Our Christmas London Trip!


So, me and my friend Glen (Blog & YouTube) decided to go to London before the mad Christmas rush, for a day out! We thought we’d do a little bit of shopping and sightseeing, combined with filming my first vlog on my new camera! (Samsung MV900F).


We got up ridiculously early to get a 5.30am train from Central, so we have a proper full day there. We also booked a 10.00pm train home, in the evening which ended up being perfect timing!


The first thing we did when we got to London, was visit Tottenham Court Road’s Primark. We thought we’d go here first because it’s filled with hundreds of people and is a complete mess! We were nicely surprised that this Primark looks amazing on the inside, it’s done up really well and looked more like a New Look or Topshop!


After Primark, we decided to visit Camden Market as it’s one of my favourite places in London! I love how you can buy anything quirky and different that you wouldn’t find in many more places for the same price. I also love the atmosphere there too, you cannot miss a cheeky trip to Cyber Dog either!


Whilst we were at Camden, it started to pour down with rain (surprise, surprise) and we were starving so we decided on stuffing our faces at Pizza Hut until the rain stopped! After that, we went for a quick (not so quick) browse up Oxford Street, Carnaby Street & Regent Street – visited Liberty, Johnny Cupcakes, Nike, Apple..


We got to Covent Garden in the afternoon, after a Starbucks and then my camera ran out of battery although I had plenty of room left to film! So I decided to invest in a Recharge Charger to carry around in my bag – luckily this was pre-charged and I could charge my camera up straight away and carry on filming!


I love Covent Garden, it always has a really nice variety of shops – mainstream and unique. Although, I’m verysad that the Moomin Shop isn’t there anymore! But we had a browse in Lush and purchased some goodies like the Limited Edition Santa’s Lip Scrub that tastes like Cherry Cola and has little hearts in it! (I’ve wrote about this product on my last blog post, which I will attach at the bottom).



We then started to make our way back towards the centre and visited Leicester Square to visit the M&M shop!


The last stop was Harrods to look at the ridiculously expensive, but really cute pets! They had puppies, kittens and hamsters there this time! We also went into the Christmas Section upstairs (got lost, a lot of times, although I’ve been to Harrods quite a few times) and then went for a quick browse at Big Ben to fill out sightseeing needs!


Overall, we had such a fun day, although our feet hurt so much (especially as I had to run to the train station in boots, in the morning). But yes, hopefully we’ll be going back to London for my birthday – possibly visit Ripley’s Museum and a few other museums like the Tate Modern and London Film Museum to see all of the Star Wars goodies!

You can watch my YouTube Vlog of London HERE, that I recently uploaded. I will also be posting a week’s worth of Vlogmas, in one video too! So look out for that one!

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