New Year, New Me Series: An Empty Inbox

It’s a New Year, so what do I really want to do? Empty out my whole inbox.
I tend to keep up to date with these things, but when I went travelling I let these all slide and now I am stuck with about 3,000 emails to sort out, delete or put into folders.

The sense of being organised to me, is just great. I absolutely adore things being orderly, sorted out and organised. It just gives me a peace of mind and a sense of achievement.

Don’t worry, my whole MacBook and hard drives are going to have a New Year clear out too!

Do any of you do this? Or actually enjoy doing it?
Let me know!

You need Star Wars Battlefront!

Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Or even just a general lover? Star Wars Battlefront is definitely the best video game for the season this year, hands down!
Star Wars Battlefront is the latest craze from EA which is an action game that is either first person or third. You can play as classic characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Boba Fett, Palpatine or even the man, Darth Vader himself!
It is seen as a reboot from previous Battlefront games, but the graphics and the recreation of scenes from the older games is just mindblowingly beautiful!


I jumped onto my Xbox One and headed to the store to download the Battlefront BETA straight after work in November and I was not disappointed from what I saw. This took my breath away instantly – from the fact that I could play as Emperor Palpatine to defeat the rebels in a VS match to riding a speeder bike through Endor or even driving AT-ATs and X-Wings.


I would personally say that this game is 90% Online Play to get the most out of the gaming experience, but they do have a few missions and lessons that you can play by yourself where you have to defeat Boba Fett and protect your pods.

Like I said at the beginning, if you love the original trilogy, you will probably fall in love with this game. Travel to Hoth, Endor, Tattooine and fulfil your Star Wars dreams in an instant! The detail that has been put into this game is incredible – although people sometimes describe this simply as a Call Of Duty-esqe, shooter game with a Star Wars front it is still so much more than that for any Star Wars fan.

Why wouldn’t you want to run up to people and fry them to pieces with a lightsaber or force choke them? Also, there is a great achievement that you receive, if you get hit by an Ewok which made me laugh more than anticipated..


Have any of you play this game or are getting it for christmas? I think that this is an immaculate game which I will not tire of easily! It is perfectly timed with the fully blown Star Wars hype at the moment with the upcoming movie and I would recommend this for all ages, as there is no blood whatsoever in this – all friendly ‘shoot and disappear’ action.

May The Force Be With You,

Xbox One Edition: AMAZON
PS4 Edition: AMAZON

Welcome back to the world, Zoe!

Does it sound sad, that I have now got a computer again and I feel like I am finally back in the real world?
Obviously, I don’t mean the REAL world, but I feel like I have finally re-entered the world that I was/am so involved within.

I didn’t take my MacBook travelling with me as it was so heavy and I was scared incase I lost it or damaged it – but as soon as I apart from it, I felt like half of me had disappeared! Sad it sounds, I know.. but I am a Graphic Designer, blogger and vlogger, so I am use to being on my MacBook 24/7!

I had come to realise that it is pretty tricky without having your own personal computer, as it made a lot of things not particularly difficult, but more time consuming. These things are like video editing as this limits the amount of things you can do and takes a lot longer on an iPad, for example! But the main one for me would be the whole applying for jobs situation, as you can’t send a CV off, unless it’s in an email – also, I am loving the freedom of being able to save my videos and photos properly again! Reassurance for where they are going to be saved, too!

Do any of you feel this way, or is it just me being a typical new generation person that pretty much runs her life around technology? Don’t get me wrong, I could go without technology if need be, but the ache to be connected and more organised is there! 😀

Anyone gone travelling without devices? Gave up on technology? Had to give it up?
Tell me your thoughts, I’d love to hear if anyone sounds as “insane” as me!

Aputure Amaran Ring Light Review


Here is a quick review on the Aputure Amaran Ring Light. I purchased this on Amazon when I was thinking of getting some sort of studio lights – I tend to become productive in the evenings and want to take lots of blog photos, but it’s always too dark! So I found this on Amazon HERE for £25ish, which is a lot cheaper than buying studio lights and much smaller – as I have no room in my university room!


This is a really compact LED lighting system that clicks onto the top of your DSLR, or around the lens (with provided lens rings). You can also use this in your hand aswell, if you don’t have a DSLR – especially as it runs on AA batteries.ImageImageImageAs you can see, the lens rings come in a wide range of sizes.ImageThe great thing about this ring light, is that it comes with several settings. You can either light up half of the ring, (one or the other) or the whole thing. You can also use this as a flash when you synchronise it with your camera! You then can adjust the brightness on the LEDs aswell.ImageImageI will be posting photos that I have taken with this ring light shortly – as I am rammed with university work and sorting out my move to Australia (I will also be posting about this soon!).

But yes, I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants lighting, but has no room for it or don’t want to fork out a hefty price!

Where have I been?! – TOKYO!

A few people have been wondering where I have been recently, due to the lack of blog posts and tweets. I have been to Tokyo with university – I got back yesterday and I had an amazing time! Tokyo is a ridiculously large place, but you definitely get a culture shock from there. Everyone is so polite, quiet and hardworking.
During my Tokyo visit, we decided to go to Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ghibli Museum (I wasn’t allowed to take photos there though), Nakano, Harajuku, Akihabara, Alice In Wonderland Restaurant, Hard Rock Cafe Tokyo and lots of traditional food places! We also visited the Observation Deck in our hotel, as it also had an Aquarium, Planetarium and a shopping mall.
I thought that I would just place some Tokyo photos here that I took, which will practically sum up my visit there!

Can I go back now?

Fujifilm Instax 200 Review


Here is the Fujifilm Instax 200. I purchased this two years ago, as I wanted an old school polaroid camera but the film was rather expensive to get hold of as they’re so old (and it might’ve already been expired). But I found this beauty on eBay, I don’t think the mini version of this was out at the time, or it had just come out – that aside, I really wanted this one as it takes quite large polaroid images which captures a lot of detail.

I found this on eBay for about £10 and it even came with a handy bag. You can find these for even cheaper on eBay, but on Amazon they were around the £40 mark, at the time. You purchase packets of film, which come in either 10s or 20s. You take the packaging out, remove the plastic and are left with a hard plastic ‘box’. You just open the back of the camera, place it in and it’s good to go!
Once that’s done, you just snap away really! The images come out of the slot in the top of the camera and develop within 30-45 seconds.

The only downside to this camera is that it is rather big, as you can see from this photo. It is WAY bigger than my head, it isn’t heavy at all – but it could be bulky when you’re travelling with it! I took this to New York along with my DSLR and a digital camera – I looked like a crazy tourist with both cameras around my neck! People will stop you and ask what it is aswell, from time to time – the Americans were pretty nosey, but I didn’t mind haha!

This is what the images come out like, they’re a decent size as I found that the Instax Mini is just too small for me! These are a few that I took in New York, Sirmione in Italy and whilst at home/university.
The images are really vibrant and capture what you want in that split second – it also has a zoom feature and a flash, but I don’t tend to use these as much!
I place these images on my noticeboard (which you can see in the background of my photo further up, I use those clips that fold all the way back (not sure what they’re called) instead of putting pins in and ruining them!

Do you have a Fujifilm? Or even the Instax Mini? What do you think? x

My Favourites of 2013!

Here are a few of my favourite things from 2013! These aren’t all particularly from 2013, but they are what I enjoyed throughout the year.

The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I have wrote short reviews on these books, within the Books section of my blog! So I will spare writing more opinions and direct you there instead! Also, these books are both having films created!



The Lumineers

Four Year Strong


Arctic Monkeys

San Cisco



Monsters University

The film that everyone was waiting for! Although it wasn’t as good as the original Monsters Inc, I still really enjoyed this film and will watch it over and over! I really enjoyed it as a film in itself too, (just like what I thought about Cars 2). I’m definitely getting a copy of this for my collection!


Wreck It Ralph
Excellent! I saw this film and immediately fell in love with it! Although the film is so good by itself, I fell in love with it even more, as it had retro game references throughout it, and featured characters from my childhood!


Saving Mr Banks
I saw this film last week and I adored it! I have a pretty big love for Disney, but whilst watching this film, I had to hold back tears at several occasions! I really enjoyed how it was factual and you get to learn a lot of detail about the Mary Poppins film! Every Disney fan must see this film!

I didn’t really know what to expect from this film, but when I went to the cinema to see it, I got incredibly excited as I am obsessed with anything to do with space. I thought ‘How could they do so much, that’ll keep people interested whilst it’s only set in one main ‘scene’?’ but I was captivated all the way through this! Such a good watch! I have done a small review (more of an opinion) in the Films section of my blog.

Star Trek: Into Darkness
Amazing! The effects were incredible! I’m not going to say much about this, as you should see the first film beforehand! But as a Star Trek fan, I was impressed with this! Benedict Cumberbatch’s role was also really good.

The Heat
Hysterical! I’m not usually one to laugh out loud at a film, but the mix of the comedy in this, and the funny family that couldn’t stop screaming with laughter behind us in the cinema, made it even more funny! There’s not much to say about this, other than you should give it a go!

Cosmetic Brands
MAC, Rimmel London, Essie

Vera Wang ‘Rock Princess’

Paco Robanne ‘Lady Million’


TV Series

How I Met Your Mother

I have never been able to really get into this series when it’s on television, but this is a series that you have to watch from the first episode (or at least the introduction of the first episode) – I love this! It’s so funny, it’s quite ‘Friends’-esq aswell. Not to mention, there’s 8 series of this on US Netflix!

I heard everyone talking about this series, so I eventually thought that I would give it a go! Especially as it was on Netflix and I don’t tend to watch live tv! I actually really enjoyed these, I have 2 episodes left and I have heard that there’s more to come in 2014!

The Carrie Diaries
For all of the Sex & The City fans, and even people that have never seen S&TC before – this is a great series to watch! It has had a lot of criticism when it comes to comparing it to S&TC and if it’s accurate, but I just really enjoy the series as it is!


Apps that I love | Part Two


This is probably one of the most used apps on my iPad. I am forever reading when I have the time, and this is the easiest way for me. As my eyesight is poor, I like being able to adjust the text size and to see the percentage of progress throughout the book. Also, most books are cheaper on the Kindle Store on Amazon!



Goodreads is such a good app for readers! It’s basically Facebook, for readers/books. You can post your progress as a status, write reviews, get recommended books, set yourself challenges, complete quizzes and polls.. It’s really handy and a great place to meet new people with the same interests!



Tiny Death Star
If you have played Tiny Towers, then this is practically a Star Wars version of the game! If you’re Star Wars obsessed like me, and enjoying the time-consuming games, then you’ll like this! You have to help the tower grow, by adding residential floors, shops and restaurants to make it into a bigger empire.  It’s addictive, although I don’t really have the patience for the ‘waiting on time’ element!



Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga
Yet again, it’s another Star Wars app! (surprise surprise). At the moment, this app is free on the Apple App Store – it’s the Star Wars version of the LEGO games, but the classic edition (the original Star Wars saga).  It’s a lot of fun just like the other LEGO games, especially as it’s free too!


Frozen: Free Fall
This is Disney’s latest app for the film ‘Frozen’. It is basically a similar game to candy crush or bejewelled, but a ‘Frozen’ themed game It’s also free on the app store, and addictive!



Heads Up!
This is a definite ‘must buy’ app, it is such a great game to play with friends or family. It’s basically charades, but a ‘electronic’ version. It has the same concept of the ‘What am I?’ game, where you have the name of a person or object on your forehead, and other players have to help you guess what/who that object/person is.
This app also records the other players as they act out the clues, which is always fun to watch back and save! I have played this a lot over christmas with the family! I think this is currently £1.99 on the App Store and is created by Ellen Degeneres.



Charades (& Charades: Kids)

This is basically a free version of Heads Up! and features a lot more categories, the only downsides are that it doesn’t record the other players and it has a few adverts (unless you purchase the full version).



* These are not my images.

Apps that I love | Part One

Here are a few apps that I love to use on my iPad Mini – this part is mainly for productive apps, as I don’t play too many games, but I will add a second part with the ones that I enjoy using.

I don’t usually blog from my ipad, but it’s really handy for whenever I’m travelling or in bed and don’t want to have my MacBook on. I use to have a Blogspot account and I really disliked the app! But now that I have a wordpress account, I find it so much easier to use, is more appealing visually and the app is a lot nicer to use with a lot more features!


I also really enjoy catching up on blogs by using the Bloglovin app. I love the concept of Bloglovin and I enjoy using the original app, but this gives it another feel altogether! It’s so easy to use, but the only down side is that you can’t comment in blog posts directly, you have to go into the actual blog and sign into your account first. (I don’t save my passwords on my ipad).


Another amazing find was Padgram, I’m not too sure how I found this, probably from watching ‘What’s on my iPad?’ YouTube videos when I had my iPad mini! I think that this app is amazing for Instagram! It is basically an unofficial iPad Instagram app – it shows your Instagram feed in a 3×3 grid, that you can scroll through. It’s much faster to browse everyone’s images and to like them.


Personally, I like the Pinterest website but I find it a little irritating speed-wise to repin stuff. Amazingly, with this app it has made it so fast to do, and really easy to organise boards!


Day One
This app is my saviour! I have a really bad memory when it comes to remembering what I did on days, a week ago, on the weekend, or years ago. So luckily I found this app which is like a diary, but it’s really nicely set out. You can add images to your posts and either display a photo timeline or standard. You can also add tags, weather updates and links to your everyday posts. (And it can remind you each day to jot down what you did that day).


Nike+ Running
This is one of my most used and most addictive apps on my iPhone and iPad. I like to go running to make me feel better about myself and feel like I’m doing my bit for my health. So, when I saw this app, I knew that it would keep me engaged and motivated to carry on. This app either works with a sensor that you can buy (£20), or automatically with an iPhone 5. It tracks how many steps you’ve taken, your speed, distance and route – depending on whether you’re walking or running. If you’re outdoors, then it works with GPS and will show you where you have run and if you worked your body a lot on certain parts of your route. This app then let’s you publish your results from your run, so you can compete with friends or earn achievements. They also have a setting so you can set a goal or distance for your run, which they’ll tell you how far you have left through your earphones whilst running. This works in conjunction with the iPod on your iPhone, so you can still play music. It also has cool little notifications that tell you how well you’ve done, like Ellie Goulding congratulating you. There’s also a Facebook feature that you can share a status that you’ve started your run, then when your friends ‘like’ it, you get a cheer that plays through your earphones whilst running. Motivation boost!


Ted Talks
I only discovered this app during the week and I love it! If you’re like me, and like to learn new things all of the time, then this is great! They supply talks from seminars that they hold, which cover a lot of categories. That’s pretty much all I can say about this, straight forward!


Next up is my more ‘fun’ apps, such as games and my reading apps!
*These images are not my own*