Wanaka is such a pretty little place, there’s not too much there but it is stunning! The scenery down by the lake is incredible (if I can find a photo, if not I will have to google one to show you how beautiful it was!).

They also have a really cool Cinema called… Paradiso? They have sofa’s and have converted a van into seats which is so cool!
Before we left, Kiwi Experience took us to Puzzle World which was quirky. It was like a Optical Illusion house.. It was filled with illusions, puzzle games and really made you think about some things! They even had a massive room that went uphill, but looked like it was normal, so your balance and orientation was completely messed up! It was great fun!
I’ll put a few photos to show you what I mean!
Not much more to say, I apologise if I’m bad at re-capping on these places recently! I find it so hard to remember things, so I’m trying to push out as much as possible!
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Big Hero 6 Review

BIG HERO 6?! – Oh my, this film blew me away!
I have a huge passion for animation and this film was incredible!
Hiro-and-Baymax-Big-Hero-6_article_story_large fred-big-hero-6-1

I have heard that it’s a good film, but usually I don’t believe the hype on some things. Yes, I was sceptical about this film at first, but as soon as it started I was in love!
I love the environment design, character design, the humour.. everything!
This film definitely appeals to children and also the older audience – I think that a lot of ‘nerdier’ people would love this too, and I even spotted a Stan Lee-esqe character who is Fred’s Dad in the film and is actually voiced by Stan Lee!

I don’t want to write a lot incase I spoil the film, so I will leave it here with my overall, general opinion. Go and watch this film! *These aren’t my images*
If any of you have seen this film, then please let me know what you thought about it, I would love to know!

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2


The much awaited sequel – Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2! I was so excited when I heard that they were making a sequel – although sequel’s aren’t always the best, I was so impressed with this! I personally think that it is much better than the first film!


I don’t want to give much away about the film, so I’ll just write my opinions here.

My main reason: the adorable characters that are in this film! I was amazed by the world that they created, it’s something that I would’ve loved to work on and design. They combined animals with food, to create different creatures for this new world such as Hipotatomus and Mosquitoast. It was insanely adorable, brightly coloured and full of humour. If I may say, the cuteness pushed the monkey out of the scene a little bit (especially the strawberry).


If you haven’t seen this, but loved the first one then GO AND SEE IT ASAP! You will be pleasantly surprised!

This film is definitely suitable for all ages, especially children, but also for the big children at heart. I would also recommend this to the animation lovers.

Definite 4/5!