My Time at the Netflix Apartment

A Netflix event sounds incredible, right? I was so fortunate to attend Netflix’s event at the St David’s Hotel in Cardiff for a great evening of teaser trailers and exclusives for their upcoming shows for 2017.

We walk up to the front door of the apartment which bares a sign with Netflix written on it. We are then greeted and filled with such warm welcomes to the apartment which looks absolutely incredible. The apartment is adorned with Netflix branded cushions, notepads, pillows, photo frames and so much more. There is a huge table filled with all of the beverages you could imagine from Champagne, Prosecco to bottles of Lager and soft drinks.
From the apartment, you get an incredible view from the ceiling to floor windows looking out along Cardiff Bay which is a sight I never can get tired of!


We get to know each other, introduce ourselves and give a brief background of our lives and almost instantly we burst out into conversations of TV Series, films and different platforms that we watch Netflix on.

We are then shown some really exciting teaser trailers from upcoming shows for 2017 that include 13 Reasons Why (this is based on the book by Jay Asher, which a review is coming up shortly!) and Mindhunter which instantly reeled me in just from the teaser trailer!
I have a ‘What shows am I looking forward to in 2017‘ post where I go into more detail about both of these shows and more. I have left links on each title to Netflix’s website so you can go watch the teaser trailers now.


The champagne is still in full flow, we are so kindly served canapés and macarons throughout the evening and I knew it was time that I had a photo opportunity with the Netflix Bed (Hey, I couldn’t resist – those cushions were a must!)


I would like to thank Netflix and the team so much for the incredible event and for inviting us along. We had such an amazing time, so appreciative for getting to see exclusive clips of upcoming shows that I am dying to watch and hope to stay in contact and see some future events to spread the word about even more great shows coming to us!

Now, less of me rambling on and more of me getting my Netflix binge started for the day!
Do you guys love Netflix? Which shows are you currently binging? I would love to know!

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Time for the next step in my life!

I’m feeling like a little post on whatever is on my mind, at the moment.
I am so excited for the next chapter of my life. I am hoping to move to London (surrounding areas, as it’s cheaper) and to hopefully get a Junior Web Developer job.

I cannot wait to start looking at apartments/houses and at jobs that I would love to do!
I even went to Currys today, had a look at all of the home products and fell in love with the Dyson V6 Absolute (link here) too! I have all these future visions in my mind right now – it’s exciting!

I personally feel that when I don’t live at home, I feel like a completely different person. I am me.
I am more mature, I will cook for myself, eat healthier and I will enjoy it too. I will also bake a lot more, which I love doing as it will be my kitchen. I will enjoy decorating my place as I adore some interior design and cannot wait to purchase some amazing pieces for my kitchen – such as the Phillipe Starck juicer, that I have had my eye on since I was about 15/16!

I find this so exciting and by being a christmas temp at work, it is giving me that extra kick to get through my Coding course online, work harder and faster to get ready by the time that I am finished with work in January! Too much motivation going on right now!

I know that it can be expensive living in the surrounding areas of London, and I know that the wiser choice is to live with more people to make it cheaper. But I personally believe that I can find something smaller for cheaper, if I really look properly (I have already found a few beautiful places that would be perfect!). Although it would be cheaper, I think that it is personally worth me paying that little bit extra so that I can be happier and less stressed with the people I will live with! Definitely worth the money for me!
I like my own space, peace and quiet when I can get it and clean clean clean spaces!

I cannot wait to have my place, my own decor, a bookshelf, have a Mon/Fri 9-5, go out for a relax and coffee on the weekends, be able to do one of London’s many things in my spare time (museum, galleries, book stores, shopping, sights, meet up with friends..) I simply cannot wait!
Is it just me that’s in this stage at the moment? Anyone else feeling like this? Get excited over the little things like what products to have or decor? I cannot wait, and yes, my butt is so on Pinterest right now having a browse!
I feel like I have so many ideas in my mind right now that I need to write it all down – I might have another good go at Pinterest this evening and get my brainstorms out in one go!
Apologies for the ramble!

If you want a cheeky look at my Pinterest then here’s the link!

It’s Time For An Update!

So, what have I been doing recently?
Not a lot, but a lot at the same time..

I moved into an apartment, started to feel lonely and drama happened with the flat mates so I moved back out after two weeks.
So now I am back at my favourite hostel, which I love!

I have got a full time job at H&M which won’t start until Friday – I’m so excited! I can’t wait to meet everyone and start earning some money!

I have met up with my friend James and he has introduced me to all of his friends, so I’m not feeling lonely anymore! I’m feeling like my normal happy self again! 😀
They are really nice and we’ve been going on nights out and just chilling in the parks!

So right now I’m just going to chill out and catch up on stuff as I haven’t had proper internet in about 2 weeks! Hence the slow blog posting!

I only have a few photos for you this week, although these are from the previous week! These were from Macquarie’s Chair and down around the Opera House.

Hope you’re all having an amazing week!