Xbox 360: Disneyland Adventures (Kinect)

Can I point out how much of an underrated game this is? This is one of my all time favourite games for the Xbox 360 and I always highly recommend it to families that love Disney.
If you’re a huge Disney parks and film freak like me, then this is the ultimate video game for you. No joke.
You use to Kinect (which is a camera for your Xbox 360 that detects your body, so you can control the game by using your hands, arms, jumping, dancing, ducking down..)
You get to walk/run around Disneyland, hug the characters, collect autographs from all of them, ride the rides (most of them have a level built into these, so you have to jump over obstacles, duck under things, move left and right to avoid stuff) and you can do whatever you like! Not to mention, that there’s also Hidden Mickeys in this game. Snap the camera out and away you go!


I really have no idea how this game wasn’t more popular? I have had this game for 3/4 years now and I still absolutely love it. There’s so much to the game and I have only completed about 50% of the achievements and I have been on here for hours!

My only problem that yes, it’s a Kinect game but I get so addicted to playing this game that my arms are in agony from all of the hours that I am playing it! You need to lift your arm and move it left and right to walk, and I am aching the next day but really feel the need and addiction to carry on collecting autographs and hidden mickeys! That is a sacrifice I am willing to take!


Have you played this? I’m so sad that this isn’t going to be reverse compatible with the new Kinect for the Xbox One but this is a game that makes me want to keep my Xbox 360 in the works!

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Apple Watch Review

For christmas, I jumped on the technology trending bandwagon and I received an Apple Watch. I have been eyeing one up for quite some time now, although when they first came out I thought that it was going to be something that I wouldn’t use really.
I have a Stainless Steel Apple Watch which came with a white strap, that I have now changed to a dusty lilac colour for the time being! I like to mix things up every now and then!

So I charged it up on christmas day, plopped it on and it hasn’t really come off since (obviously for charging and sleeping – duh!) but it has become really handy! The ease of checking my messages and emails quickly and not having to go get my phone. Or even when I’m in work and I’ll get a message from my mother to pick something up on the way home (as I don’t usually check my phone until I get home and miss the texts!) it’s just much easier to quickly browse at this and be kept up to date!

The software is fast, no glitches for me yet, no problems at all. I even have some KitSound Outrun bluetooth, wireless earphones to go with my Apple Watch and these work perfectly and connect quickly! Great add on!

Although I think that this is a really handy gadget, the only downsides are that there’s no actual apps for WhatsApp, Snapchat and Spotify. This is fine, but I have had to turn off my notifications for Snapchat as I won’t be able to see the images on my watch anyway!
Although I thought this was a downside, I think that I am just going to switch from Spotify to Apple Music for the time being (Sorry, my beloved Spotify). It’s just easier to keep everything in sync and for everything to work perfectly fine!

It is very handy for if I’m driving, I can just tap the answer button and I don’t have to do anything else – especially when it connects to my bluetooth system automatically in the car too! Speak away or throw those tunes on and get singing!


I just really like the feel of having all of my calendars up to date, so I can just check up on anything with a blink of an eye and it’s as simple as that! No need to faff about on my phone, trying to find my calendar! Also, the fact that you can switch around all of the straps, hits a soft spot with me. I love that it is customisable as I like to change things around and keep them fresh every now and then – so this is such a great hit with me!

So far, I haven’t got any games on it and am not sure on how I feel about that, but I’m pretty sure that I’ll update you on all that next time!

I do understand that the Apple Watch might not be for everyone but for people like me, who are in the Design/Tech Industry this becomes very handy to keep everything in sync – I would highly recommend it!

Have any of you got an Apple Watch? Do you like it? Love it? Hate it?
I want to know your opinions!

Apple Watch: JOHN LEWIS
(John Lewis include a free 2 Year Guarantee with their Apple Products, for the same price as other stores and also Price Match).
KS Outrun Earphones: CURRYS

Lego Jurassic World Game Review (Xbox One)

As I work at a Video Game Retailer, I thought ‘Why don’t I post reviews about some Video Games that I have played?’ – so here goes nothing!

I bought my Xbox One in October when I came back from travelling and a must have game for me had to be Lego Jurassic World. I absolutely love the Lego Games as they are playable for all ages, have a wide target audience for their humour and they are just overall, great games!

So, I have previously owned Lego Indiana Jones, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings and Marvel Super Heroes – and I still think that Lego Jurassic World is still up there with some of the best Lego Games made!

Yes, it is great for children anyway but it is also great for the older audience that grew up with the Jurassic Park movies as this game features the original trilogy and the latest Jurassic World. You can play every single film and it is a decent length game too!
You can build the vehicles and dinosaurs from every single film, and also use these within the game – to completely races, levels, you name it..

They have a lot of humour and puns in here for the parents, the older fans, the children and even the grandparents. It is a lighthearted game, that although it has dinosaurs that usually eat people and animals, in the Lego Games they do not show any of this and they always add a cheeky spin onto it (as my mother pointed out whilst I was playing it).

I would highly recommend this game to everyone, and I feel that it is one of the best selling games at our store since October! Look out for Lego The Avengers coming out at the end of January – it looks like it is going to be great too!

Have any of you played this game?
What is your favourite Lego Video Game? I would LOVE to know about this!

New Year, New Me Series: An Empty Inbox

It’s a New Year, so what do I really want to do? Empty out my whole inbox.
I tend to keep up to date with these things, but when I went travelling I let these all slide and now I am stuck with about 3,000 emails to sort out, delete or put into folders.

The sense of being organised to me, is just great. I absolutely adore things being orderly, sorted out and organised. It just gives me a peace of mind and a sense of achievement.

Don’t worry, my whole MacBook and hard drives are going to have a New Year clear out too!

Do any of you do this? Or actually enjoy doing it?
Let me know!

You need Star Wars Battlefront!

Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Or even just a general lover? Star Wars Battlefront is definitely the best video game for the season this year, hands down!
Star Wars Battlefront is the latest craze from EA which is an action game that is either first person or third. You can play as classic characters such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Boba Fett, Palpatine or even the man, Darth Vader himself!
It is seen as a reboot from previous Battlefront games, but the graphics and the recreation of scenes from the older games is just mindblowingly beautiful!


I jumped onto my Xbox One and headed to the store to download the Battlefront BETA straight after work in November and I was not disappointed from what I saw. This took my breath away instantly – from the fact that I could play as Emperor Palpatine to defeat the rebels in a VS match to riding a speeder bike through Endor or even driving AT-ATs and X-Wings.


I would personally say that this game is 90% Online Play to get the most out of the gaming experience, but they do have a few missions and lessons that you can play by yourself where you have to defeat Boba Fett and protect your pods.

Like I said at the beginning, if you love the original trilogy, you will probably fall in love with this game. Travel to Hoth, Endor, Tattooine and fulfil your Star Wars dreams in an instant! The detail that has been put into this game is incredible – although people sometimes describe this simply as a Call Of Duty-esqe, shooter game with a Star Wars front it is still so much more than that for any Star Wars fan.

Why wouldn’t you want to run up to people and fry them to pieces with a lightsaber or force choke them? Also, there is a great achievement that you receive, if you get hit by an Ewok which made me laugh more than anticipated..


Have any of you play this game or are getting it for christmas? I think that this is an immaculate game which I will not tire of easily! It is perfectly timed with the fully blown Star Wars hype at the moment with the upcoming movie and I would recommend this for all ages, as there is no blood whatsoever in this – all friendly ‘shoot and disappear’ action.

May The Force Be With You,

Xbox One Edition: AMAZON
PS4 Edition: AMAZON

Welcome back to the world, Zoe!

Does it sound sad, that I have now got a computer again and I feel like I am finally back in the real world?
Obviously, I don’t mean the REAL world, but I feel like I have finally re-entered the world that I was/am so involved within.

I didn’t take my MacBook travelling with me as it was so heavy and I was scared incase I lost it or damaged it – but as soon as I apart from it, I felt like half of me had disappeared! Sad it sounds, I know.. but I am a Graphic Designer, blogger and vlogger, so I am use to being on my MacBook 24/7!

I had come to realise that it is pretty tricky without having your own personal computer, as it made a lot of things not particularly difficult, but more time consuming. These things are like video editing as this limits the amount of things you can do and takes a lot longer on an iPad, for example! But the main one for me would be the whole applying for jobs situation, as you can’t send a CV off, unless it’s in an email – also, I am loving the freedom of being able to save my videos and photos properly again! Reassurance for where they are going to be saved, too!

Do any of you feel this way, or is it just me being a typical new generation person that pretty much runs her life around technology? Don’t get me wrong, I could go without technology if need be, but the ache to be connected and more organised is there! 😀

Anyone gone travelling without devices? Gave up on technology? Had to give it up?
Tell me your thoughts, I’d love to hear if anyone sounds as “insane” as me!

Aputure Amaran Ring Light Review


Here is a quick review on the Aputure Amaran Ring Light. I purchased this on Amazon when I was thinking of getting some sort of studio lights – I tend to become productive in the evenings and want to take lots of blog photos, but it’s always too dark! So I found this on Amazon HERE for £25ish, which is a lot cheaper than buying studio lights and much smaller – as I have no room in my university room!


This is a really compact LED lighting system that clicks onto the top of your DSLR, or around the lens (with provided lens rings). You can also use this in your hand aswell, if you don’t have a DSLR – especially as it runs on AA batteries.ImageImageImageAs you can see, the lens rings come in a wide range of sizes.ImageThe great thing about this ring light, is that it comes with several settings. You can either light up half of the ring, (one or the other) or the whole thing. You can also use this as a flash when you synchronise it with your camera! You then can adjust the brightness on the LEDs aswell.ImageImageI will be posting photos that I have taken with this ring light shortly – as I am rammed with university work and sorting out my move to Australia (I will also be posting about this soon!).

But yes, I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants lighting, but has no room for it or don’t want to fork out a hefty price!