds me of family, especially my grandfather who I miss a lot. It’s such a beautiful classic family film, with really catchy songs! If you haven’t seen it, then you must!

Favourite holiday song(s):

This is a hard one! I have so many favourite christmas songs – classic ones and the more modern. One of the newest songs would be Coldplay – Christmas Lights, it’s so beautiful and makes me well up every time! Then, for the mainstream christmas songs, I would say either Elton John’s ‘Step Into Christmas’ or Shakin Stevens’ ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’! And lastly, for the classics, there’s a few artists more than songs, I will be listening to Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland and Doris Day on repeat!

What are your favorite holiday favorites?



Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2


The much awaited sequel – Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2! I was so excited when I heard that they were making a sequel – although sequel’s aren’t always the best, I was so impressed with this! I personally think that it is much better than the first film!


I don’t want to give much away about the film, so I’ll just write my opinions here.

My main reason: the adorable characters that are in this film! I was amazed by the world that they created, it’s something that I would’ve loved to work on and design. They combined animals with food, to create different creatures for this new world such as Hipotatomus and Mosquitoast. It was insanely adorable, brightly coloured and full of humour. If I may say, the cuteness pushed the monkey out of the scene a little bit (especially the strawberry).


If you haven’t seen this, but loved the first one then GO AND SEE IT ASAP! You will be pleasantly surprised!

This film is definitely suitable for all ages, especially children, but also for the big children at heart. I would also recommend this to the animation lovers.

Definite 4/5!