January Boots Haul

So here we go again..
I needed to pick up some essentials in Boots and try not to end up purchasing things that I do not need (I’m aiming to reduce my spending!), so apologies for the basic items but I thought I’d still share them with you!

Firstly, I need some new conditioner as I run out. Usually I would try something completely different each time, so I can find the perfect one but I wasn’t feeling any of the offers in place. So I saw that Pantene was on offer and grabbed that – I have always been brought up using Pantene and have never had any problems, just left with silky soft hair! I opted to try the Breakage Defence one as I have never used this one – so I’ll let you guess know what I think later on!


Second product that I picked up was the Schwarzkopf Got2Be Guardian Angel Heat Defence Spray. I have used this in the past and it is one of my favourites! It smells incredible, leaves my hair silky soft and does the job of protecting my hair too. There’s nothing more that I can say about this really!


Just realising that all of these products are haircare.. but hey, the next product I needed to purchase was a good hair oil as my super thick hair tends to dry out a lot (although it never looks like it does). Believe me, it does..
I was browsing around for my usual Pantene one, but couldn’t see it anywhere (maybe they don’t do it any more, or it was in different packaging?) but after having a browse, I saw that Tresemme have a great new range of products called ‘Specialist’ which were all half price, so I jumped at the opportunity to try this one out!

This one is called the Oleo Radiance Oil Elixir which you can use on dry hair to help style, or on wet hair which I will be doing before I shampoo my hair. I feel like these are so much better to nourish my hair with and I know that some people are really scared of the idea of putting oil into your hair as they believe it can make it greasier. Even if you have oily hair, the oil you put in will basically balance it out and hopefully make a difference!
But for nourishment, this works an absolute treat for me!


Onto the last product, an all time essential that almost every single woman probably owns – good ole Batiste in Tropical! I did see the new 2-in-1 range they brought out, but as this one was on offer and I adore the scent so much – I thought that I would just pick this one up!
I haven’t used a dry shampoo in probably over a year, but since my holiday to Walt Disney World for Christmas (which I still need to write up a blog post on!) I have been wanting to use it again as I’m getting busier and busier recently!
It always works a treat with my hair, smells incredible, the boyfriend likes the scent and it doesn’t leave me hair white (probably because I’m a strawberry blonde already).


What have you guys been purchasing this month? Or do any of you have any spending bans going on recently or targets for the year? Let me know, I would absolutely love to hear them from you!

Cash back on your Christmas Present Shopping? QUIDCO!

So, as everyone seems to be starting off the Christmas feels, I thought that I would send a referral link to all of my followers about something that I absolutely adore doing at this time of the year!

If you don’t know, Quidco is a website that will give you cash back on your online (& now instore) purchases for free. They have some great deals sometimes where you can bump up your cash back and give great discounts, there is a super handy tool bar that will pop up to remind you to use Quidco when you’re shopping online and there is also an app – so you can still spend away on Christmas Presents and get cash back!

I find this website so handy and now they even have surveys, to bump up your amount even quicker too! I am a complete addict to surveys and all sorts of related stuff and my friends always ask me where I have gotten so many shopping vouchers from! These websites!

I will post my link HERE for you, as when you have collected £5 in cash back, you will receive an additional £1 on top! Kerching!
Why not get a bit of free money back, as you would’ve bought stuff online anyway?!

You can use this on thousands of websites such as Amazon, ASOS, Boots, New Look..
So get shopping! £££!

Invisibobble Review



So I found this little handy thing in my local Boots (these pictures are OLD, from about 10 months ago, as I still haven’t uploaded this!). But I absolutely swear by these bobbles now! They are so good, especially if you have really thick hair like me – they don’t fall out throughout the day, or night or even whilst at the gym or going for a run!

You can get these from Boots for £3.75 for a pack of two, which is dirt cheap! Here is the link if you want to go see! *CLICK*



I would definitely recommend getting some of these! I still have both of mine and I bought them about 10 months ago, somehow haven’t lost them! They can also be a pretty cool bracelet too, I guess?
Go and check them out! 🙂

Soap & Glory ‘Archery’ Brow Pencil

I had read quite a lot of reviews and blog posts about this eyebrow pencil! I didn’t want to try it mainly because of the price (£10.00 – Boots), but I decided to give in as there was a 3 For 2 offer on in Boots, at the time!DSC00057
This has easily become my favourite eyebrow product, completely! It has a twist-up pencil on one side, then a tint felt tip, on the other side. I prefer to just use the pencil, but the felt tip is still pretty good! I just have really temperamental eyebrows!DSC00059
I had this product in the Blonde shade (I think it’s called Love Is Blonde?). It is an incredible colour for my eyebrows, as they are practically invisible! Usually eyebrow pencils in ‘blonde’ are too orange for mine, but this one is perfect!DSC00061
It did last me quite a while, but I am still a little cautious about the price as I tend to try and get away with spending too much on products that run out after a month or two! (The only high end and pricey products I own are eyeshadows and blush!).SAM_0129So, here is a quick example of what this product looks like! It is a really good match with my hair, some days I think it’s too identical to my hair colour, whilst others it can be applied a little more heavier and could possibly be a little risky and darker!

I went to repurchase this the other day, and I saw that they have another version of this but it just has a spoolie and the retractable pencil on the other side – the shade name is Blonde Bombshell though! They’re basically the exact same colour! This one is also £2.00 cheaper aswell – so although I accidentally picked it up without realising, it is definitely worth the money as the product comes out so well!

What do you think? Have you tried this before? Do you have any dupes for this product too?


Collection ‘Work The Colour’ Eyebrow Kit

I was in Boots looking for a new brow kit/brow pencil that was going to live up to the Soap & Glory ‘Archery’ but for a smaller price! I saw this as I passed the Collection station with a massive £2.99 offer sign, so I thought that I would give it a go!SAM_0150
You can only get the one kit, which covers a range of shades. It comes with a clear mascara (brow gel) and one of those standard brow brushes! (as you can see, the inside of the set gets a bit grubby even on it’s own!).SAM_0151
Although I thought that the shadows were really crumbly and chalky, I actually found this kit alright for the money! I would say that it’s workable, not brilliant – but if you really need something on a budget, then this could do..
I do find the shades a bit too orange though, but if I blend them in a bit they seem to tone down!SAM_0154

Tried this yet? Did you feel the same or actually love it? Let me know!

SEVENTEEN Eyeliner Rave & Rant!

Do I start with the good or the bad? I think I’ll end with the good!SAM_0002Basically, I went into Boots the other day to find a new eyeliner as I had run out, so I thought I would possibly stock up before I move to Australia. So, I wandered around for ages with all of the choices, but I noticed that Seventeen had an offer on ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’. I decided to try out two of their eyeliners – first one is ‘Make Your Mark’.SAM_0006So, this eyeliner is in a ‘felt tip pen’ form! I thought that this was going to be pretty good, as when I applied it, it went on really well. It was quite easy to get the right shapes! Sadly, I left it to dry/settle so it wouldn’t smudge, but even after about 15 minutes it had smudged all over my eyelids and continued to all day, after I had attempted to sort it out and de-blacken my eyelids and brow bone!
I was so disappointed with this, I even gave it another few chances incase it was the heat affecting it but it still did the same, sadly!SAM_0004Could I go that far to call this one of the best eyeliners that I have ever used? Probably, it’s pretty high up there! My only downfall about this eyeliner is that it has one of those annoying floppy brushes that move around the place – I prefer to use the plastic nib brushes!SAM_0008But hey, this is incredible! I know that it states that it’s ‘semi-permanent’ but half of the time when a brand put something like ‘waterproof’ on their packaging, it doesn’t live up to what it says!
Usually my past eyeliners have come off with effort with a make up wipe, whilst with the L’Oreal & Garnier Miscellar Waters they come off straight away with one swipe – this eyeliner didn’t! This eyeliner didn’t budge all day and it is even really warm outside too!

People say that the Benefit Push Up Liner is really hard to get off, I haven’t tried it but I definitely think that this can give it a run for it’s money! I’d highly recommend this eyeliner – certainly worth a try and it’s pretty cheap too!

You can get this eyeliner from Boots: HERE

What is your favourite eyeliner at the moment? Have you tried this? 😀


Essie’s ‘Cocktail Bling’ Nail Varnish Review

DSC00197 DSC00198

Here is Essie’s ‘Cocktail Bling’ nail varnish – I go through colourful, bright phases and the times where I want a more neutral, dull palette. When I mean dull or neutral, I’m speaking grey, toned down blues/turquoises/berries and then the nudes.
I wanted a new colour that will go with anything and not be too outstanding. This is a perfect grey shade, which has a slight blue undertone/tint to it – it’s my ‘slap on’/’go to’ nail polish – I love it!

I absolutely adore Essie Nail Varnishes, although they’re £7.99 each I wouldn’t usually pay that for nail varnish as I buy so many – but Essie are definitely worth it! I can go on holiday to Florida, put this on before I leave and one and a half weeks later, I still have a few small chips on three nails!
I had this in Boots when the cosmetics were 3 For 2, but I recently went onto Fragrance Direct for a quick browse and I found that they have at least 25 colours on there now and this is in there – all a crazy £2.25 each!!! (Instead of £7.99 each in Boots).
You can find these on Fragrance Direct: HERE

DSC00200 DSC00202

I have bought many products from Fragrance Direct and I would definitely, definitely recommend them to everyone! They have so many brands, which are about 70% cheaper than Boots, Superdrug..


Although I wanted a darker, more dull shade on my nails – the weather turned for the worse. Coincidence? Hey, I live in Wales..DSC00204


Have you tried any Essie Nail Varnishes before? What are your favourite shades? And have you ever purchased from Fragrance Direct or similar sites?