An Evening at Lush Spa Cardiff

That’s right, the day has finally come.. Today is the day that the Lush Spa Cardiff is opening and it is going to be wild!
If you aren’t too sure on what this is, then a little brief is that Lush is a skincare and cosmetics brand that love to use natural products that really aid your skin and are tailored to each individual skin type! The scents are just incredible, the longevity of the products and you will be wanting to come back for more and more each time and never become disappointed with what’s next!


Lush sell products from Bath Bombs to Bubble Bars, Bath Melts, Skincare (Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers..), Make Up, Fragrance, Haircare (Shampoos, Conditioners and Treatments) and just so much more! But now they have expanded the company even further by adding in a full spa with so many incredible treatments, which is so exciting!!

We fortunately received an invite to visit the Lush Spa Cardiff yesterday evening as a pre-opening for today and believe me, it did not disappoint!

Firstly, we got stuck right in and were able to make our very own face masks and bath bombs as two lovely employees from the Lush Factory in Poole, England came down to show us and hold a workshop which was so much fun!

Me and Laura ( got to make our own Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb which has ‘Balancing and Calming lavender oil and calming and soothing Chamomile Blue Oil’ and believe me, it smells incredible and has gold glitter in it too! Also, they actually use these bath bombs in the spa treatments too so it goes to prove how soothing these are!


Straight after creating our own products, we were able to try out so, so, so many different products around the store which left us smelling and feeling so incredible! We had the lovely Lowri showing us around the new store and giving us demos, she did such an amazing job and her memory is spot on!

I think that one of my favourite products from the night was definitely Plum Rain which is a shower gel which contains Osmanthus Absolute which is full of floral tones,Sicilian Mandarin Oil to brighten the skin and the best part, it is crammed with Fresh Plum Juice which smells so delicious! I cannot wait to use this in the shower and hope that my whole bathroom is filled with the scent for ages!


We were then shown around more of the store (it is massive compared to their other Cardiff store!), getting to see the exclusive products they have and what they use within the spa treatments.
There was so much choice of products in this new store that I genuinely could not think straight when I started purchasing stuff. I was lusting after so many products, it was crazy!


We then moved onto browsing and testing out the massage bars and seeing how they are used within the treatments that they have at the new spa. I have never personally had a spa experience and did not expect much from a simple hand and arm massage with a massage bar but boy, was I surprised! It felt so incredible and when I say incredible, I mean that I immediately purchased these products and decided to try the same out on my boyfriend when I got home! (He even said it was amazing!).

This sample of the treatment was all about putting pressure on certain parts of the arms and then instantly cooling them, to give off an Icelandic Spa feel (when people go into a sauna and then dash off into the snow straight after).

We had a good look through the Spa Treatment Brochure and I spotted two that I would absolutely adore! Firstly, I feel like I need to point out the fact that some treatments don’t even require you getting undressed to an extent. As I have never had a spa treatment, I have always been so nervous about going for one and undressing. It would be completely fine whilst I’m there, but the anxiety beforehand would freak me out! So I thought I would point out that at Lush Spa Cardiff, they actually do treatments where there’s very little undressing, some undressing or down to your underwear but beneath a cosy sheet.

The first treatment I spotted obviously involved chocolate..

‘The Comforter’
’60 Minutes of pure imagination, full of candyfloss, fantasy and bittersweet cacao kisses.’
A sweet experience to love you tender and cloud you in candy floss and the heavenly ministrations of massage. Then a bubbling rose serum, hot, rich and dripping on your skin, deliciously floral for your body to savour. You’re drunk on chocolate, fantasy and music, on the weird and wonderful chords which send you high up to Hushabye Mountain. Fireworks of thought conjure up fantastical, long-lost daydreams which scamper to greet you like childhood pets, layers of warmth and nostalgic rapture to wander in, free from responsibility.
Awake, tickled pink with velveteen skin and a reawakened sense of playfulness.

This sounds outstanding, right?!
This is essentially a hot chocolate body scrub and warm, nourishing rose body serum for 60 minutes.

The second treatment that really intrigued me was A Hard Day’s Night and I know you’re probably thinking ‘Isn’t that a Beatles song?’ Well, yes it is..

‘Hard Days Night’
‘Here’s a recipe for 75 minutes of delicious, undisturbed rest, steeped in sweet dreams and refreshment which lasts.’
Take an album of Beatles classics and sift vigorously. Add one pair of pyjamas, soft, oversized and stir the two into a reverie of massage, music and golden slumbers. Tip out, kneading away the knots of this complex dough with an unwinding massage of gentle, passive stretches which lengthen, strengthen and relax, aligning and fine-tuning from head to toe.
Add a dash of the weird and wonderful, the feeling of soaring skyward in a dream and bake with a splash of home comfort. A liberal sprinkle of Liverpool and leave to rise, starry-eyed, with the sun.

This sounds right up my street and I adore The Beatles, so this is perfect! Also you get to wear pyjamas – what could be better than that?! This treatment is 75 minutes with a 15 minute consultation beforehand.

There are so many more different treatments which are all on their website here, but these are just two that really stood out to me!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 11.22.34Go check out these ladies’ twitter accounts and blogs here: katiedoesbeauty, wdaydreaming, paigehelenblog, ohbexhowells, lb_chelsea, pip_says, laurasimoneowen

I would like to thank Lush Spa Cardiff for having us at another of their events and they just keep getting better and better each time! We had an amazing time as always, as usual coming home covered in glitter (hell yes!) and smelling insane!
Feel free to follow their social media accounts here:
Twitter – @LushCardiff
Instagram – @LushSpaCardiff
Facebook – /LushSpaCardiff

Are you heading to Lush Spa Cardiff to check out the opening?
What is your all-time-favourite Lush product? I’d love to know!

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My Time at the Netflix Apartment

A Netflix event sounds incredible, right? I was so fortunate to attend Netflix’s event at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff for a great evening of teaser trailers and exclusives for their upcoming shows for 2017.

We walk up to the front door of the apartment which bares a sign with Netflix written on it. We are then greeted and filled with such warm welcomes to the apartment which looks absolutely incredible. The apartment is adorned with Netflix branded cushions, notepads, pillows, photo frames and so much more. There is a huge table filled with all of the beverages you could imagine from Champagne, Prosecco to bottles of Lager and soft drinks.
From the apartment, you get an incredible view from the ceiling to floor windows looking out along Cardiff Bay which is a sight I never can get tired of!


We get to know each other, introduce ourselves and give a brief background of our lives and almost instantly we burst out into conversations of TV Series, films and different platforms that we watch Netflix on.

We are then shown some really exciting teaser trailers from upcoming shows for 2017 that include 13 Reasons Why (this is based on the book by Jay Asher, which a review is coming up shortly!) and Mindhunter which instantly reeled me in just from the teaser trailer!
I have a ‘What shows am I looking forward to in 2017‘ post where I go into more detail about both of these shows and more. I have left links on each title to Netflix’s website so you can go watch the teaser trailers now.


The champagne is still in full flow, we are so kindly served canapés and macarons throughout the evening and I knew it was time that I had a photo opportunity with the Netflix Bed (Hey, I couldn’t resist – those cushions were a must!)


I would like to thank Netflix and the team so much for the incredible event and for inviting us along. We had such an amazing time, so appreciative for getting to see exclusive clips of upcoming shows that I am dying to watch and hope to stay in contact and see some future events to spread the word about even more great shows coming to us!

Now, less of me rambling on and more of me getting my Netflix binge started for the day!
Do you guys love Netflix? Which shows are you currently binging? I would love to know!

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What are the best things about travelling?

So after my other posts, which seemed a little negative but I just had to point out the hard things that I was experiencing – I thought that I would post this new, positive one about the best things you get out of travelling!
People might say that I was negative in the other one, but that’s just a small phase at the moment – other than this, I have had one of the most amazing times out here whilst travelling – here’s why:

1. The People.
You will get to meet some of the most incredible people whilst travelling. I already feel like I have met some friends for life, and that I would see them at my wedding one day (if I ever get married, that is!).
You become one big, close family that will stick together no matter what and you appreciate that so greatly whilst away from home! I wouldn’t change my travel family for the world – I have met some of the most funniest, caring and inspirational people going.
People will be from all over the world, different cultures, speak different languages and have completely different backgrounds – but you will make some of the closest friends ever, learn so much about each others countries and their lifestyles.


2. The Places you will visit.
You will visit some of the most breathtaking places in the world, you will watch sunsets, climb mountains, walk on white sands, meet the locals, live the culture of others.
Sometimes, you even need to step out of the tourist box and try to see a place from a locals view – it’s surprising what little gems you will find at each place!
I haven’t done too much travelling so far, but I have seen some incredible places that I will always treasure and tell other people and my future children about!

3. The Memories.
You will create the most incredible memories whilst travelling. Whether it’s discovering a new place, reliving your favourite place, having a social gathering with your friends or even going alone and finding some of the most magical places.

4. The Benefits.
You will reap in the benefits of travelling, you will see yourself become a more independent person and become a lot more outgoing. You will have the confidence to speak to complete strangers, not be afraid to travel to a new place by yourself, the ability to stay wherever you want without fear and learn so many new skills without even realising.
I have learnt so much since I have been here, especially with languages – I love to teach myself something new all of the time, so I have asked my friends from different countries to teach me something in their language. I have even asked them how to cook certain things, learn about their culture and even learn new skills whilst joining in with activities or experiences!
When you have your travel friends too, you will always do anything possible for each other – whether it’s recommending places to go as they have already visited, hooking each other up with contacts for jobs, farm placements to get a second year visa or even sharing meals and cutting the costs! An eternal bond going on, here!

I just want to say that I love all of my travel friends so much, and really appreciate them for everything they have done for me and what we have all done together.
The experience we have had, the nights out, the day trips, the gossip, food experiments, the connections we have made and the problems we have all solved together! I love them all.
It goes to show that there are some amazing people in the world, and there’s not always bad.

TRAVEL LOG 17.03.15-03.04.15

17th March I am now sat in Starbucks waiting around until 2pm, so I can make my way to the airport before I head off to Sydney for the next three months! I arrived at Sydney, starving and I got to see Ceri and a few of the girls which was an amazing welcome back!

18th March Today, I had to go to H&M to get some trousers and cheap tshirts for farming tomorrow! I also went for food at the Dove & Olive with Ceri, Vicky and Fiona which was so nice! I love them a lot! 10151233_739552736142800_7257185838434255136_n
19th March I am now on the train on the way to Hunter Valley! I literally thought I was going to faint whilst carrying my backpack and holdall – it was horrible! Just so much weight and it was so hot outside! Eek! But now I’m just updating this, editing some videos and am going to read or watch an episode of something, as I will be on this one train for another two hours and a half. Then another two hour train later. Lots of production time! I got to the farm tonight, and it was Geoff’s birthday so they had friends over for a BBQ. So I got stuck in straight away by helping prepare the food, setting the table, serving people and then we got to have some amazing food! 10641112_10152804209702362_3775487338389734137_n
20th March Today I cleaned the house with Cathy (Rod’s Daughter). So we vacuumed, polished and mopped the living room, kitchen, lounge area, office and bedroom and then cleaned the windows. Afterwards, I helped with the washing up and preparing of food again.

21st March So far today, it has been a day off. So I helped with some cleaning up and food preparing again, then had a small lesson in wine tasting. After that, I read Barb’s magazine for a bit and now I’m back in my room to download some more new books onto my Kindle. Barb and Geoff are going out to a 21st Birthday party, so me and Bryan have to look after the house and feed the cat. 11075241_10152806376967362_8349411001374472926_n
22nd March Today I baked cookies and banana cake with the woman. I had no time to myself today, although it was nice baking. The boy sat in his room all day watching films, until he had to cook dinner. Hmm?

23rd March
I went into the vineyard today, finally. I had a mini breakdown this morning, as I was upset the night before because I’m not happy here, so when they shouted this morning, I just started crying. Oops! (I was going to edit this post to avoid all of the negative, but I felt that it was honest and appropriate of the time!). It was really fun in the vineyard, although I got blisters all over my hands from pulling out the massive weeds. I went back to the house and she screamed at me for having blisters, then told me that the guy should’ve told me to use a shovel as well. Oh well. I then helped her with some administration stuff for the rest of the day and helped cook. I told her tonight that I wanted to leave because ‘I missed my family and might want to go home’ (I didn’t want to tell her that I was unhappy there) and she said I could leave in 3/4 weeks..

24th March I helped around the house again today, sorting out deliveries of wine and more data sheets. I told her again that I want to leave on Monday (giving her 5 days notice, like it says on her welcome paper and to help out for the busy weekend) but she wasn’t having any of it.. She shouted at me and said that it wasn’t fair if I left on Monday. So I didn’t go to the BBQ tonight, I stayed in and spoke to my mother, who isn’t happy about the situation at all (why would you be?!). When she came home from the BBQ, I told her that I want to leave in the morning, she shouted at me for a while and then turned nice again. She’s taking me to the train station tomorrow morning.

25th March
I left the farm today. She dropped me off at 10am to the train station. I helped her out with some more admin this morning, cleaned my room and then we were off. I was so relieved when I was on the train, but so stressed out. I got back to the hostel in Sydney eventually, still I was so anxious and didn’t want to speak to anybody. I’m surprised how much it took a toll on me, usually I’m fine with stuff like this! 10444408_10152816292692362_4836834621526154525_n
29th March The hostel had a UV Party for Earth Hour tonight, which was fun! I then went to Soda Factory tonight with Ceri, which was so good – we danced all night, met lots of new people and had such a good time! 11015874_10152822630742362_7344045988569313882_n
30th March I went for pancakes this morning with Ben, and then went back to the hostel where I am staying in an 8 Dorm room at the moment. It’s quite nice in there, sometimes a little noisy, but it’s good – nice and spacious! (and I have a bottom bunk!).

3rd April Today we had an Easter Egg Hunt in the hostel, which was really fun! Everyone got so competitive, but luckily there was enough to go around. Even if we did help out the kids a little, too! I have been doing activities within the hostel recently, so I can reduce the price of my rent. I really need it as at the moment, my money is running low as Sydney is such an expensive place! I would update you on the rest, but you’ll have to wait a little longer first! 10338336_848590105206347_8081407012667308162_n

NEW VIDEO: Short Melbourne Montage

Here is a really short montage from the first two day trip I had to Melbourne!
Cute animal video coming up in the morning! 😀

New Vlog: Byron Bay!

Here’s a very, very short YouTube video of what I got up to in Byron Bay for the day!
Sadly my battery died on my phone and camera so I couldn’t film much – but I definitely want to go back one day!

Have any of you been here? What did you do?!

New Vlog: Gold Coast, Cyclone Time.

Here is my new Gold Coast vlog! A short video, but I couldn’t go out for a few days because the weather was really bad – Byron Bay short video to come up next though!