Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games #2)


So, I thought that The Hunger Games was going to just be an over-rated hype. But as you might’ve seen from my review of The Hunger Games (#1), I was amazingly surprised!

As soon as I finished the first book, I went out and saw the film. Before you know it, I couldn’t resist reading the sequel straight away!

I started reading Catching Fire and so much happens as soon as you start reading. I was completely drawn into the book.
I thought to myself on several occasions: ‘Surely, there has to be a moment that there isn’t much action going on?’ but luckily, there wasn’t. It was completely full of suspense and adventure.

These are amazing books, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone that loves reading!
Although, the films are a little gory for children.

A big, whopping:




      1. I love books that are addictive and you just can’t put them down. I know I don’t like watching a movie before I’ve read the book! Xxx

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