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Top Places to Visit in Sydney

From the view of a backpacker that stayed in Sydney for 9 months, I thought that I would compile a little list on my Top Places to Visit in Sydney, Australia.

Want a great atmosphere in an old school, american diner with a retro feel to it? Soda Factory is where you can get some of the best gourmet hot dogs ($1 dogs night every tuesday – they even have a desert hot dog!) and you will have some of the best nights out in Sydney here! They play a huge compilation of music, from a few chart pieces, to some classics, motown and funk, 50s jive and even some hip hop constantly on rotate, so there’s definitely music for everyone here!


Feeling a little homesick when travelling around? Sydney has a place in The Rocks called Tea Cosy that sell tea and scones and it’s safe to say, that it is heavenly! I went for a Girls day out and this was such a good choice to catch up over!

Many people will tell you that you have to go to Blue Mountains National Park when you are in Sydney, and you do! I took the tourist route at first, saw the Three Sisters and all of the other breathtaking views but the second time I went for a non touristy route with a local friend of mine and it did not disappoint either! You really get to see so many different sides to the Blue Mountains – rainforest trails, waterfalls, rivers, more mountains, observation points, the sunsets..

Blue Mountain, NSW, Australia
A very quick and simple post, but there will be another post featuring more ‘Top Places to Visit in Sydney’.
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Short video from December, when I went to Blue Mountains and the Yacht Club 🙂
Enjoy x

Blue Mountains: Day Two

We went for such a long hike yesterday! We re-did the walk from yesterday, visited Katoomba Falls which were so pretty and then we walked to the Three Sisters and another 2 and a half hour hike to the train to save us from walking back up 900 wobbly, uneven steep stone steps!

It was such a nice day! We all took sandwiches with us and ate them in the mountains, had ice lollies whilst at Echo Point as well whilst looking at the views and didn’t get sunburnt!

We are going to have a relax today and have a picnic, as we don’t want to spend any money and our legs are wrecked after yesterday’s hike! We must’ve been climbing steps and slopes for about 6 hours! Zzz..!

I’m taking this time to attempt editing my videos, but my only problem is getting videos onto my iPad off my camera and from my iPhone somehow! So bare with me!

Hope you’re all doing well! x




Blue Mountains: Day One

We arrived at Katoomba yesterday afternoon, after a hectic journey as the trains were cancelled but we are finally here!

We couldn’t wait to put our backpacks down and get out to see the sights!
Me and Brandon went to go find Echo Point, but we took a detour through Katoomba Falls and then ended up finishing at Echo Point as it got dark!

Here are a few photos that we took:
There was so much amazing wildlife and nature out there, parrots flying around and absolutely gigantic trees everywhere!

The views were incredibly beautiful, but we’re going back this morning to the some more photos with different light as the sun was too powerful for my phone last night!